PRELIMINARY TESTS NEW AK-12 will begin in November

PRELIMINARY TESTS NEW AK-12 will begin in November
Preliminary tests of the new AK-12 will begin in November 2012
As said, now ARMS-TASS spokesman NGOs «Izhmash» Lena Filatova, in November 2012, the company will give a TSNIITOCHMASH two standard AK-12 for preparatory tests.
«Weapons will receive a full test, including functional test criteria in the cold, heat, humidity, dust, and a drop of 1.5 m These are standard tests that adequately withstand all Kalashnikovs,» — she said.
According to preliminary results of tests will be given tips on refining products, and only after it, in the first half of 2013, the AK-12 will be transferred to the state tests.
AK-12 was developed in the NGO «Izhmash» at the end of 2011 in an active manner. This standard machine Kalashnikova5-generation, which features an advanced ergonomic design, modular design and meets all modern requirements of the army. With all this saved usual reliability, uptime and operational strength of who glorified the famous Kalashnikov rifle. Development of the AK-12 produces the chief designer «NPO» Izhmash » Vladimir Zlobin.
Pictured: Chief Designer of NPO «Izhmash» Vladimir Zlobin (second from left) and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin (right) during a demonstration of a Kalashnikov fifth generation working title AK-12 at the «Izhmash».

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