Protective speech at the trial of Slobodan Milosevic at The Hague on February 13, 2002

Part 3
The most serious crimes committed by Albanian terrorists in the favorable attitude of KFOR and the UN mission. So to this day, almost no performers identified the most serious criminal offenses against the Serbs and non-Albanian ethnic groups. In some cases, such as in Uglyarah, KFOR months in hiding the mutilated bodies of Serbs, thereby souchastvuya of crimes. Or he committed criminal acts, such as the destruction of the translator to Wet Mountain. All crimes committed after June 10, in the presence of UN forces. Where is the accountability? These include the idea that they knew. Needed to know. Who can believe that someone does not know what's going on in the 100 meters from its base? 
Almost any item .1244 resolution of the Security Council failed. The number of killed Serbs increasing day by day, crime, and then continue. The day before yesterday in a village near Kosovska Kamenica threw grenades Serbian house. But after today, in 2002, the month of February. KFOR troops have been there since June 10, 1999, and arson, robbery, terrorism, abduction of national assets in Albania continues. Instead of defending the border, KFOR has admitted that in Kosovo and Metohija arrived a few hundred thousand citizens of Albania and Albanians from Makedonii.Posle what has been said is absolutely clear that the purpose of the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia — is to achieve individual states its strategic objectives that are not relevant to the protection of human rights, but on the contrary — it is implemented by the gross violation of human rights. These states are formed, funded, coordinated and supported (and still support) Albanian terrorist groups. This began even before they put the 1998 in order to create a pretext for aggression. And it is — rather than to extend until 2000 the OSCE observation mission in Kosovo and Metohija, one of the largest, established by treaty with the OSCE on October 16, rather than to influence the representatives of the Kosovo Albanian parties in Rambouillet and Kleber in the direction of reasonable arrangement of autonomy! Yesterday I told you what is the only discrepancy. It was the fact that we insisted that everything was done on the basis of equality of citizens, and on the principles of equality of ethnic communities. In my opinion, this is the best-known solution in the world for such a national struktury.Vo the aggression of these countries (the NATO countries.. — Ed.) In collisions of the Army of Yugoslavia with terrorist groups to carry out military intervention on the side of terrorist groups, and is bombing Yugoslav troops . These terrorist groups have been hailed by some new "forces of order" in Kosovo and Metohija. Finally, the State has not taken any measures to prevent further atrocities of these same groups.

I'm not going to read further information about the victims. I have already said that 3,000 people were killed. I'm not going to read a list of those on whom it was committed gross physical abuse — injury, trauma, beatings — also under UN protection. Nothing like this had to happen at 50 thousand UN soldiers. But serious crimes against the Serbs did not stop.

Already June 12, 1999, a day after the UN took over all responsibility for security, as stated in the resolution of all the citizens of Kosovo and Metohija, opened fire with automatic weapons on working career "Belachevats." June 12 Albanian terrorists attacked the dairy cows and New Village, 13 June, they were attacked by Serb houses in the Old Kacanik, opened fire on police in the village and in the village of Ljubisa Studenchane, June 14 in the village-run, shooting a column of refugees. I will talk about it very briefly, to save time, you cut me, but I hope that will explain to you all the points that are sufficient to illustrate what is going on under the protection of the UN in Kosovo and Metohija.

June 17 in Pristina, they committed an armed attack on a refugee camp, and on June 20 from Albania attacked the border village of Krusevo and Orchush, community Dra-gash. In fact, in these places Dragas and Muslims live and Gorani, but the Albanian terrorists can not stand anyone who is Albanian. In June and July 1999 in the community of Gnjilane, Vitina and Kosovska Kamenica were formed large KLA units were approximately 1,000 terrorists who came from Albania. Every day during June and July, they opened fire with machine guns, mortars and hand grenades on Serb villages Raniluk, Pasyane, Odovtse, Rayanovtse and Bostse to quickly survive out the non-Albanian population. All this was done continuously, day after day, in the presence of UN troops. No time to read all, but I will note that they are attacked, for example, home Bosicha tied six members of his family, locked in the house, and the house was set on fire.

The German secret service hastily gathered enough criminals from all over Europe, threw them in Kosovo. Even she did not dare to deny it, because too many people knows about it. They were sent to Kosovo to kill. After that terrorism broke out with renewed vigor. You'll see how it looked, but first give you a few quotes a German, not a Serb, and German. Ergen E-zetser, writer, author of "War Crimes: deadly lie the German government and its victims in the Kosovo conflict." Here is a short exposure. Elzetser says: "The type of all the wars that have taken place in the former Yugoslavia, was the same. The main instigator of wars in Yugoslavia was Germany, and the Americans extinguished the fire with gasoline. " It was the Germans forced the recognition of the independence of Slovenia and Croatia in 1991.

This is for anybody not a secret. Mitterrand bitterly complained that the Germans had so much pressure on him that he had to agree that the EU prematurely recognized the independence of Slovenia and Croatia. The Germans were arming Croatia until 1994 for the capture of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Krajina. The Croats were even "MiG" aircraft, which were the legacy of the former GDR. The Germans helped the KLA in the early 90s., When sending their instructors from the ranks of the BND (German secret service). They are allowed to collect multimillion-dollar funds to terrorists in Germany. All this was done even at a time when the United States until March — April 1998 considered the KLA as a terrorist organization. When in the German financial aid has changed the balance of forces and the KLA has become a real factor of power that could change the map of the region, the United States is fundamentally changing their policies, taking over leadership.

When Croatia in German by successfully preparing and arming for an attack on Krajina, the Pentagon raised the alarm, quickly taking over the whole operation. It was the same with the KLA. For example, yesterday&#39;s "Washington Times" writes that there is a statement by David Keene, chairman of the Association of American conservatives, alleging that Clinton was involved in the operation "Storm" as a result of which the Serbs were expelled from Croatia. There is plenty of other evidence, in particular, even inadvertently Holbrooke <wrote about it in his book.

I will continue to Elzetsera quote: "So it was with the KLA. After she was able, with the support of Iran and Germany in the summer of 1998 to capture a third of Kosovo, Americans throw his people to the Albanian terrorists After a series of bloody razoorok between the United States by the Albanian terrorists manage to at the end of 1998 to establish their influence on the tip of the KLA. So using them in February 1999 won fraction Thaci. As for America, for quite some time — said Elzetser — in American foreign policy existed Albanian lobby, clustered around Senator Dole, who even then cooperated with the KLA, although at that time, the U.S. government has said about the KLA as a terrorist organization. So it was at the time in Germany. At a time when the Chancellor Willy Brandt was, BND (German secret service) supported his partner in the Yugoslav ustashevskih pursuit of terrorists, while at the same time — says Elzetser — Bavarian wing of the BND under the auspices of the Franz Josef Strauss, even then secretly supported the Ustasha against Yugoslavia. "

Later in this interview Elzetsera, author of "War Crimes: deadly lie the German government and its victims in the CBS-Soviet conflict," says Kinkel himself in February 1998 stated that the Federal Republic of Germany (which I quote): "… provided Albania financial assistance in the amount of approximately 1 billion marks. No state received such assistance for the development of per capita income. Source of 09.09.1998, the FAZ. " By the way, it is known that one of the deputies of the German Federal Parliament in late March, said: "No one in the world so fully and thoroughly did not lie, as was done during the Kosovo war." According to "Der Spiegel", the hysteria in Germany forced the German secret service (BND). At the end of March, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, said that "the Albanian question is open." This is his quote. This formulation — a reprise of the room horror stories of the world. "The German question is open — repeated for decades by those who called for a fight because they were not like the reforms in the former GDR. — German question is open as long, as the Brandenburg gate is closed. " Was the slogan that required to eliminate — the GDR and led to the so-called German reunification.

The question is not whether there is now the threat of destruction and the reunification of the Albanians of Macedonia, ie create a kind of Great Albania, after it was turned Fisher Albanian revanchism in the parlor theme. Only hopeless optimists can amuse themselves one more phrase, Minister of Foreign Affairs, which states: "The violent redistribution of boundaries international community will not tolerate." Meanwhile, if you specify and analyze this sentence, we see that Fisher did not reject the revision of borders, but only the use of force to do so. And what if the redrawing of boundaries is achieved not a show of force and threat of force, as it was in 1938 with Czechoslovakia after the Munich agreement?

Now, Fisher recommends Albanians methods Kohl. Again his quote: "The international community present in Kosovo and in the Balkans, to show that the Albanian question for example the German question in 1990 can not be solved without an agreement with the neighbors, and their consent." In any case, the fact that Fisher recommends Albanians along German lines in 1990, is nothing else but the destruction of one of the sovereign states. In Skopje, the responsible politicians would be to freeze the blood in his veins. Approximately one week before the Macedonian Prime Minister George delivered an address to the nation, and openly declared that the Macedonians can not close our eyes to the fact that it is a Western democracy creates a new Taliban in Europe, and that no one in Macedonia can not be sure that the American and German Government does not know the leaders of these gangs.

Meanwhile, in danger not only of Macedonia. Already on March 30 Fischer has openly stated that it is necessary to think about a solution of the Balkan problem, because concerns remain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, the Presevo valley, ie Serbia proper and Macedonia. I remind you of this, because it is connected with the historical facts. In the creation of a Greater Albania, as I see it, is on the order of Macedonia, Montenegro and then follow, Sandzak, and later even Greece. All are included in the plans of the Albanian terrorists. Since by NATO they have achieved something in their implementation, then why not continue? What he says Elzetser only confirms that Germany after its unification on an expedited basis, in particular, on the issues of Yugoslavia, continues right where it left off defeat in the Second World War. They then, during the Second World War created a Greater Albania as a fascist-Nazi creation. This, I hope, here no one can dispute. It is necessary to remind those who had once fought against Nazism and fascism, some historical facts. (Milosevic makes a historical digression.)

. . .So, back to the end of 1997 and the successful summit of the South-East Europe, which heralded peace, cooperation and stabilization, and in particular to a successful meeting between the Albanian prime minister and me and his claim that Kosovo — an internal question of Yugoslavia. But this has caused alarm signal, activated the terrorists. Since started, I would say, an explosion of terrorism in Kosovo and Metohija. Throughout the past decade, the attacks were very rare, maybe. once a month, and since the beginning of 1998 to the beginning of the NATO aggression only to citizens of the attacks were committed in 1068, ie about one hundred times higher than in any previous year. Clearly visible turning point. Targets of the attacks were by all including Kosovo Albanians, especially those who worked in the public service (foresters, postmen, policemen, officials of various institutions). During this period, the members of the terrorist organization KLA brutally killed 387 people. Of these, 75 people (not 75 percent, and 75 people) — Representatives of the Serbian and Montenegrin nationality. A 196 — representatives of Albanian nationality. That is, the Albanian terrorists killed Albanians in two and a half times more than the Serbs to conquer them, to compel obedience from following their policies and behave as they would require this.

Was killed and 15 other minorities, mainly Roma. In the case of 101 could not be identified dead people. During the same period in Kosovo were abducted and disappeared about 200 people, half of them — the Serbs and Montenegrins, and the other half — the Albanians, more precisely, 77 Albanians and 12 other nationalities. In addition to these individual murders took place and various acts of sabotage, laying explosives, as it was in Podujevo, in Kosovska Mitrovica, where the planted explosive devices on the market on market days. It killed six and wounded 60 people, again mostly Albanians, etc.

In parallel, made a huge number of terrorist attacks against representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and — 1642 attacks. Considering and then in the previous year, the average rate was not one to one, but less. Among these attacks, most were attempted murder of representatives of the Ministry of Home Affairs, namely the 1163 assassination attempt, and 241 were killed by the MIA, and with them another 28 people. Injuring 23. Seriously injuring another 478 representatives of the Interior Ministry, and injured another 363. During the period there were 246 arrests, injured 8, and 238 terrorists were killed in the fighting with the Interior Ministry. For time management I miss those places these events.

At the same time began, but I would say, with some delay, the terrorist attacks against the Army of Yugoslavia. Of the 309 reported cases of attacks on the Army of Yugoslavia most of it was due to the death or serious injury of military personnel. Lists of killed citizens, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the kidnapped and missing citizens and representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the dead and the missing members Yugoslav Army and I will give you introduce the public. Only from January 1, 1998 to March 24, 1999, when the NATO intervention, noted 40 killings and kidnappings of Representatives Army of Yugoslavia. Description of the events, which injured or lost these individuals, clearly indicates the terrorist activities as a preparation for the subsequent NATO aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. There are a number of orders for the detention of convicted murderers, but do not have time to see them. In first place is Hashi Thaci, who was sentenced to penal servitude for a large number of murders of Serbs and Albanians, as well as many others, according to the warrants of arrest for committing numerous and brutal murders, including Buyarov Osmani, who was involved in the creation of a terrorist unit "Rota mujahideen" in Kosovo and Metohija Abu Bekir Sadik. It was held by foreign mercenaries. As a member of this terrorist unit, he often participated in the attack on the border of the Yugoslav Army and police patrols in the area Metohija. Probably, a division of the Mujahideen Abu Bekir Sadik somehow legitimized at the time when the whole world when l worldwide interpret that no case is more important than the fight against terrorism. All this happened when Rugova claimed that the KLA — which means a terrorist KLA — an invention of the Serbian propaganda.

In the first half of 1998, the number of victims of terrorism has increased dramatically. It was only in the first five months (February — June) terrorists carried out 409 shares, more than 80 per month, or an average of 3 per day. This for the past ten years, they did not. In this case, by chance in 260 shares of the target became citizens or civilian objects and during this period 35 people were killed, 29 seriously injured and 21 lightly. And in the 148 terrorist attacks became the target of the police authorities. No government in the world, ladies and gentlemen, no government in the world would not remain passive in relation to such activities of armed gangs that within little more than two years of armed rebellion killed 152 cheloveka.I I do not believe that the company has at least someone who would challenge it. It is clear that the police not only failed to respond to become more frequent terrorist attacks, but also taking active steps to defeat the terrorist groups and to control the territory. And especially the control on the roads of regional and national importance, which the terrorists were trying to block certain sites and to paralyze the life of citizens, public services, and in general all those who use kommunikatsiyami.S first recorded terrorist attacks on the Army of Yugoslavia and to its offensive operations against the forces of the terrorist KLA was almost four months, so more than enough to answer the question: who is in Kosovo and Metohija and use weapons on anyone who attacked there?

In February 1998, the U.S. ambassador to Macedonia, called the KLA as a terrorist organization, and everything would be fine if it were not followed by the adjustment of the State Department, and Richard Holbrooke has not arrived in Belgrade on a mission to save the KLA from a complete rout and impose a solution that would meet the U.S. interests and Albanian separatists. And instead of condemning the terrorist organization, which we expected, and therefore did not understand the manifestation of his approach, he puts forward in the negotiations KLA as an autonomous political factor, without which it is impossible to conduct any political negotiations on the fate of Kosovo and Metohija. In this regard, Holbrook, along with other U.S. Representative Gelbard allegedly accidentally meets a group of KLA terrorists in Kosovo and in front of television cameras leads to them talk. It was the operation to intercept the Americans, the Germans of this criminal organization.

At the same time, the Americans systematically prevented the Security Council took at least a formal resolution condemning terrorism KLA in Kosovo and Metohija. And yet at the same time you are in the three resolutions of the Security Council will find a mention of terrorism in Kosovo and Metohija. During August and September 1998 the military-police force almost neutralized by KLA terrorists and their strongholds. In the autumn of 1998 was offset by terrorism, weapons of tractors returned, handed him to the police station, has been restored special local police, hundreds of Albanian villages under our auspices. In this case, it was done so that the Albanians themselves, the peasants of each village, themselves chose the local police, who received a form of government, gun and all that the police should be, that it ensures order and peace in their village. They elected their own officers. In hundreds of villages was restored by local police. Terrorism is almost suffered a complete defeat. Weapons returned, restored by local police, the case began to develop in a perfectly normal way.

But then again come with a delegation of Holbrook, conducted lengthy negotiations, which I think lasted 12 days, because he demanded the establishment of observers, military presence, etc. I told him then: you are not interested Albanians, you pursue other goals. He asked me — what? I said to him to confirm the leading role of America in Europe and America&#39;s leadership in NATO. He said: Yes, it is our interest. Now I ask the public: that means — our interest? After interest, the interest of a killer on the street, cut the victim&#39;s neck, is to pick up her purse. He does it out of interest. But where some of the other principles which underlie the relationship between people? If every step and every crime explained by the fact that it is "our interest", it turns out that the national interest of America distanced by 10,000 kilometers, in our country beyond our national interest in our own country. And who, I ask you to approve, but to fear, which is now quite common and everyone nods, saying that everything is in order that the other side say?

So, it has been the protection of the terrorists and the supervisory committee was formed, which we, in view of the fact that it was about the OSCE, the trust, but that obviously was ordered to prepare a justification for direct entry into the war against Yugoslavia, for their wards terrorists have shown impotence to cope with the task. Terrorists have suffered a complete defeat and even widely condemned by the Albanian masses. Albanian masses did not take them. After the establishment of the said mission, and obviously encouraged by this development, the Albanian terrorists in late 1998, continued in an even more massive and flagrant order to commit crimes. As a result of this activity, the number of terrorist attacks in the villages in 1998 was 1,854. I will not read out how many people were killed, while many people were killed, 284 people were injured. 556 times the explosives planted in the bazaars, in the cafe. For example, in the café "Panda" in Pec planted the explosives, it exploded, killing six young people. But after all the young people here, as elsewhere in the world, gathered in a cafe, listening to music.

On tried and tested in Bosnia scenario, known case Mercal, was organized and allegedly committed a crime in the village of Racak. Experienced in such matters for Latin America head of the OSCE mission William Walker called it an unprecedented crime Serbian security forces. It was the pinnacle of training, which is the mission of the OSCE and, in particular, her head held for the NATO aggression. As you know, we agreed to take a number of the countries most experienced experts to figure it out. Came a group of national experts who are known in the world, was also our team of experts who are well known to the world, university professors. They all submitted reports, clearly indicate that it was a terrorist unit, because, as stated, each of the victims of the shooting of firearms. And shot at police.

Walker insisted that participated in this and Finnish experts. We agreed and Finnish experts yesterday and heard their conclusion. Unfortunately, you know that all this clever deception that served to inflate the charges against Serbian forces, which was unfounded. After all, it was a clash of the police unit. There was no paramilitary unit, as has been said here. It was a clash of the regular police force with a terrorist group. Even the Albanian commander of the district recently in a speech said that his fighters bravely killed at Racak. For he believes that this moment is used, and in the end, he no longer needs to hide the heroism of their fighters as he sees it from its position.

A large number of people were killed during the observation mission, during more than 500 terrorist attacks, the KLA, which its external sponsors revived and fully armed: And during this period was ethnically cleansed of Serbs and Montenegrins, 35 villages. It was only during the first 11 days of 1999 the KLA committed 80 terrorist attacks on the police and the Army of Yugoslavia, on civilians, during which killed six civilians, four policemen and 10 police officers were seriously or lightly wounded. In fact, it shows that Kosovo and Metohija have been used as a tool to foment crisis and crisis management. We are talking about direct support for terrorism and its use for the implementation of the strategic objectives of the U.S. and NATO in the south-east of Europe.

On the example of Kosovo and Metohija, the Clinton administration has shown that in respect of terrorism it has double standards depending on their own interests. They have in common usage the word "terrorist", but they changed it and. At first they were "terrorists", and then they were no more terrorists. "Terrorists" or "freedom fighters" — it depends on the shape of the victims and their interests. When the victims are Americans or their wards, while the killer — the terrorists who deserve the worst, even massive retaliation. And while the United States in Afghanistan and other parts of the world very radical cracking down on terrorism in Kosovo and Metohija and in other parts of the world they use terrorism as an effective means of its strategy of domination.

If the victims were Serbs, as is the case in Kosovo, then in the worst case, these killers — only the armed Albanians and nothing more. And while American terrorists carrying al-Qaeda terrorists from Afghanistan to Guantánamo in chains, from the puppet regime in Belgrade, at the same time they demand unconditional release of all its prisons Albanian terrorists, explaining that it was a political prisoner. As can be without being a lawyer, not even being a judge called political prisoners people who swords beheaded women, children, the elderly, killed postmen, police, Albanians, Serbs?

No matter how they justify their crimes by political motives, but an example of the very best of America showed the malignancy sponsorship of terrorism, which poses the greatest threat to modern humanity. America for many years now applies this policy of double standards, which, as shown by the attacks on New York and Washington, DC, turned against itself. Connecting the Mujahideen of Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists to training the KLA in Albania contributed to the radicalization of terrorist acts and the use of the most brutal methods in the repression of the representatives of the police and the army, and the civilian population, including the Albanians. The presence and connection to participate in training KLA terrorists paramount chiefs of Islamic fundamentalists, including Osama bin Laden, has been written, among other things, in German "Die Presse" in December 1998 and in the "Sunday Times" in the same year. The fact of the presence of bin Laden in Albania was not contested after the infamous destruction of the U.S. embassies. I talked about it with the American team, and they of that fact, too, knew that. In Albania, then was a lot of chaos.

In support of Albanian separatism and terrorism in Kosovo and Metohija particularly active Albanian emigration to Western Europe and the United States. In America in 1986 was based Albanian-American civil League, chaired by an influential congressman Joseph Diegardi, whose task was active lobbying on Capitol Hill, the requirements and objectives of the Kosovo Albanians. Active lobbying League opened the way Kosovo-Metohija separatists for official contacts in the U.S. Senate and Congress. Its main pushers — Robert Dole and Congressman D&#39;Amato of New York, where the Albanian diaspora is the most numerous. In any case, the Albanian-American civil league has greatly contributed to the spread of anti-Serb sentiment systematic demonization of the Serbian people and the American public.

In this particular case involved an American company took "Ruder Tini", which allegedly found the Serbian concentration camps in Kosovo and Metohija, which is never ever been. Yesterday we saw it, though no one, of course, it will not approve. And this company has invented a number of other promotional tall tales. Albanian drug mafia collected for this project, a lot of money and, apparently, in their current valuation, their well-invested, because Kosovo is now Europe&#39;s main center of drugs, trafficking in white slavery, weapons. And all this despite the presence of forces which, of course, have no chance to control such activities, since they can not. control even crimes such as arson tens of thousands of homes, killing thousands of civilians, the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of people, the destruction of hundreds of churches, etc. It is well known how the mafia, mafia bribes as who should be, especially when it comes to those who have to deal with it. The escalation of this disaster will last a long time, and I&#39;m afraid that when Europe is aware that there is going to be too late to fix it. Analysis of the French "Observatoar zeo politician de la hearse" shows that the Albanian drug mafia is particularly specialized in the trade, which is called "draksforan" and thus obtained arms transfers to terrorists KLA. It was developed by one of the channels through which the KLA terrorists received arms, that is the way dirty and criminal activities all over the world with the help of the intelligence services and foreign, and some Islamic countries.

… Bin Laden and "Al Qaeda" had a strong point in Albania, which served as a springboard for their operations in Bosnia, Kosovo and Metohija, and in Western Europe. And bin Laden himself, as his time in the service of Albanian chief said, "Fatos Clasie" personally was in Albania, and, according to the service, a group of bin Laden is one of the fundamentalist groups that had sent their troops to participate in the fighting in Kosovo and Metohija. Direct involvement of bin Laden&#39;s terrorist activities revealed in the arrests of some members of his organization, which said that their colleagues are still at large, that they have done, as recruited and armed fighters for Kosovo and Metohija. Among them there are those who are now taken to Guantanamo. What happened was that the terrorists who had been arrested the Yugoslav authorities, in fact, lucky, and those who were not arrested, the Yugoslav authorities, and are then left with bin Laden in Afghanistan and sent to Guantanamo in shackles. Lucky is that the Yugoslav authorities arrested, now released from prison as a political prisoner at the request of the same persons who had arrested their colleagues, by chance found themselves in this situation. And these others have stayed here quite by accident, as they were arrested. And so it happened division. And the difference between them. Absolutely no. However, because of the intense propaganda Albanian separatists in Kosovo and Metohija, as well as because of the intense information war against Yugoslavia, which lasted 10 years, the international community created a false impression of who in this southern province of Serbia commits violence, and over whom it committed.

Since classical substitution thesis and without a concrete evidence Serbs are accused that they be heard by terror and violence against innocent Albanians allegedly threatened their human and civil rights. Meanwhile, I think the story is very different. Numerous documents and facts about the roots and the relationship of violence and terror of the Albanians&#39; radical Serbian and Montenegrin population of Kosovo and Metohija from the time when the Albanians, their paramilitary structures throughout history have served and the Turkish and Austro-Hungarian and German , and Italian, and all the other invaders and occupiers of these age-old Serb spaces up to the present day, when they serve it to the current occupant.

Therefore, if you go back to the work of the observation mission, no deportations and discrimination could not fix it. Forget that any incident that occurred in the period of the observation mission, draft minutes, as there was a State of the Union Government Commission for Co-operation with the OSCE mission, and that the State of the Union Government Commission for Co-operation with the OSCE mission to draw up reports on each incident. There is not a protocol in which to talk about it. And I know that there are even solutions of German courts, which denied the claims of Albanian immigrants, asylum seekers citing political persecution in Kosovo. The courts have explained his refusal by saying that they have no evidence that the Kosovo Albanians committed any prosecution, and therefore these claims can not be met.

Since there OSCE, it was the largest observation mission. It was envisaged 2,000. In addition to them, there was a huge staff of the International Commissioner for Refugees. Plus observation diplomatic mission in Kosovo, plus all the staff of the mission of the Red Cross and hundreds of journalists who have been accredited. So that thousands of people went on Kosovo and down, and nothing could be hidden. And if for any such statements are facts and reasons, they would not have to invent Racak. They would use some crime. to create a pretext for further action. But it was not, therefore, have abused this clash with police unit gang of terrorists in Racak, to proclaim his punishment Serbian security forces in civilian litsami.I is, of course, was the reason for the so-called negotiations in Rambouillet and Rambouillet — the reason for the war against Yugoslavia for criminal aggression. I want to say here is clear to the public that there are no negotiations at Rambouillet was not. Not once Serbian and Albanian delegation in Rambouillet have not even met. The American team has implemented its program, and a separate delegation made any statements. And all the agreement alleged agreement at Rambouillet (which, as any normal citizen on the planet would have thought, would have to be the result of negotiations in Rambouillet), was published in the Albanian newspaper "Koha Ditore" in general, two days before the start of Rambouillet. And it is also a fact that is easy to verify, and I personally kept the paper in his hands. We all thought it was the Albanian separatist propaganda writes some nonsense, and that can not be imagined. A Rambouillet was the reason for the invasion of Yugoslavia. And while there was talk, people have seen it there. Clark Hashim Thaci met in restaurants, agreed with him. Of course, they agreed among themselves, and not with us all that they are going to sdelat.I today, when Americans demand from all over the world to arrest all who have connections with terrorists, on this basis, they would have to immediately arrest Clark Albright and the rest of their functionaries. About them at all certain that they had no connection, and deep, with the terrorists. In essence, what did any of his predecessor, Democrat Clinton did. He declared genocide public policy, said of them victims will not be proclaimed the destruction of an independent and sovereign state, 676 times weaker and situated in 10,000 kilometers from America, to conduct a war without casualties. And the more absurd was that Yugoslavia had no disputes with any of these states, territorial or any other, did not attack or threaten to attack any neighboring state.

Genocide — a tool that all colonial powers throughout history have used for the realization of their interests in the Americas, North and South, in Africa, in Asia. All colonial powers exercised their interests through genocide. New colonialism has resorted to the same means. The whole world needs to hear this alarm alarm, since the whole world, including the tired lulled into Europe, is the target of a new colonialism.

America could exercise its leadership role by spreading prosperity, new technology, free trade, cultural values, rather than by causing bloodshed and suffering to hundreds of millions of people. The leading role in the world was carried out with a sword in the time of the Roman Empire. That&#39;s why I said openly that Clinton was wrong millennium. Two thousand years ago, it was a way of leading roles. But not in the third millennium! No one can hide or justify the heinous crimes committed by NATO in Yugoslavia parts of Europe at the turn of the millennium, despite a decade of information demonization of Serbia and the Serbian people, intensive production factories lie in the information war, which used the global world network. Even now before this trial, a number of fabrications. When they told me about all this, I said that they need a lot of work to do to hide the truth. You can not bury the truth very little effort. They will have a lot of work, and still they do not hide the truth.

However, by his own deception of the public, the systematic production of falsehood, they, in effect, eliminated democracy for its own public just in the same degree that eliminated the right to truthful information. You can have the best democratic mechanism in the world, but if you feed it a lie, he can not lead to a humane, fair, progressive, civilization defensible results. All that created the media, what now for the sake of committing the criminal destruction of nations and peoples, they seek to gain control — all this means war.

Therefore the objective of this farce to be played in the form of legal process, is precisely to legalize the crime, the extent of which I only partially revealed.

You have heard that yesterday I pointed out many elements of those performances that are overcrowded wrong and only prove that it is an ordinary assembly of the intelligence services. Yesterday I forgot to mention. For example, I have heard here that in 1989, on some demonstrations were 100 killed, and then — 27 killed. Yes, if that happens, who would it be able to hide in Serbia? This is no one has ever heard of. And why is issued such a lie that simply no one could believe it? And the whole of Yugoslavia knew we — a small country. When there is even a small accident, no one could hide, it&#39;s impossible. What can we say about the 100 killed in the demonstrations, about 27 killed? In general, they began their message is very malicious way, examples of tragedies that have occurred in the course of crimes in Croatia and Bosnia. I do not know whether they occurred, perhaps, have taken place, and, of course, we are talking about big tragedies. All this seems tragic, no one can challenge it. But is it in your countries is not terrible crimes, unless your ships no one to judge? Is it in England when someone commits a murder or a ferocious burn the whole family in the house, you ascribe to the British Prime Minister that he knew about it in advance, or ought to have known?

And I do not believe that even the president of the community to the point where some crazy made, say, a monstrous crime, which certainly happens to know about it. So can say only one who has no idea what the civil war, who do not know that during the Civil War, all have weapons and that any drunk jackass can any riddle, if he has a machine gun, and almost everyone has a gun. And the problem was not solved by single solutions, and only perseverance in ending the war in the termination of the craziness that triumphed order, silenced weapons and, finally, a normal life. And we just did it, all the forces were struggling to halt the war.

Therefore, these charges only prove that you are, in fact, and do not have any evidence to reach your true goals. In the beginning, you said that you will not talk about politics. But only about politics you said all day. On the other hand, the offense was committed, I have said about them, and they committed all over the former Yugoslavia. And if those who are behind these crimes can sleep peacefully, they can be "envy." As for me, my advantage is that I can look anyone in the eye. I defended my country honestly and with dignity. And I can say that the Army of Yugoslavia, the Yugoslav police also defended their country with honesty and dignity. They are not sullied itself by any dirty crimes, but it has never been possible in Serbia. I am not going to talk about the details, but I want to show documents.

However, it is clear what is at stake. There are orders that indicate the orders regarding the treatment of prisoners as terrorists. With them were instructed to act in accordance with the requirements and according to the rules of international humanitarian laws of war under the Geneva Convention. There is an order banning the burning of Albanian houses, the order banning the confiscation of personal property abandoned their homes, the order to the Army of Yugoslavia, the provisions of the international law. These orders, for example, the first of 28.06.1998, six months before the war, when terrorists began to operate, respected and held in life. What else, I&#39;m sorry, was to make the High Command, but to order that all was carried out precisely and correctly, to ensure compliance with the rules, and violators would be detained and brought to justice.

With respect to the hostile persons in captivity, there was an order to treat them humanely. Committed crimes (meaning our citizens or representatives of the army, individuals or groups) were promptly brought before a military court. Issues were handled by military law, the collection of evidence and material evidence related to the crimes against humanity and international laws of war, etc. during the War of 1999, all these orders are available. Orders on the reception and distribution of volunteers, their psychological preparation that has been issued because there was an order to prohibit and prevent the creation psevdovoenizirovannyh struktur.Kazhdaya part had an order (all orders of the High Command are available), according to which any paramilitary subject to detention and disarmament . If someone, any citizen to take part in this kind of division of patriotism and a desire to help the defense of the country, then it if he had not committed a criminal offense (in which case he would have been jailed), directed that it took shape volunteered and was enlisted in any part, but in any case not with vsemi.My not allow the creation of any psevdovoenizirovannyh groups. They usually consist of the robbers and not of patriots, of those who rob, burn and kill the weak. Orders are usually carried out in operational, duty and units. The order to complete the application on all matters of international military law, orders of investigative matters, etc. Orders of the strict observance of the provisions of the Geneva Convention on the basics of military law. Of these extracts were made for commanders, and orders prescribed that all the organs and parts of the command should be aware of and act in accordance with them.

There is a special order, I already mentioned it, banning the existence and actions psevdovoenizirovannyh groups in the areas of responsibility of the First, Second and Third Army, Air Force and Air Defense, Navy. All that Yugoslav Army. There is not even a square millimeter in Yugoslavia, which was not included would be the responsibility of the First, Second and Third Army, Air Force and Navy. But under the supreme command of each of these strategic groupings of such an order is sent to which this group is responsible for ensuring that its area was not psevdovoenizirovannyh groups. Sent, of course, and all other orders. All of them are available.

And as you can generally expect to supreme commander or head of state has done something even more than that? I will not read, then there are materials on compliance with the rules and regulations of the international law, etc. the inspection, professional assistance parts on these issues. Hence, not only orders, but the direction of the higher commanders to provide appropriate assistance. Headquarters of the Supreme Command of the measures taken, sent out warnings about full compliance with the provisions of the international law, etc. A directive on the activities on these issues, additional directives. Measures have been taken to strengthen the military tribunals. The information is included in the battle reports, daily reports, etc., I can not read it all here, as a little time, but you can imagine that this is all there is and all that will get you and the public.

And what I heard here, though the Yugoslav government says it does not want to give out military secrets, because orders are military secrets, let them freely give out any military secrets, which accuses me (I am ready to face any), which accuses the Army of Yugoslavia , the police and the police forces of Yugoslavia, any order, any instruction, a directive, any recommendation. After all, it&#39;s just shameful. These orders were not mere words on paper. There is ample evidence that these orders were used during the war and the NATO aggression, when there were also looting and violence, and murder, which made some soldiers, and sometimes the junior officers, individual police officers or civilians.

For these orders were carried out arrests and punishments with the following priorities established in order to deal with these bodies acted exactly according to the law. War crimes, then, first of all, a war crime against civilians, Article 142, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of the FRY. Then — the killing of a number of persons, Article 47, paragraph 2, point 6 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia. Murder treacherous, reckless, Article 42, paragraph 2, item 1 and 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia. Murder and complicity in murder. And attempted murder in the heat of passion, manslaughter, rape, attempts at violence, severe cases of robbery burglary and robbery with deprivation of life …

Severe cases of robberies and murders with robbery, robbery, and again, and the seizure of cars. For all these reasons, the arrested people. The orders were not mere words on paper. And what else are you waiting for, it is well known that such effects should occur in the chaos, in the chaos of war and bombing. Yet the measures taken. And what else do you expect from the power of the Supreme Command, from other structures, except those measures which and for which had to do, and there is evidence that people do.

So all this is a common sense. And so I think that this farce designed with the participation of some witnesses that relate to the environment in which lie at the expense of the enemy — an act worthy of admiration, witnesses coming from the environment in which their life and death are in the hands of those who killed them and, more precisely their tribesmen, and other people in Kosovo and Metohija.

So I think that that concept I heard here, really, and I said so, offends the intelligence of the average person on the planet. You are, in fact, going to prove that torture during the war are enormous, that are killed in the war, suffering, the suffering of victims of war are enormous. Why is everyone knows we are the most experienced wars in Europe, we know it better than anyone. But all that we prove how great the suffering of victims, is to not answer the question: where did the war, what war? Why crime against Yugoslavia? In fact, the whole idea that I heard here — is substitution of the thesis, the substitution of the culprit suffering and death of innocent people who are, of course, tragic.

Who can challenge? Therefore, the substitution of the thesis — it is their concept, the concept that the trees do not see the forest. For me, a matter of honor that his country defended against NATO aggression honest and chivalrous manner, and their captives, Americans will go home with the motivation that they are victims of voyny.Oni wrote letters that thank those who care for them. And for me, a matter of honor, that for all the aggression they could not take a step on the Yugoslav territory and failed. But they came after the war, hiding under the name of the defense forces of the United Nations, abusing resolution. 1244 of the Security Council, and have turned to the occupation forces, which, in cooperation with its allies, the Albanian criminals, continued destruction of the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, and with his pro-NATO puppet government in Belgrade, Yugoslavia continued to sell. And Hitler had first to occupy Yugoslavia, then to move to Russia, and then the Albanian ballista were his allies. But we came back and back again, and let employers so do not hope that they will manage this farce, it will only increase the shame of the be continued

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