Protective speech at the trial of Slobodan Milosevic in The Hague

Part 4

We are here, I am referring to my side, many have heard from those who say the contrary if the charges confirmed the so-called Greater Serbia plan. When temperamental justifying the idea of combining the prosecutor indictments day we listened to the endless prosecution of criminal intent to create a Greater Serbia. We have heard that the intention is the intention of this plan, in essence, are the common thread of the crime, which I pripisyvaetsya.Oni argue that the red thread of Yugoslavia and the creation of Greater Serbia have to kill Croats, Muslims and Albanians, and not just banish them, but to destroy. So, everything is built on the idea of the great dangers and great Serbian Serbian claims or centralized Serbian state. All this is an expression that I have heard from them, and the plan, the purpose of which is to create such a state. I have to disappoint them. With this "idea" they have the weakest position.
First, because this idea has never existed, and secondly, because there was a Greater Albania, not only as an idea, but as its implementation is the creation of Nazism and fascism during the Second World War, which turned into a vampire over the years with the same or slightly modified carriers and changed content. If you knew the history of the Balkans over the past two centuries, you would not have fallen into such a "mistake." That is why I say that you have the weakest position. In fact, the Great Serbia — this is not the Serbian program, and the expression of the Austro-Hungarian Balkan policy capturing and propaganda that served the policy for which the Serbs were the obstacle. The Austro-Hungarian diplomacy after the Congress of Berlin in 1878 is repeated incessantly, and I quote: "There will never be allowed the creation of a single state between the Danube and the Adriatic Sea, will never be allowed the creation of a Greater Serbia or Montenegro, the Great." End of quote. This Gluhovskij, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria-Vengrii.Sozdanie an independent Serbia, Austria-Hungary considered a major obstacle to its main strategic direction to the southern Balkans and the East. They believed that Austria must become stronger in Serbia, have them say, master of Serbia, to be able to move further to the southeast. Destinations strategists was the way the army of Prince Eugene via Belgrade. There is even a song sung by the Austro-Hungarian soldiers. Prince Eugene, the noble knight, took the fortress of Belgrade. And then — the path along the Moravian directions to the Vardar and the East, to the Bosporus and the Dardanelles.

The scale of the Austro-Hungarian politics and propaganda, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which Austria had occupied after the Berlin Congress, as you well know, spread so far that all of Greater Serbian called, including cultural institutions and books. Austrian diplomat Benjamin Kalay, who was the ruler of the occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1882 to 1903, wrote in his book about the problems of eastern Austria-Hungary, which is located in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, that the place of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans should take Austria-Hungary, and to do this, it should reach domination in areas of the Danube and the Adriatic, from the Danube to the Adriatic. She will be able to do only if the work out two key elements of the strategy: the first — is the creation of small and hostile to each other shall be deprived of opportunities to confront Austria, and the second — a reduction by all means Russian sphere of influence in Southeast Eastern Europe.

This concept is the creation of small states. It still exists today. This concept is the creation of small states in the European south-east was to serve as the creation and preservation of the Balkan equilibrium as they spoke. To prevent Russian expansion and create the conditions for political and economic breakthrough of Austria to the Bosphorus, Constantinople and the Dardanelles.

Thus, the foundation myth of the Great Serbia and the Serbian danger in South-Eastern Europe as a whole has laid the Austro-Hungarian political propaganda. More recent interpretations in the period between the two world wars, during the war, Hitler and Mussolini, as well as throughout the twentieth century, almost all of these come from the political views of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Serbian liberation aspirations were the main obstacle establishing the Austro-Hungarian, and later the Nazi and fascist rule in the Balkans. Since the time when Austria was forced out of the struggle for German unification and after the loss in Italy. The losses in Germany and Italy were to be compensated in the Balkans, the Serbian movement was the main obstacle in the way. Since then, especially after the occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, began systematic development of the theory of the aggressive and expansionist aspirations of Greater Serbia and a danger in the Balkans. All these historical facts.

Prior to the beginning of the 90s of the XIX century emphasized the danger of Pan-Slavism, and after 90 years of the XIX century — the danger of a Greater Serbia.

Own imaginary expansionist conquest justified aspirations of Serbia and Serbs in general. After liberating the Balkan wars of 1912 and 1913., Liberation from the Turks, when we were freed from the Turks in Vienna decided that began the creation of a Greater Serbia. Imagine this interest. Our liberation from the Turks marked the beginning of the creation of a Greater Serbia, and the process must be stopped even at the cost of a major war. The Austro-Hungarian policy gradually, under the guise of curbing the notorious Great-risk, clutching a hoop around Serbia: the abolition of the Serbian Vojvodina in 1860, the dispersal of the United Serbian Youth in 1871, the arrest of Svetozar Miletic in 1886, the occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1888 . Austria carefully built a strategy to fully neutralize the Serbian factor in the Balkans. This policy has served as the basis for the later genocide of Serbs during World War II, and during the Second World War and today.

This is part of that policy. According to the already mentioned Austrian Minister Glukhovski, Balkan issue can be resolved that will be set up in Greece, the Greater Romania, Great Bulgaria, a weak Serbia, Montenegro and small, finally, Albania.

I quote the Austrian ambassador in Berlin Gottfried Hoenloe: "By carrying poles foreign policy of the Habsburg monarchy is the development and strengthening of Albania as a counterbalance to the Slavs in the Balkans." In one study in 1907 highlighted the need for secure borders monarchy (referring to Austria-Hungary, as they called themselves — "monarchy", the other did not exist) to the south, emphasizing that these secure borders we do not get if you do not put an end to Great-dreams about the future. Creating an independent Serbia is dangerous. Secure borders meaning the creation of an independent united Albania, maintaining friendly relations with Montenegro and the creation of a Greater Bulgaria. Next quote: "Which shall we gratefully"

That's the explanation. Why then all the Serb, we declare Greater Serbian? Why during the first and second world wars, committed genocide against Serbs, but why now? Why did the Nazis created a Greater Albania? Why are now seeking the development of a concept of Bosnia, Croatia, Vojvodina, Kosovo and Greater Albania? And here is the proof that what is trying to inflict on the other side of this illegal court, is only the instrument of that policy, which has a long history of crimes against Serbia and the Serbian people.

For all of what I say, there are huge historiographical materials, and what you say in this ill-fated charge, collected from the most ordinary newspaper pamphlets which are negligible that the wind will blow. They are written needful needful propaganda and crimes against the Serbian people. On the other hand, the term "Greater Serbia," Serbs have never appeared as a responsible government program, or of any such political force. And I've already said here, refuting this idea of a Greater Serbia facts about the latest developments of the last decades of the XX century, the founding day of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, 28 April 1992 at the same meeting at which the adoption of the Constitution of Yugoslavia, it was stated that the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro have no territorial claims to any of the former Yugoslav republics.

As for Kosovo, the whole paradox of the situation lies in the fact that the Albanians of Kosovo and Metohija, who claim that for centuries systematically oppressed and persecuted, is precisely in Serbia reached a stage of development that now Prishtina instead of Tirana wants to play the role of chief creator of Greater Albania . And to me, Christopher Hill, who was head of the American mission in Albania, said that when we move from machine to the Yugoslav territory of Albania, Kosovo, it seems to us that we were in Disneyland. They had their own state — independent. You see what it looks like. Their wealth has attracted in Kosovo and Metohija and the great development to which they have lived.

So here is this great-project of a Greater Albania is a great danger, and calls into question the stability of the entire South-East Europe. And an even greater anachronism is the obsession with create ethnically pure Greater Albania. We are talking about a large deficit of European logic in the Albanian political thinkers, but. obviously, and the refusal or underestimation of the European logic on the part of European politicians who have fallen into the vortex of a new colonialism, new world order, which puts today serve their purpose not only the programs of the former colonial power, but even the most terrorists and common criminals.

Now 4:00. We pause for and will continue on Monday at half past nine …

Before we continue, I want to tell you that the day before yesterday, Feb. 16, in Kosovska Mitrovica was set on fire the temple of Saint Sava. The fire was extinguished only in the morning. Albanian terrorists seriously compete with the prosecutor in the anti-Serb hysteria. In Prizren, chairman of the so-called Veterans terrorists Zafir Berisha said in his speech: "We will provide only for Kosovo Albanians and for anyone else." Everything happens in accordance with the joint statement quoted by me Madame Albright and Attorney: "We are doing the same thing." And now I will continue from the point where it left off.

One of the strategic plans in the establishment of global control and subjugation of worldwide is inciting clashes between Slavic and Muslim peoples in the hope that they will kill each other or to the extent weaken to above them was under control. Kosovo and Chechnya are undoubtedly in this respect the links of one chain. Yes, and the Slavic and Muslim nations have a tendency to weaken each other in mutual wars or in mutual conflict. The Yugoslav peoples since the beginning of the last decade of the XX century, unfortunately, were ground and the victims of this strategy. In the process of achieving dominance — economic, social, political, cultural, and psychological — in the space of Eastern Europe, Western governments seeking to dominate, chose a method of ethnic conflict to destroy the former Yugoslavia.

This method is also applied to the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. He proved himself a quick and successful. Thus, all the former socialist countries of the multinational composition had to be destroyed by provoking ethnic tensions. It was a way of settling accounts with the existing system in these countries.

Speaking of Yugoslavia, this method has not proved as fast and efficient as it was in the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia.

There was a national tension is insufficient for the country's disintegration. She was supposed to develop into a national war that split the country. As part of the former Yugoslavia, nationalism, and then inter-ethnic hatred and ethnic clashes were stimulated to such an extent that they escalated into war. The civil war in Croatia between Serbs and Croats, and the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina between Serbs, Croats and Muslims are the result of the incitement of ethnic hatred is from outside Yugoslavia.

In this inter-ethnic hatred made material, financial, informational, personal, psychological investment. Yugoslav citizens took part in the war caused from outside of their country, but they are not aware of it. And when it was mainly the war already being raged in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. And some have realized this fact only when the war ended. Of course, there are those who even today are unaware that the war in the former Yugoslavia, the space is the result of the will and interests of the other Western powers. However, these governments have sent their emissaries to negotiate the republics of former Yugoslavia, before finally destroyed the country. During the war, they sent them to the governments formed from the republics of the former Yugoslavia, and especially in the newly formed Yugoslavia, consisting of Serbia and Montenegro. Most of these emissaries, and was not intended to cease fighting and peace between peoples had a falling out. Practically, they supported the policy and guides the policy that suits their interests, aimed at splitting the country, section, separatism, violence, her enslavement, the new colonialism. Of course, among these emissaries were well-intentioned and honest people, but they were in the minority.

The former Yugoslavia has arisen, as recorded in its Constitution, according to the free will of the Yugoslav peoples: Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Macedonians and Montenegrins and their right to self-determination, of course, contain both a right to secede. Later, and Muslims have been identified as a special people. On the Yugoslav coat of arms was added to the sixth torch. The Socialist Republic of Croatia at the time of its own Constitution has been defined as a state of the Croatian people, the state of the Serb people and other peoples living in it. Consequently, inside the Croatian Serbs had the status of the people, which implies the right to self-determination. A Bosnia and Herzegovina was Yugoslavia in miniature, in which there were three people. All positions in Bosnia and Herzegovina — and in the parliament and in the government and in the party — were distributed in such a way that they occupy the representatives of all three nations. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia in miniature, will operate according to the principle of equality of nations. The borders between the Yugoslav republics were administrative boundaries, not the boundaries of nations and national boundaries. And no change in their status, which would be prejudicial to any of the peoples of Yugoslavia, under the Yugoslav constitution could not be done without the consent of those narodov.Odnako came to power in Croatian nationalists, one day we adopted a new Constitution in defiance of the will of the equal of the Serbian people, and the Serbs immediately became second-class citizens. Croatia's secession was an open goal. Immediately, the first time since the Second World War, and started the violence against the Serbs, who is in Croatia during World War II were the victims of genocide by the nationalist puppet "Independent State of Croatia." A territory in which they lived were their native places for centuries, much earlier than has been inhabited since Hitler Amerika.Pervye armed formation of any party then in Croatia. Serbs rebelled, demanding to remain in Yugoslavia and denied access to their territory. These events are known as "timber revolution" because the logs are used on forest roads to prevent access to its territory. And, as anyone can see, the log can not be an instrument of aggression against all comers, the log can be a hindrance. Tensions escalated, but at the same time and began searching for a political solution to prevent konflikt.Togda European Community (later the European Union) sent to the aid of Carrington. I think he wanted to help a political solution and preventing conflict. These efforts would surely have led to success, if Germany had not made a radical move never recognized before the time Croatia in its administrative boundaries, and derailed efforts to find a political solution. Croatia has carried out violent separation, collision razgorelis.A in Bosnia, in which the tension grew, it was finding a political solution. Adopted a plan developed by a representative of Carrington, a Portuguese diplomat Kurtilero, which was signed by all three parties. It was the Treaty of Lisbon. Unfortunately, all of a sudden, on the recommendation of the American ambassador Warren Zimmermann Alija Izetbegovic withdrew his signature. The decision on the separation of Bosnia had been taken without the participation of the Serbs and in case of disagreement, ie one of the three nations, thus also unconstitutional and violent means.

A European Commonwealth — well ahead of time — immediately recognized the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ignoring the will of the Serbian people. This recognition was made on April 6. This is all the more cynical, that is the date of Hitler's attack on Yugoslavia in World War II.

But even then, the Serbs did not start violence. In its search for peaceful solutions. Unfortunately, the other side has not refrained from violence. And to show that it was not just the event, I will remind you (assuming you are well aware, if diligently doing your job) that the "Islamic Declaration", whose author is Alija Izetbegovic, says, and I quote: "No peace and coexistence between the Islamic and non-Islamic religious institutions. "

What has been said about the role of the U.S. representative confirmed later, after a couple of years, the newspaper "New York Times", which is August 29, 1993 wrote, "Zimmerman cocked Izetbegovic violate the Treaty of Lisbon." A civil war between Muslims and Serbs, and then — between Muslims with the support of Croats and Serbs, and later started the civil war between the Muslims and the Croats. Serbia has a political solution to the conflicts in Croatia and Bosnia. In Croatia — between the leaders of the Republic of Serbian Krajina and the government in Zagreb, and in Bosnia — between the three peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina and their representatives.

And all the while Serbia continuously contributed to the peace process. We advocated that peace was restored immediately. At the beginning of the conflict, when Muslims began killing Serbs in the center of Sarajevo, when tensions grew, and at that time was held in Istanbul Islamic Conference, I sent a letter to the Islamic Conference, which, in particular, wrote that collisions should be stopped immediately, that the Serbs Muslims are brothers and that their impact only in the interest of the enemies and the Serbs, and Muslims.

Muslims and bitterly regret to say among themselves that they would lose the most, since a huge number of Muslims living in Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, that they do not accept the separation from Yugoslavia, but there is nothing they can do, for this is the policy of the great powers.

On the other hand, we have advocated the search for a political solution between the leadership of the Serbian Krajina and Croatia. Cyrus Vance as a representative of the international community has had a lot of help and eventually offered the UN secretary general direction of the forces of the United Nations. Then the band was formed under UN protection in all the territories in Croatia Serb-majority. I supported the plan, but even then was criticized. It's in the newspapers during the years, it's easy to be found. The then Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbian Krajina wrote that Cyrus Vance bribed me for $ 120 million, which I received in Cyprus, Serbia to agree to the introduction of UN troops to these areas. And it was fitting that Vance did not want to offer her input UN troops until the consent of the leadership of Croatia, the Republic of Serbian Krajina leadership and the Serbian leadership to stay and mission of these troops had general support and have been successful. Then came sedation, there were no more major collisions. The Contact Group, which was created, worked on a political decision.

However, the Croatian army, despite the presence of the United Nations, launched attacks on Medachki Dzhep and a number of crimes, as well as Western Slavonia, killed a lot of people, and none of it was not responsible. After that, the situation calmed down again, even agreed to open roads. There were other plans. The Contact Group has worked. Neither Yugoslavia nor Serbia have not played a special role in this, because they believed that this — the subject of negotiation between the Government in Zagreb and the Republika Srpska Krajina.

And then Croatia in a supportive position of the West and encouraging America, as was inadvertently written even Holbrooke, launched an attack on the Republic of Serbian Krajina, carried out a massacre of people in front of the UN force. No one reacted. Hundreds of thousands of Serbs were expelled from the territory in which they have lived for hundreds of years. Before this latest war of Serbs in Croatia had more than 600,000 people. The Clinton administration, of course, not only endorsed the "Tempest," as it was called an invasion, but was directly involved in it. It's no secret that the Clinton administration has not only been directly involved, but also committed a crime.

Did I mention that I saw in the "Washington Times" statement of the president of the American Conservative Union, D. Keane that the United States were involved in the "Tempest". But when you are accusing the Serbs in It, you do not say that for the time after the arrival of the UN forces' Krajiłnik "did not attack Croatia. Since then, the conflict was stopped and began the search for a political solution, but it was in the beginning, no attacks forces of Krajina was not. There was only the defense, but the defense from attacks on their homes, in their villages, where they have lived for centuries.

The Party to the front of us, said that he would invite a witness who will confirm that I did not want to give the order to withdraw the JNA (Yugoslav People's Army — approx.) To enter the United Nations forces. So what? Although it is not true, as I could not command the army, I, of course, not be opened from that advocated that the JNA withdrew only when the UN troops arrive, since otherwise there would be a massacre of Serbs, as it was in Croatia during World War II. If I'm guilty of that prevented to hundreds of thousands of Serbs were slaughtered in Bosnia and Croatia, then this wrong I can with the greatest pride to accept: that I prevented a massacre. It is also a historical fact, and I think that this is my position was, and logical and fair, and certainly not to the detriment of the other party.

And all of that fictional total liability was not only meaningless, because there is no one right, but also a big lie. In fact, I actually, either de jure or de facto in any plan did not have command authority in respect of the Yugoslav People's Army, and even more so through the waning presidium, which was mentioned here. After all, this bureau had no command authority. And General Kadievich he said he did not agree with any decisions of the Presidium of the defective if their benefits will not be provided 5th out of 8 vote, which, he said, is the only one consistent with the Constitution. Just do not seem to be protected by the Constitution of Yugoslavia. Thus, this flawed bureau could not give orders to the army. However, in reality, is that none of Yugoslavia did not defend, and it also serves as a proof that I have not commanded.

If I commanded the army of Yugoslavia would have been saved. The Army of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which managed to defend against NATO, was incomparably smaller and incomparably weaker. But her strength was incomparably greater. I commanded her. We defended.

When was the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, ie April 28, 1992, all soldiers who were citizens of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, ie Serbia and Montenegro were brought into the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Those who were citizens of other republics, have remained in their republics, which is normal and logical. Of course, there were exceptions on the basis of personal choice and volunteering, but they were very few. Of course, there were exceptions on the basis of family ties. which was also a logical phenomenon, given that it can be said until yesterday we were one state.

And after the army commanded by the President of the FRY, it was then Dobrica Cosic, as prime minister — Your Milan Panic. They kept the army in his hands, and anyone knows that I have, of course, could not affect, for as soon as they started working together, they were mostly like me to shift. I have not been with them a relationship that could affect them.

As for the alleged execution of my orders of the leadership of the Republic of Srpska and the Krajina, the only one who knows nothing about the degree of vanity Yugoslav and Serbian politicians and especially tolerance for any attempt to someone else's perspective can speculate about some of the organizations and some sense. Actually, if you instead of thousands of pamphlets and fabricated fictions just looked newspaper for the years you would see in what respects the leadership of Serbia headed by me has been the leadership of the Republika Srpska, and which received a heavy charge to me. And not only charges but also insults.

It was a paradox that could see everyone. We helped to survive the Serbian people on the side of the river Drina, but were not on good terms with management. We are left — they are right. Right-wing opposition in Serbia, supported them, and used this to support their rhetoric against me. For me it was not important, because people knew that I am acting in his best interests.

In any case, the establishment of some of the organizational relationship between the leadership of the Republic of Srpska and Serbia — is one of the biggest nonsense that there could be heard in respect of which there is so much evidence. Just look at the reaction after Dayton and bitter charges to my account in relation to the Dayton agreement. A statement by Karadzic, which you quote, that the Serbs do not agree to the international community represented them, Alija Izetbegovic, was an expression of justified fear that it will take commitment to their detriment, as with the representatives of the Republic of Srpska, the talks did not want to be considered. And I'll read a little while ago, a phrase from the "Islamic Declaration" about the impossibility of co-existence with non-Islamic institutions, the position of Alija Izetbegovic. So ask yourself the question: was it possible that the Serbs, the Serbian people, Serbian representatives agreed to be represented by Alija Izetbegovic, especially after the withdrawal of signatures under the Lisbon Treaty on the recommendation of Zimmerman. True, Zimmerman said he made a mistake by recommending this Izetbegovic. After all, without it you could avoid war.

I was in Geneva in the presence of Owen and Stoltenberg, in those circumstances, when negotiations did not include representatives of the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and believed that Alija Izetbegovic is Serbs, Croats, and Muslims. Then called Tudjman and me, and later — and Izetbegovic to negotiate a solution. I almost persuaded Izetbegovic, not after the first meeting, not after the first attempt, almost convinced him to start negotiating parties in Bosnia — he and Karadzic and Mate Boban — Croatian leader in Bosnia at the time. Karadzic — Serbian leader, Izetbegovic — Muslim, but certainly. — Not the leader of the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I always thought that the problems in Bosnia must solve three constituent peoples. I thought that the solution can only be a formula that equally and equitably protect the interests of all three nations. Dayton, by the way, and has led to success on the basis of this formula.

The indictment is extremely malicious and anti-Serb also because that was the conclusion of peace according to the formula of equality, according to the formula of equal respect for the interests of all three nations, and not on the basis of the genocide. If the latter is accurate, it would mean that the Republic of Srpska was created on the basis of the genocide. And the truth is only one. During the civil war in Bosnia, cruelty and suffering occurred for all three parties, and wine mainly lies with those who carried out the forcible separation and began to violence on a strategy of violence that were outside Yugoslavia.

By the way, Tudjman told me in Geneva in the presence of Owen and Stoltenberg had never been marked by atrocities such as those committed by Muslims against Croats in central Bosnia during their conflict. Owen and Stoltenberg was supported by the desire to ensure that all three parties in Bosnia to the negotiating table: Izetbegovic, Karadzic, Boban. This made it possible to start substantive negotiations between the immediate parties to the conflict. Personally, I Tudjman never rebuked for interfering in Serbia's war in Croatia. Serbia and Croatia were not at war. We were in Geneva to help the three parties in Bosnia to achieve peace and to confirm our commitment to the world and contributed to the first manifestation of the relationship between the Krajina and Zagreb, including the opening of the highway and many other contacts, the establishment of which was also aware of nachalos.Tudzhman my position on the proposal Muslim side, which I passed on their behalf who arrived in Belgrade Ddil Zulfikarpashich, sponsor and mentor Izetbekovicha, a businessman from Zurich. Proposal was that Serbs and Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina together against Croats. It was pointed out that the Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there were not, and 14% and they have nothing to decide on Bosnia and Herzegovina. My response was that the two people in no way should unite against the third that relations in the Balkans are crucial relations between Serbs and Croats, and that these relationships can I see in the future only as a relationship of cooperation and druzhby.Mate Granik, the Minister of Foreign Affairs also knows it is not from me but from Tudjman, and I'm sure he would have said so publicly, if he will allow his new president and distinguished style of Mesich.Dalee liquidator Yugoslavia, and what you said about Dubrovnik is the usual nonsense, despite the pompous display of pictures here. Then, when it happened, we were just in the Hague, Tudjman and I met with Carrington. I then stated publicly Dubrovnik — this Croatian city of Dubrovnik shelling is idiotic crime. Serbia is no connection with that did not have and could not have. It's so far away from Serbia, and it has nothing to do with the firing Dubrovnika.A regard to the Vance-Owen plan, its with my assistance and the assistance of the Greek Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis Karadzic signed at a conference in Athens May 1, 1993. This went on for two days. Then, at the Assembly of the Republic of Srpska in Pale went together Mitsotakis, the then Yugoslav President Cosic and me. I think that is very malicious, biased, I would say, and unprofessional to quote from my speech (and I played twice and in both speeches, made all that the plan was adopted), and so, to quote snatched a fragment of the idea that the Serbs reached purpose, and leave it at that. And I said that the purpose for which we support them, it is a goal to be free and equal in rights where they live, what is achieved by the plan and that the plan should be signed, meaning that it makes possible the freedom and equality in the space of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There was also a lot of other arguments.

So, saying that the plan is achieved, so that they are free and equal, where they live, and that we do not support the implementation of one's painful ambitions. When they rejected the plan, we have implemented a pressure, introduced the measure, and painful for us and for the people that we are in contrast to the leadership support — namely, imposed a blockade Drina. We agreed with the presence of international observers on the Drina, a great mission, led by the Swedish General Bo Pelnas. There is no record that he sent to the United Nations or with which he introduced the Yugoslav government or the government of Serbia, which could find support expressed here as an arbitrary assertion that it did and there was no blockade. After all, so it was some form of it. What would you expect more from us than what we had even agreed to the presence of observers?

And then, of course, the opposition of Serbia rushed to the Palais to support, together with the leadership of Republika Srpska bull roast on a spit and give the blackest criticism to me and the greatest support for their rejection of the peace plan of the Vance-Owen plan.

And it is taught that experience when, after great effort in Athens was signed, and then at the Palais it was canceled, I (as before Dayton introduced a new chance) insisted on a solution that will eliminate the possibility of a new breakdown of the peace plan, and required to sign the decision on that three members of the delegation are Yugoslavia and three representatives of the Republic of Srpska. Of Yugoslavia, it was the two presidents of the republics (Montenegrin President Balatovich and I) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yugoslavia. From the Republic of Srpska was also three representatives, but it was written that if there is a separation of voices in this delegation, I decide, that is, resolved by the Head of the delegation. The agreement was signed by all the signatory and the Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch Pavle.

By this, I took care of all the criticism for all the flaws that will later speak to the Dayton agreement of the leadership of the Republika Srpska, as I saw that they were afraid to make peace because of the various promises made in pursuit of their ambitions. I said that I take the blame for everything that they do not like, as long as there was peace.

And today, I think that the Dayton agreement, the Dayton-Paris Peace is good, and it should be respected, not to commit violence on him, as it now does the occupation manager (again, an Austrian!) To the detriment of all three nations, but most of all and first of all — to the detriment of Serbs and partly — the Croats.

In this context, completely out of place here to quote Biljana Plavsic ideas, especially about the fact that Serbia was doing, and my role. Even more so — do not ascribe to our side, in relation to which we adhere to the opposite position. And that's about it these ideas that you quoted, just in Athens, during the discussion of the Vance-Owen during a television interview, which is widely publicly demonstrated, the television director asked me how I will comment on these ideas, because they are really not acceptable for any civilized man. I said that the carriers of these ideas in a madhouse. She's with me over the years did not talk, and you ascribe to me her ideas. This is — nonsense. And it is in Serbia, everyone knows.

I ask, how do any serious person can base any charge, the more so heavy on someone's statement that he has a good relationship with me and I said so-and-so. It's not serious. It is in our nation called "rumors." This lightly used in the official statement. No one is authorized to state on my behalf their views. I present my views himself and openly. Endless series of lies and nonsense that we have heard here. And this is — with regard to Bosnia and Herzegovina — pure lie, because I worked there peace, not war.

Serbia always pursued a policy of peace. We care about how to save more lives and Serb, and Croat, and Muslim. And yours, gentlemen, good! I'm not talking about the many other efforts that have been fruitful not only for the world, but just in regard to saving lives.

With regard to Srebrenica, I heard about it from Carl Bildt. Even Karadzic, whom I immediately afterwards called to ask what happened, he swore that he knew nothing about it that, on the contrary, he ordered to defend the western part, which is under threat. Is this true or not, I do not press it at all, but what I am saying is a fact. Both he and Krajisnik firmly convinced me that the Republic of Srpska, there are no camps that exist only centers for prisoners of war, in which they are located a short time, because they exchanged the principle of "all for all" as they accumulate both parties.

And immediately after the Srebrenica or somewhere immediately after those days I had saved from the destruction of an entire Muslim Brigade, 840 people. They sent a messenger with a request to save their lives. I have given permission for them to crossed the Drina River and saved from total destruction. They were placed in a police camp at Tara. There they visited the entire diplomatic corps. And then through the Red Cross, they were sent to Hungary. I do not agree to give them one side or another in Bosnia. I said, they are under my protection came into my territory. We are not a belligerent party, we will not give them to anyone, nor you, so you have them exchanged nor Izetbegovic, so he sent them back to the army, since I have no proof that they are in the army voluntarily. Let them through the Red Cross sent to Hungary, to a neutral country, and there is a will decide whether it will go to relatives in America, Australia or return to the army in Bosnia.

Serbia was not belligerent or Bosnia or Croatia. This, by the way, and gave us the opportunity to help the peace process, stop the fratricidal war between the brothers, do sleep mad and fell out. All we have heard here, is perverted and is absurd. Half-truths worse than a lie. I'll tell you in touch with your statements — our police were in Eastern Slavonia, she was there, but at that time there was peace. And so it was, even to the end, because the question of Eastern Slavonia was settled by agreement between the Serb authorities in Eastern Slavonia and the Croatian government. But the police were on the other side of the border solely for assistance in police matters, since because of all these conflicts and the state of war that existed before that there was a lot of crime, and it was necessary to help eliminate it. And they were there to help in this matter, as well as to prevent smuggling to Yugoslavia, finding criminals from Serbia, which was easier to just run across the Danube. Shameful that these things abused

Yes, we have at my command was a police unit in the Republic of Srpska, at a train station Shtritse. I sent him there after the crime happened when some criminal group stopped the train on the Belgrade — Bar. Only nine kilometers of road Belgrade — Bar held on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it's backbone and the most important road in Yugoslavia. At this station Shtritse train at all and does not stop, because it is only used in case of any emergency need. The train was stopped, it was filmed with 17 Muslims from Prijepolje who were there and killed. At first we did not know who it is either, nor where they are located. And it was done on purpose, so I requested an investigation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska. In the end, because nothing was done, I dispatched our police to track down the suspects. Some were arrested and taken to a prison in Belgrade. Later, the court released them because it was impossible to find the evidence. It was their response to our great indignation. For this not to happen again, I sent there, although it is not our territory, one department for the protection of the station again to someone stopped the train again to someone stabbed someone. I told Owen and Stoltenberg, we have the unit on the other side of the border, immediately behind it, in the Republic of Srpska, as I do not trust them that they will protect the station. Well, so what?

I know that all this was a way to move the fire of the conflict between Serbs and Muslims in Serbia, throw it in Serbia. I am on the same day went to Prijepolje, for these people, the victims were from Prijepolje. Prijepolje — a small town in Serbia. 50% of the population are Serbs, 50% — Muslims. They live in harmony. And no expulsions and evictions was not for all these ten years. During the war in Croatia, the Croatian none was expelled from Serbia. During the war in Bosnia — no Muslim. On the contrary, as I said here, 50,000 officially registered Muslim refugees fled to take refuge in Serbia. And here you are saying the exact opposite, and speak the truth.

Unworthy of comment on various insinuations, which are extremely low. You started here at the opening of the show with my photography in Kosovo Polje, explaining that I took advantage of the acquired popularity to achieve later as head of the party. But in your picture it is written that it was in April 1987, and I became head of the party the year before, in May 1986. And — what's the worst and sad — it's written in your own database, where you set out for my biography. So you even these data have not read carefully ..

And all this in fact shows that the accusation is false, that prosecutors are clutching at straws, they do not have anything but certain, I would say, amateurish psychoanalytic detection, with which I want to portray as someone who hypnotizes people forces them to go out and commit crimes. You draw some organizational schemes, which themselves have invented. This is jumping to the low-grade literature. And because of this emptiness charge you additionally come up with these two absurd indictments for Bosnia and Croatia do not have any basis to it all and somehow hide the pack in some new and God knows what kind of fabrications and falsehoods.

And we, of course, helped his people in Bosnia and Croatia. And the bad guys would be the last, if not do this, when this people was hard. We honestly helped him survive and be an equal and free, and not something someone else pick. And you are absolutely normal that the Germans helped Croatia that Americans spend "Storm" and the ethnic cleansing of Serbs, for you are absolutely normal that Muslims and Arabs are helping the Saudi mujahideen, including those who cut off the head and the pictures on the pages of newspaper held in their hands cut off by two Serbian head. For you just illogical that Serbs helped the Serbs. Does it make any logical at all — I'm not saying any moral — an explanation? And in either Croatia or Bosnia Serbs went to war over them was committed violence.

I will read you a few quotes of prominent intellectuals of the world, whose names are known to every educated person on the planet. Edmond Paris, France, in 1961: "The study of the general criminal list is estimated that the government Pavelic-Artukovicha (fashistskoe.. — Ed.) Managed to destroy about 750,000 Orthodox Serbs, deport or expel 300,000. Also killed 60,000 Jews, 26,000 Roma. In the Catholic faith was forcibly drawn about 240,000 Orthodox Serbs. "

Charles Krauthamer, USA, August 1995: "This Week in the 'blitzkrieg', which lasted for only four days, the Croatian army ethnically cleansed 150,000 Serbs from Krajina and forced them to flee to save lives in Bosnia and Serbia. Why is there no concern because of the fall of Krajina, the area in which the Serbs settled 500 years ago, much earlier than we had settled in North America? Yes, exactly what they have created a state of rebellion in Croatia. Similarly, when in 1991, Croatia seceded from Yugoslavia, they have stepped up the war for independence within Croatia. But they went to war for justifiable reason — they did not want to live under the rule of the people who not long ago were killing their parents. Croatian state against which they are raised, since its foundation in 1991, borrowed almost unchanged symbols — the flag, currency, and other signs of the first Croatian state, the notorious Nazi, the puppet state of the Second World War, the genocidal state, in Nuremberg's estimates, concentration camps and the monstrous scale of ethnic cleansing and murder of hundreds of thousands of Serbs.

Suspend quoting Charles Krauthamera. On Orthodox Christmas in those years of war in the camp of Jasenovac ustashskie Nazis competed over who during the day will kill more Serbs. And won one of them, who managed for this one day to slaughter a thousand three hundred Serbs. And it is — a historic fakt.Prodolzhayu quote: "By the way, the current Bosnia was part of the Nazi state, which explains why the Bosnian Serbs also demanded independence. Serbs from the Krajina have every reason to be afraid of again fall under the Croatian government. This week, their fears revived. Croats shelled Serb villages before the army launched an offensive to thereby force the population to flee. So inform the UN observers in Croatia. They were shooting indiscriminately. Where is the protest? "Here is what Carlo Falconi, Italy:" Ustashi undoubtedly surpassed even the Germans in their anti-religious racism. When they hit the Serbs that was a hit not only the enemy, but also the one who betrayed the true faith, only in Croatia has been a destruction of more than half a million people because of their faith than because of their race. Only in Croatia people forcibly baptized in the Orthodox to the Catholic faith. In history there is no precedent for such a degree of violence, as applied in these operations. All this, indeed, does not benefit the silence of Pope Pius XII ». (Next Milosevic quoted Rajko Dolechek, Jacques Melino, Philip Dzheykinsa, Louis Delmas, Peter Handke.) And finally — Patrick Bariyeo and Eve Chretien, France, 1995 was: "How a French citizen would like to revive the memory of our French history, the memory of when the bells of the church of Our Lady of Christians of France notified the tragic defeat of Prince Lazar in a battle with the Turkish conquerors" (he was referring to the battle Gazimestane). I continue: "Memoirs of Victor Hugo, who, horrified offenses of the same conquerors, said August 29, 1876:" They kill people! When will this heroic martyrdom small people? '. Whether he had a premonition that this martyrdom will not end in 1995? As a European citizen I ask the question: Do we let the destruction of the people, who for 600 years shedding blood in defense of a free and Christian Europe? "

So, December 23, 1991 Germany formally recognized the sovereignty and independence of Croatia to the fact that this decision shall enter into force on 15 January 1992. Thus began an armed conflict, civil war in Croatia. That this was the choice of the Croatian authorities, unequivocally and statements Tudjman and Mesic. Tudjman — Croatian President, Mesic — Chairman of the Presidency of Yugoslavia. And when he dismembered her, he was elected chairman of the Croatian Parliament. Tudjman in a public statement on Ban Jelacic Square, May 24, 1992 in an address to the nation said: 'War would not have happened if Croatia did not want her. But we decided that the only military means can we achieve independence of Croatia. Therefore, we have pursued a policy of negotiation, and under cover of these negotiations formed their armed units. "

Of course, Tudjman and the Croatian authorities and could achieve independence without war in Croatia, but not the war, they could not kill Serbs and expelling 600,000 Serbs from Croatia. It shows the character of the war that they are still trying to call home and liberation. It is unfortunate that for those who fought. But, of course, by its objectives, which are visible from the historical record.

A Stjepan Mesic, in a speech to the Croatian Sabor December 5, 1991, Sabor thanks for the trust, said: "I think I have completed the task. Yugoslavia is no more. " It saw any. He was Chairman of the Presidium of Yugoslavia, who had taken an oath to protect the integrity of Yugoslavia and its constitutional order. He comes to Croatia to announce that it has completed the task — Yugoslavia is no more.

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