Poland protect themselves from the Russian Federation investment in the South American missile defense

Poland protect themselves from Russian investments in the U.S. missile defenseGovernment Poland want to invest from 10 to 14.1 billion zloty (3.2-4.5 billion dollars) in the development of the U.S. missile defense elements in Europe. This, writes Gazeta Wyborcza, said managing public security bureau, General Stanislaw Koziej. According to him, these investments are the best method to protect against missile blackmail by Russia.

Financing the construction of the U.S. missile defense system will be financed out of the military budget of the country in the years 2013-2023. According to the current forecast of the government, in the years of the yearly increase in the defense budget Poland is to be 0.9-1.6 billion zlotys dependent on GDP growth. As expected, the military spending Poland over 10 years will increase from 32 to 45.5 billion zlotys.

According to a goat, rockets are the best method of political blackmail, and Poland to such blackmail on the part of the Russian Federation has undergone, when Moscow began to have operational-tactical missile complex "Iskander" in Kaliningrad in response to the deployment of European missile defense. In 2018 the United States want to place on the ground Poland complexes of SM-3 missiles.

Elements of the system European missile defense will be deployed on the ground several European countries, including Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Turkey, the Netherlands and Spain. Officially declared that European missile defense designed to reflect the likely missile attacks from Iran and North Korea. In late May, the NATO countries have agreed to launch the first phase of a missile defense system in Europe.

Our homeland is confident that the presence of U.S. missiles in particular its proximity to municipal boundaries can disrupt nuclear parity, level the ability to make a nuclear triad and the danger to national security. In response to the deployment European missile defense Our homeland has threatened to place in the Kaliningrad region PTRC "Iskander" and started to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of, according to the designers and the military, to break through any type of existing and promising missile defense systems.

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