Prior to the explosion of the sun remained for six years



Prior to the explosion of the sun remained for six years
10.11.03, the


Dutch astrophysicist Dr. Piers Van der Meer (Piers Van der Meer), expert of the European Space Agency (ESA), believes that some of the signs indicate that the sun is about to explode, according to the news service Yahoo.

The core temperature of the sun, according to Dr. Van der Meer is typically 27 million degrees Fahrenheit over the past few years has risen to dangerous 49 million degrees. According to him, the process of warming up our lights in the past 11 years is very similar to the changes in the stars before exploding supernovae — for example, in the famous supernova in 1604.

The process of global warming, according to him, that we're seeing at the moment, is not associated with the influence of the greenhouse effect, as well as time with the heating of the sun. On the unusual processes occurring on the Sun, and show pictures of giant prominences, Solar and Heliospheric Observatory NASA SOHO, a leading luminary of continuous monitoring from space.

The calculations made by the staff of Dr. Meyer shows that if the temperature of the solar interior will grow at the same pace, soon the process will become irreversible, and in this case, the sun will explode after six years already.


















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