Portrait of a T-90 tank on the background of the modernization of the Armed Forces

One of the hottest topics in the renovation of the Armed Forces for more than one year is a question of armored vehicles. Since the end of 2010, with an enviable regularity announcements began to appear, including the scandal concerning the Defense Ministry plans to buy the latest technology and an old repair.

Portrait of a T-90 tank on the background of the modernization of the Armed Forces

Perhaps the greatest impact at the time made a statement of the then Commander of Land Forces, Colonel-General Alexander Postnikov. In the past year, he compared the T-90 tank with the German "Leopard" and the comparison was not in favor of Russian art. However, in the middle of the rest, Postnikov mentioned low cost German tank. According to him, instead of the 1st T-90 for 120 million rubles, you can purchase three "Leopard» 2A7. Only now essentially "Leopards" later modifications are a half times more expensive than Russian T-90. Of course, such a price that's an argument against the continuation of the procurement of new Russian tanks made public is not accepted.

Another problem of the development of Russian armored vehicles lies well into the absence of new models of tanks. The history of the new serial -90 traces its roots back to the late 80's and in recent years this tank just upgraded. In other words on their premises, but the general public longs to build a new structure. You can become aware of it, since the creation of the latest model of the tank — it not fast. If the tank at the moment for the first time showing at trade shows, then it will go to the troops in three years, no less. The enthusiasm for the speedy update fleet there. A couple of years back as a substitute for the T-72, T-80 and T-90 projects were considered "Object 195" (also known as T-95) and "Object 640" ("Black Eagle"). But in recent years, both to project a number of circumstances have been closed. Regardless of the number of innovations, these tanks were very expensive for mass production. Specifically, the problem of the highest rates eventually led to wheel plan has long been considered concept of modular armor. This method Losers technology was chosen as the main way of armored real part. Yes, and here the situation looks quite specific: people want to build the latest technology is at the moment, and the development of the platform "Armata", meanwhile, is only in the design stage. As for the timing of the deliveries, "platform" tanks, they will begin no earlier than 2015.

If not solve anything right at the moment, then the coming three years will, if I may say so, a hole in the equipment of armored forces. But of days it became clear that before the accident 15-year "Uralvagonzavod" will repair and upgrade 360 tanks. Most likely, it will be the T-72. Noteworthy that has long been speculation about the likely walked modernization of the T-72 and increasing its combat capabilities to the level of -90. Maybe now the rumors are true. Yet surely read about the details of future upgrades will be possible only when we have posted the details. However, already at this point to judge the impact of modernization. According to the calculations of military journalist Denis Mokrushina, 360 tanks refreshed — is the amount required to upgrade the tank battalions immediately 9 teams.

So, the future of "Almaty was" and the T-72 is more or less clear. It remains to be prospects for the T-80 and T-90. Creating a T-80 has long been discontinued and its renewal can not even read. Tank T-90 has a much great prospects. So, there are often new versions. The newest of them now — the T-90M and T-90ms. Last for the first time was presented at last year's Russian Expo Arms in Nizhny Tagil. Compared with previous modifications T-90M/MS received new combat unit, the latest armament control system, refreshed propulsion and other systems. In general, T-90M/MS is a worthy project development. But, unfortunately, it is unlikely this tank will go in the series. And the reason for this — multiple applications of military administration to suspend purchases of new tanks to the emergence of "Almaty was." At the same time, everyone has a reason to believe that modernization "M / MC" is not lost. Later, when available in the Army T-90 tanks more of early versions will not hold the military entirely probable order for them to modernize and bring to the state T-90M/MS. Version of the likely upgrade built T-90 is indirectly confirmed by the Ministry of Defense plans for the project "Armata". According to reports, the 2020 Defense Ministry plans to buy about 2-thousand tanks on the latest platform. This, of course, a couple of times greater than the available number of T-90, but apparently not enough for the present re Army — alone T-80 of all modifications to the current time there are more than four thousand.

Portrait of a T-90 tank on the background of the modernization of the Armed Forces

And here comes the next question, also, indirectly, concerning the fate of the T-90. Since this tank is the newest of the already constructed a large series of types specifically to it in the future will have to serve, along with the "Armata". Thus at some point -90 the risk of becoming the only "companion" of the new tank. Taking into account the hundreds of available troops in tanks of this type, you can make some conclusions about the total number of desired "Armat" and the period of their production.

Meanwhile, as the future of tanks for the armed forces of Russian Federation raises more questions than it answers, zabugornye country as a whole to determine their wants and needs. The main buyer of Russian tanks in the current time is India. She has already received about 7 hundred T-90S tanks. With all of this before the Indians took a fancy to Russian technology, they were able to agree with the official Moscow for licensed production. According to reports, in 2020 India wants to increase the number of available T-90 and their modifications "Bhishma" to 4 thousand units. Where the smallest needs in Algeria. This African country has already received 180 tanks, and in the near future, added a further 120 units. Deliveries to other countries are where the smallest scales. As a result, according to the Center for Analysis of World Trade instrument, Our homeland firmly holds the first place in the world for trade tanks.

It turns out that the coming future Russian tank forces is relatively clear. The word "respect" here is because on certain issues arising answers yet, or they are, but are not able to properly clarify the situation. Either way, the main line of thought control is clear about the Ministry of Defense. In the coming few years languid brand new armored vehicles purchased will not, and the financing of possible purchases will be sent for upgrading the aging tanks. In fact, the purchase of the latest technology will be initiated only when it is ready new tank platform "Arma
ta". So Makar, the creation of the same T-90 will go only for export, and our armed forces will be equipped with the latest technology only new projects.

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