Production Su-35 are sent to the Ahtubinsk

The first production Su-35s will arrive at the end of the week at the airport of the State Flight Test Center (glycerol) in Akhtubinsk (Astrakhan region), said on Monday the Russian Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. Vladimir Deryabin.

"On the basis of glycerol will be conducted ground and flight tests to verify the operation of management information systems, complex communication, navigation, radar systems, fighter jets arrived, and weapons systems at the site center. Later, the glycerol will develop techniques to combat the use of advanced fighters. Next, test the car will be handed over to the National Center for training of aviation personnel and military trials in Lipetsk ", — said V.Deryabin.

According to him, experts have begun to GLITs routine inspection and acceptance of six new multi-role fighters Su-35s at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur plant of Sukhoi.

The Su-35 has become the main fighter of the Russian Air Force. Until 2020, the Air Force plans to buy Russian about 90 of these new machines.

Su-35 — profoundly modernized super-maneuverable, multi-role fighter of "4 + +". It uses fifth-generation technologies that ensure superiority over similar class fighters.

The aircraft has a reinforced airframe, new engines equipped with thrust vector control, is able to reach supersonic speed without afterburner, has a modern weapon system, 12-point suspension, weapons load increased to 8 tons. Through the use of advanced materials significantly reduced visibility of the aircraft, said V.Deryabin.

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