Post-war anti-tank artillery. 45-mm anti-tank gun M-5

German anti-tank guns captured 75/55-mm RAK.41 on Russian designers made a strong memory. In the OKB-172, TsAKB Grabina, OKB-8, and other design bureau made several experienced trunks with tapered channel. But in the Russian Union adopted any one gun with the channel for service was not accepted. The main reasons were the highest price trunks, tech manufacturing complexity, and comparable low vitality.

Second highlight 75/55-millimetrovoy RAK.41 was carrying a shield that changed the lower carriage — also found application.

In the design bureau plant number 172 (not to be confused with the OKB-172) in a 44-year projected 76-mm regimental gun M-3-1, which was implemented in the scheme 75/55-millimetrovoy RAK.41. In November 1944, began proving ground tests most experienced M-3-1. In 1945, on the basis of M-3-1 made 45-mm anti-tank gun M-5. The plant, the index was given an anti-gun either through ignorance of its own design office work, or in order to confuse "unsleeping enemy." The index of M-5 in 1930. had a 122-millimeter mortar regiment, and in the 44-year tested 122-mm cabinet gun, also received the designation M-5. Obviously, both of the guns were made by the number 172.

Post-war anti-tank artillery.  45-mm anti-tank gun M-5
45-mm gun M-5

But back to the 45-mm anti-tank gun. Its trunk was commonplace, such as tenderloin, as of old times and the 45-millimeter anti-tank guns, with the same 16 rifling. Automatic vertical wedge gate. On the carrier board had established the main part of the anti-tank weapon: the top machine with a gun and pointing mechanisms, sliding frame, torsion cushioning with axes and motorcycle disc wheels, tires having 3.75 g 19. The top machine, representing a spherical mask was mounted in a panel with vertical pins. Rotary and lifting mechanisms helical. The angle of the horizontal guidance was 55 °. and the angle of the vertical guidance from -9 ° to +25 °. Recuperator spring, hydraulic recoil brake, limit recoil length was 750 mm. The height of 570 mm strip of fire. Shield shielded, consisted of a pair of sheets of different thicknesses: wheel — 4 mm rear — 3 mm. Weight system in the firing position was 493 kg.

Ammunition and Ballistics gun M-5 is one hundred percent coincided with the M-42 (weight 1430 g of an armor-piercing projectile, the initial speed of 870 meters per second, etc.).

The design of 45-mm anti-tank gun M-5 had several advantages over the anti-tank guns have a "classic" in respect of carriage of the device simplicity and greater compactness, greater adaptability in production and gain in weight. All the same, the weight of the gun was pretty big for a battalion guns. Because of the low altitude axis of the tool and a longish trunk with sleigh on uneven terrain utykaniya occurred in the ground. Growth armor tanks South American production on the one hand, and the development of recoilless rifles and rocket-propelled grenades Russian on the other deprived 45 — millimeter antitank guns prospects. M-5 for service was not accepted.

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