Post number 1

Post number one we had — a single guard. Nachkar, Assistant-Diluting, the sentries. Guardhouse at the headquarters building. So — "freebie." That winter, in the summer — warm, comfortable, "excitement" was a day 2 times a known all the time, always checking liberal, do not bother. 2:00 defended their own to "nightstand", later 4:00 cozy slumber. "Nightstand", however, got out — it should be level ("Attention") — if the leg is weak, begins to make noise. Well, some kind of perverted chief of staff, stuck and left.

My turn to intrude on the post. Time — 5 am. All the usual — post passed, post took … I stand for themselves hour, no one suitable. Suddenly — the siren excitement! Stand … After a while, filled with shifty headquarters officers. They ran on in earnest — in flying suits, with cards in hand, swearing). Later, once all was quiet. Quiet.

Here comes my nachkar with all guard (nachkar — pilot). Passing by, nachkar reports — we're leaving, alarm, you will be replaced as it is written in the Constitution. When — HZ Leaves you and the duty on the shelf. Other departures. Whole regiment. Hold on, soldier!

Shopipets! I did not say anything in reply could not — under the Charter). It is foolish to stand. Loosen up — the siren is not perfect somehow. Standing at "attention" has defended four more hours. Around 10 am, I heard someone ascends the stairs. Duty on the shelf. On a stool in his hand.

Honestly, I thought to what he had to offer her — tired, but at 5:00 Banner "attention" to stand. But, no. The attendant found a stool in front of me and Banners (they have 2), and sat down. Hard? — Asks and lights. I almost choked — so wanted to smoke))). Nothing says fighter has … etc. And I have a toilet and hunting! Damn, but said nothing. I looked in front of him. At the post, but.

We looked at each other hours to 2. Later, he started to fall asleep. Gaze was unbearable! Later dropped the phone rang, the attendant pulled back. About me and Banners again forgotten.

An hour later, back on duty. You will change, says. I tried to remember Tired in this part of it, but the bladder is called to accept at least some version of)))

I have changed as expected. It turned out that I defended almost 12:00 at the flag. The trousers were dry)))

It turned out, the regiment raised for something in Afghanistan. Flew all the "live" aircraft immediately. When the regiment was already in the air, along with the aircraft BTA in which flew the entire staff, the team came to "End". The regiment returned.

It sucks, of course, reacted to separately take a soldier — to me, that is. But I'm proud that I was guarding banner regiment, the alarm could take off and bombed (with landing, of course) in any country where it will be necessary in the interests of the motherland.

Add — regiment stood at Flax. area. It was the 69th FBAR on the Su-17M3.

I was given a leave of absence for this guard. But I do not embodied — enrolled in school. Tank)))

Such is the "tale" of the past).

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