Proper implementation of aerocrete, foam and rakushnyaka

Proper use of aerocrete, foam and rakushnyaka

Gazoblok, foam and Rakushnjak — materials, without which the branch is not the cost of construction.

Gazoblok — a modern building material. Divided into a number of species and their value gazoblok a little different: a wall (smooth), tongue and groove, and septal and chute blocks. The wall is widely used for the construction of load-bearing wall, both internal and external, to fill the outer wall a cast-frame construction and for interior partitions. These materials are designed for interior and exterior masonry wall buildings of different configurations, ceilings, partitions and stair treads. They are also used for the renovation of existing buildings. Cancel the geometry of the product to minimize finishing boats.


Gazoblok groove-ridge, usually use for low-rise buildings (up to 3 floors). Also, these units serve as placeholders for the whole carcass. They perform the function of a "warm the castle." This kind of this product is considered to be newly introduced in the Russian market.


Partition blocks used for construction of load-bearing structures of buildings. They are the perfect solution for creating and interior partitions between apartments. These partitions are made of aerated concrete products have a better sound and thermal insulation and fire resistance higher.


Trough units are used for the construction of concrete belts that make the structure more rigid. Also from this product make solid jumper. Foam concrete — is ashlar, which meets all the requirements of regulatory documents that are used for building materials, relative to the deformation, strength and temperature resistance, and the ability to float in water. Its heat-shielding characteristics in a couple of times larger than a brick. Foam concrete can buy because it is perfect substitute tree species. Every year this material and increasingly greater use in the construction industry. Scope of the introduction of these products have even more extensive if the other system products. Depending on the types of products that can be used in the areas of:


— internal partitions;

— external walls;

— thermal insulation of roofs, pipes;

— termovkladki;

— acoustic and thermal insulation;

— floor decks.


There are the following types of foam concrete blocks:

1. insulation — density 400 — 500 kg/m3;

2. — Structural density 1000 — 1200 kg/m3;

3. heat-insulating konstruktsiny — density 600 — 900 kg/m3.


Rakushnjak — a kind of limestone rocks pastel colors. Is widely used to build a bot. The porosity of this material provides high thermal and sound insulation. You can just buy Rakushnjak at an affordable cost and to finish both external and internal wall, also facing houses and mansions. He is facing the best product according to "price-quality". The stone has the highest performance and lowest noise absorbing thermal conductivity, which makes it possible to save on expensive energy resources. In homes with such material never infest the mouse. This natural stone is the basis for the creation of the different parts of the building and implementing public or designs.

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