Protective speech at the trial of Slobodan Milosevic at The Hague on February 13, 2002

Part 1

Slobodan Milosevic:
I would not want to interrupt me in half an hour, as I listened to the speeches of the day two charges. But I could use … (judge interrupts).

Judge May:
What would you like to add?

Slobodan Milosevic:
Several times I raised some legal questions that you did not answer. You know that all the international and national documents and the rules specify that only a judge can court, which is set by law. I raised the question of the legality of that court. You are not given any response. I challenged the legitimacy of the court on the basis of the fact that it was not established by law that the UN Security Council could not pass the court to which he himself does not have. Therefore, the court can not judge. I expect you to answer these legal questions and that you, as you recommend one of the "friends of the court", request advisory opinion of the International Court. Then you also have not done.

I believe that this issue is extremely big, fundamental to international law and justice for all. And he would have to be resolved. I think I have explained it enough, when, apart from the oral explanation, gave fairly long text, which lists the points related to this case.

The second question I would also like to find out. I have already raised the question of my illegal arrest, which was attended by a representative of the tribunal and which took place in Belgrade, Serbia, in violation of the Constitution, in violation of the Constitution of Yugoslavia. Because of this, the Federal Government resigned. Because of this, in Yugoslavia prosecuted. A court is obliged to issue habeas corpus (habeas corpus) to review before trial. You is not taken into account, and not a hearing on the matter. And by law you are required to appoint him, because these matters are governed by the declarations of human rights and political rights — universal, European, American, and other, which you as lawyers know very well.

Finally, they are governed by, and your own practice, for you on several occasions considered the illegal arrest. So here you have made a big omission. You were required to hold a hearing about my unlawful arrest, because I brought here as a result of a crime that is treated as such, not only in the law of my country, but also in the laws of all countries, in all international instruments and conventions.

Next, I put the question that you also do not want to decide — that is impossible to talk about any equal and fair trial, the more the impartiality of the prosecution. Do you know that in 1990 the session of the United Nations adopted a general recommendation of the prosecutor, which calls on his impartiality. All we have heard here, clearly demonstrates that the prosecutor is not only biased, but my verdict is announced. From your prosecutors conducted an information campaign and organized a parallel lawsuit in the media, which, along with the drug court must play the role of a parallel lynching, designed in advance, without any consideration of the facts to prove it … (judge interrupts).

I interrupt you. Why is it you think that the prosecutor had already announced your verdict?

Sloboda Milosevic:
And the previous prosecutor (Louise Arbour. — Comm. Trans.) At a meeting with Madame Albright announced that they jointly make one thing. But it represented a warring party. Needless charge is shown on the database of British intelligence received during the war against Yugoslavia. It is known that the intelligence given sample data, the ones that they can use, but do not provide data that disagree with their interpretation. I think that can be given a lot of other arguments. But you should not be discussed or taken any decision. You are not discussed and did not request advisory opinion of the International Court of its legality. You have not assigned a hearing, which must have been assigned on the basis of habeas corpus and based on the fact that your representative participated in the commission of a criminal offense … (judge interrupts).

Mr. Milosevic, we have already decided on the issues you are talking about. Your interpretation of the Tribunal now has no bearing on the case. We made a decision, and there is no need to be repeated in these meetings.

14.02.2002, the
Continuation of Slobodan Milosevic after demonstrating their videos in his defense:

What you have seen — it is, I would say only one atom is even smaller than an atom of truth in an ocean of lies and propaganda, abuse of global media as a tool of war against my country. We deliberately chose not Serbian, English and German and videotapes. We do not know these people. You've heard the German general who says he was a German shame for the actions of their government. And as you read all my mail (by the way, I get a lot of mail, and it gives you a lot of work), you can read the letters of American officers who ashamed of his government, writing English intellectuals and the military, who ashamed of his government, letters of French veterans who ashamed of his government.

And in the West, where the media dominates, I would say, the darkness. when talking about Yugoslavia (for global global information networks have been used as a weapon of war, and falsely informed the public) — and so, in the West there are more people who have the truth still more expensive than the comfort that brings them a humiliating execution of orders their political bosses. And I am sure that there will be all the louder voices of truth, all the more shame will fall on those who lied about Yugoslavia, who turned the information war in the vanguard of a real war, in which people were killed, there have been great destruction.

But now turn to what I wanted to say at this first opportunity to publicly speak for seven months. On these two days all the prosecutors said that they judge a distinct personality. They judge the individual, not the people. It said all three prosecutors. But they blame all the people from the Serbian intelligentsia. They accused the Serbian intellectuals led by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. We have even heard excerpts from the memorandum of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, who was allegedly ideological platform of "crimes" against the Albanians. And it is a memorandum in which the Serbian academics honestly outlined the situation that existed 15, and now I and more years ago, and responsibly talked about the situation in Kosovo. But the fact that accused the Serbian Academy and Serbian intellectuals — is only part of the story. Accused and the Battle of Kosovo. Take at least an ironic remark poor prosecutor that he did not know that, actually, we were celebrating, why these two million people gathered on that Kosovo is celebrating the 600th anniversary of the battle that we lost. But he did not know (and even accuses Serb history, and the Battle of Kosovo), which is the battle for Serbia and Europe — and for Serbia and for Europe.

But it is not only accused the Serbian intelligentsia, and the Academy of Sciences, and the Kosovo war. Charged with all the institutional system of Serbia, which has provided me support: the parliament, political organizations, the media. Accused citizens who have supported me in droves, and several times elected in free multiparty elections. The only thing we agree here — is that my behavior was an expression of the will of the citizens. However, prosecutors accuse the citizens that they supported me. And I say to you, that my behavior here is an expression of the will of the citizens, the expression of the will of the people. Accused the army and the police, volunteers and territorial defense, which is called the collective name of "Serb forces". They accuse the Serbs in Serbia and all who supported me, and Serbs outside Serbia if they supported me. And those who support me today in Serbia. And then blame the people.

We've all heard these two days, and then say that the accused individuals. Then that person, that is, I, proclaimed by some superhuman, attributing some superhuman power, influence and responsibility outside the territory of my country, a kind of magical power, probably divine. While constantly engaged in my emotional state, so that I think about it, what I wanted to achieve. Americans are sent across the globe to the other end of the world to fight against terrorism. It is logical and normal. But the fight against terrorism in the heart of the country, in your home is considered a crime. So, even in my house we do not have the right to respond to terrorism. And I'll prove the connection between terrorism and other.

This false accusations they went further than could invent someone else's fantasy. It is even claimed that I intentionally caused the aggression of the NATO war against Yugoslavia and the suffering of millions of its citizens just to get an excuse to kill Albanians. I ask myself, "Could they have come up with some more clever explanation?" They go even further. We heard yesterday that I was supposedly not interested no boundaries, except the only one boundary — between the Serb and non-Serb. Although it is Serbia and Yugoslavia all these years of the Yugoslav crisis was the only country in the space of the former Yugoslavia, in which there was no ethnic discrimination, which is fully preserved its ethnic structure. It is completely the same as 12 years ago, when the crisis erupted.

Yugoslav reality refutes this thesis and this monstrous monstrous fiction. And we will be here to listen to such nebulous design and turn a blind eye to the Yugoslav reality that is not the reality of the moment, but the reality of more than a decade and its inexorable precision completely refutes such nonsense. Serbia and I personally carry out the alleged genocide of Serbia, but this policy of genocide somehow does not exist in Serbia, for which I am, in fact, only have a responsibility as President of Serbia. They want to attribute to me the responsibility for all that they have done, for all the crimes they have committed.

They argue (as we listened to two days) that our heroic defense against the aggression of NATO was only a cover for crimes against Albanians. But you insult a whole nation. In essence, those facts which are known by the entire planet — about round the clock bombing of Kosovo, within 24 hours of each day for 78 days — these facts want to cancel by witnesses. They will deliver them to say that fled from the "Serb forces", as you call the army and the police. Known to every citizen of the planet facts invalidate some witnesses who will come here and say we did not run from NATO bombs, we were running out of Kosovo, "Serbian forces." And you just saw western shooting, heard the western generals who deny it. And there are other witnesses who really want to come here to tell you and your masters, what is true and what is false in this design. And the whole structure — a lie.

Yes, and it is an escape, you are talking about as a deportation, just the same as the bombing. After all, in the indictment all you indicated dates fall on the same date as the bombing. This is further proof of the complete manipulation of the facts and attempt to shift the responsibility for the crime on the victim. NATO bombed and killed in large numbers of Albanians, who were returning to their village, the Albanians who did not obey the orders of the "Kosovo Liberation Army" (KLA) to run, which KLA beaten and killed, trying to make them run. For such was the concept, which sets out the Madame Albright Serbs expelled Albanians, Albanians should therefore withdraw from Kosovo in order to prove the thesis that we expel them.

After throwing bombs from airplanes leaflets in Albanian and urged citizens to flee Kosovo. A KLA as their ally, did the same thing and killed those who resisted. And, nevertheless, the Albanians returned to their villages and did not want to flee from Kosovo. And those who found themselves in the area of heavy fighting and clashes, of course, ran and had to run. And Serbs fled to Hungary, fled to the Republic of Srpska. Many of those. who fled there during the war, came back to the Republika Srpska, and they, too, probably, according to the indictment, drove the "Serb forces". Apparently, something similar can be constructed, if in 10 years someone will want to cross the blame on someone else for their own dirty work.

And I'm wondering: is there a court that would erase the 78-day bombing around the clock on the claims of the so-called witnesses, that they had to run, because, according to their claims, they were thrown out, "Serb forces". I wish to responsibly say that the use of such a terrible prosecutor and incredible lies a crime. By the way, maybe it would be best if you made such a statement the prosecutor, and this farce is finally brought to the whole "beauty" before the eyes of the world. The fact that we listened to the usual insults the intelligence of the planet's inhabitants. We heard about this yesterday, I would say, the proposition where the deportation and murder there. And the truth is, that where there is a collision with a terrorist gang, or where there are bombing (and often at the same time dealing with terrorists and the bombing, because terrorists often acted, with air support from its allies in the war against Yugoslavia) — there is, of course, there is, and the flight of the population. And then in the interpretation, which we listened to two days, the clash with the gang and the bombing (and we've seen it on the West, not the Yugoslav videotapes) — all this is considered a crime committed "Serb forces" and the flight of people from the conflict qualifies as deportation. Again, the population of Kosovo exorcising primarily UAC — orders, beatings, murders, and then NATO — bombings and calls for the escape. This is the truth about your stories about deportations.

I want to say something here that in Serbia know of any. In the Serbian tradition and the Serbian Army prisoner of war and a man without arms is a shrine. Anyone who encroach on this shrine, must meet. And it did not do any army or police. I'm not saying that, that something like this had not committed any individuals or groups. But that did not make neither the army nor the police. They are honest, in a chivalrous defense of their country. And individuals and groups who can commit a crime, are everywhere in the world, and everywhere they are the object of condemnation and persecution. And there are so dirty crimes attributed to the army and the police, the state and the people, the state leadership.

That members of the army and the police know best how many terrorists fled from them, mingling with the citizens. They've seen them on a couple of hundred meters away and easily recognize them in a mass of citizens, for they were mostly in their underwear, because they were throwing form to be saved. They all managed to escape, because there was a strict prohibition emanating from the top and from all levels of command, in which it was impossible to open fire at the terrorists even if there was a risk of injury or killing of civilians. Many terrorists fled. And it was known. This was known U.S. officials, who scurried over Kosovo and we spoke about it. Of course, the terrorists knew that the army and the police there is a strict ban that they can not open fire, where there are civilians. Of course. terrorists from abusing this to escape. It was only necessary to remove the top portion of the form to mingle with the citizens and escape. This is what we discussed many times, but this order has always been in effect.

So, all this time, the task of the army and the police, especially the police, was the neutralization of the terrorist organization KLA while protecting civilians. And all the orders and actions of commanders and units confirm this. And by the way, could it be organized at all without anyone's order, without an organization similar to the "deportation", especially the mass? On this score, there was no intent, there was no action. Before you appeared yesterday on television screens witnesses who say they do not intend to confirm the kind of thing that's a lie. During a break, he was treated to journalists and judges, asking, "So now you have shown. You talked about this and that Milosevic. " And they replied: "And out of the question, I have no intention to give evidence." So invite the witnesses that we finally heard that they can say. Anyone who is telling the truth, can not say anything about the unfairness of my work, my politics, and my government. It's nothing.

Here as some evidence presents an incredible number of things. What's wrong with them? Yesterday talked to award three generals. Well, what's wrong with that awarded by the generals who defended the country? Yes, awarded several thousand people for bravery during the NATO aggression. After all, we — the only country that was hit by a NATO plane invisibility. The so-called stealth aircraft. When I got acquainted with this aircraft at the base, touching his hand, Holbrooke explained to me that his creation spent two and a half billion dollars. And when the base commander told me that now it is, say, $ 40 million, Holbrooke still whispering in his ear: "Yes, he's lying. The plane is not less than 250 million, but they underestimate the costs. " And this miracle of technology that no one can see that no one can knock down, we shot down. So, apparently, the one who shot down the plane of darkness, who flew in the skies over Vojvodina sow death among children, deserves the award. He deserves the 50 awards.

And everyone who has brought down the plane, has received the award. And everyone who brought down a cruise missile, has received the award. You used up all the reserves on Yugoslavia cruise missiles, not to mention how many tens of thousands of sorties was committed. We listened to the conversation between the troubled jorts general who commanded the aircraft from bases in Florence, and his son-pilot, wounded in the skies over Yugoslavia. This film exists, and it's time for her. It will be time to figure out and many other things.

But there are only a few thousand people in Yugoslavia were honored for brave conduct during the war. Several thousand people have been awarded and for the reconstruction of the country. After a few months, as a result of superhuman labor of millions of people, of the people who allegedly "was confused and did not know what to do for their own good", we have managed to create the country's normal living conditions.

I heard yesterday the prosecutor literally made fun of the fact that Serbia was not at war with either Bosnia or with Croatia. Serbia, gentlemen, is not at war with either Bosnia or with Croatia. Why do you want to assign Serbia and the Serbs in the war in Croatia and Bosnia — Herzegovina? Why are your charges are mentioned events in Bosnia and Croatia, which neither I nor anyone else in Serbia do not know anything about that do not even know many in Bosnia itself, with the exception of some of the major events?

People knew only that there are fighting and that we try it to stop as soon as possible. Why, say, a corridor in the Brcko area yesterday portrayed as some kind of criminal operation? It is part of the prosecution, although the question of the corridor was the subject of at least 50 interviews Owen and Stoltenburga with the Muslims, Serbs and Croats in Bosnia with Karadzic, Izetbegovic and Boban. In my presence and in the presence of Tudjman. After all, this corridor in the Brcko area connects the eastern and western part of the Republic of Srpska, and if you take a card, you can easily see it all. All Banyaluksky Bosnian Krajina region and through this corridor associated with the eastern part, and further to the east — with Serbia. It has always been a vital way, and I do not understand what the significance of this issue throughout your, I would say, rather pitiful indictment.

Bosnia and Herzegovina was in fact Yugoslavia in miniature, just as Yugoslavia consisted of a few people who have lived together and developed. Thus, Bosnia and Herzegovina was Yugoslavia in miniature, in which they lived Muslims, Serbs and Croats. Your leaders and dismembered Yugoslavia, and Yugoslavia in miniature, and is now billed to all three peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they plunged into civil war, as far as possible to deflect the blame for the ensuing war. Why, in fact, they are pushed out of Yugoslavia, Bosnia is not to create a conflict?

Why, by the way, when they pushed Bosnia from Yugoslavia and when all three parties agreed on a plan Kutilera device Bosnia, they told Izetbegovic that he withdrew his signature? The U.S. ambassador Warren Zimmerman, who told him it could not deny it. He even wrote in his book that might have made the mistake of saying to Mr. Izetbegovic, that he did so. And so when the war began.

The war began killing the bride's father on the Serbian wedding in the heart of Sarajevo. The war began killing Serbs in various locations in Bosnia. The Serbs did not start no war and no collision. This was the case in Croatia. Hog slaughter in the village, the massacre at Plitvice — all this has authentic historical evidence. And the biggest nonsense — do not blame the other side. Now they say the three peoples in Bosnia, and it is a formula, which is based in Bosnia. And why did you agree to a referendum on the independence of Bosnia without the participation of the Serbs — one of the three nations? After all, any solutions there are feasible only if everyone agrees three people. But the decision on the separation of Bosnia had been taken without the participation of one of the people. The people who owned more than half of the territory, the people, which was much more than a third of the population. These are the facts.

Here come the historians, academics of the Serbian Academy of Sciences, of course, if you dare. I say this, of course, not at their expense. After all, they are accused of is that they are by some ideologues' Serbian crimes. " And yesterday, the prosecutor instilled even that ethnic cleansing rewarded and that the territory of the Republic of Srpska is captured. I therefore ask myself what really is your goal. And why do you allow yourself to say that the Kosovo border with Serbia. Kosovo border with Serbia. Kosovo — this is Serbia. Not the same borders with the Netherlands The Hague

And many things you ought to understand. And if you do not know what would have to ask someone who knows it. Let someone explain to you that in any army, or at least known to me in any army, the principle of unity of command, never do any one link in the chain of command, when executed solutions. There is no anarchy, and any deviation from this line is always a criminal act, which, depending on its severity punished accordingly. These are your talking about military units, about who with any of them, enter into a contract, and the like, are absolutely meaningless

You mentioned a "plan of scorched earth." I do not know where it came from. Probably from Vietnam. "The plan scorched earth" — this is the same as the plan "horseshoe" ("potkovitsa"), of which any one know what is the usual fiction. When he was introduced ostensibly in the original, it had the name "potkova" (which is the word of Croatian, Serbian never would have written "potkova", and certainly would have written "potkovitsa"). And I do not understand the meaning of the charges that the Serbs in Kosovo had a weapon. After all, everyone knows that the weapon was in Kosovo at all. There are countless documented cases of how the Albanian terrorists broke into the houses of Albanians, their compatriots, and took away their weapons. And listening to what is said here, any reasonable person wonders how anyone can raise the issue of criminal responsibility, not to mention other responsibilities — political, moral or any other, when there is no evidence?

And here, even criminal penalties for violent secession of Croatia is attributed to me. Croatia undoubtedly separated. Branch was undeniably violent. But how could I, as president of Serbia, the Croatian psevdoarmii stop the clashes with the Yugoslav People's Army, which is expelled from the cities and bases, where the army was placed for 50 years and that, of course, came to these bases are not from Serbia? All this was Yugoslavia. The Yugoslav army was on the whole territory of Yugoslavia.

It is revealed that in fact you do not know anything about national defense ministries. They had no authority over the army. Their primary concern, along with other administrative matters, was keeping lists of persons liable for concern about the direction of the army conscripts and execution of those civil cases that serve the interests of the defense. You quote the political thinking of General Simovic and do not talk about any powers or activities. Everyone has the right to political thinking, has the right to say what he wants to say.

What it is — the "internal settlement" in Kosovo? And what could be the motive of "internal settlement" in Kosovo? When conflicts occur somewhere in the village burst into terrorist gangs kill citizens (and even before the war, they killed Albanians in two and a half times more than the Serbs, but more on that later), then, of course, citizens flee from the village to the their relatives in a nearby village, or run to the relatives in the city, or if you do not have relatives there, in a reception center, which organizes the internal resettlement. I still do not understand the purpose for which raised the question of "internal resettlement." Is that a malicious interpretation of the fact that people were running out of places where they felt unsafe, where they believed that the situation is not safe for their children, and went to other places.

I ask then, what is the meaning of statements about the evil intentions against the Albanians allegedly manifested in the concentration of troops in the south of the country during the NATO aggression? Especially in Kosovo, where every child is clear that this area accounted for the cutting edge of our defense from the expected NATO ground invasion from Albania and Macedonia. And where, according to the prosecution, we had to put force if the enemy forces were concentrated in Albania and Macedonia? Should we had to put them on the Hungarian border or on the borders with Albania and Macedonia?

By the way, it happened that the B-52 bombers and 24 hours bombed positions on the border, and then began the attack. Of course, at the forefront of trying to enter the territory of the Albanians that they never succeeded because of the strong defense of our borders. What is the sense motivate evil intentions against the Albanians that someone put troops on the border, because of which it is threatened with attack? And not a prospective, but a real attack. This is known all over the world

Especially, I would say, brutish and malevolent ("meaningless" — that's an understatement) statements about our line to a military solution. And this "line on a military solution" just rejected our persistent desire to achieve political agreement. The content of the agreement, which offered the Serbian government, which offered our guide, published. The only sticking point arose in the negotiations with the U.S. delegation about this document, as they presented themselves as a major partner in the negotiations. I had a couple of conversations with Rugova. They were opposed to these contacts. They wanted full control of the whole thing. The only stumbling block was our desire to ensure that the political decision was based on the equality of citizens in parallel and on the equality of national communities.

After living in Kosovo and the Albanians, Serbs, Turks, Muslims, Gorani, and Roma and Egyptians. Seven national communities. And in order to implement such a solution, we offered a very normal concrete approach that the Assembly of Kosovo would have two chambers. Chamber of citizens, in which the people's representatives would be elected by citizens on the principle of one man one vote. Consequently, the vast majority were here to Albanians, and it never stopped anyone, because they are the majority in the province. It was proposed to have a second chamber — Veche national communities, where each national community — Serbs and Montenegrins (they come together as one, not two national communities), and the Albanians, Turks, Muslims, Roma, and Gorani, and the Egyptians — would have on a parity basis by several of its members elected.

Look at the United States — Rhode Island, which is smaller than Belgrade, has two senators, like Texas, which is more than half of Europe. And nothing, it is logical that in such a complex structure exists such a solution This question was the only controversial point. He did not have to be resolved. Because there was no intention to take to find a pretext for the invasion of Yugoslavia. And now in the eyes of the world created an ethnically pure Kosovo Albanians only. This is a "Greater Albania", about which I will speak later.

This, I would say, a neo-Nazi idea, according to which the split of Yugoslavia, and according to redraw the map of the Balkans which is created and "Greater Albania". This idea lies behind and what we have heard here from prosecution. In this context, I would like to say that the prosecutor did not happened to mention Nuremberg. They not only do they have committed a crime against Yugoslavia and avenged Serbia's role in their defeat in both world wars. They want us, the victims of their crimes, to declare the perpetrators, I symbolically, by this court, to put the face of Nuremberg. To change the role. It is a crime — the murder of Yugoslavia and my crucifixion — they are heard by the hands of his former allies, and their former enemies. All the historical facts to prove it. But to prove it, and all the current steps. The world community can not fail to notice that, in spite of all the efforts of the charges, in spite of the great efforts of the media. Yugoslav public (and not just her) already know the real truth. After all, in fact, when one listens said the two days, the question arises, what do you prove different photos? For example, photographs from the meeting of the Supreme Defence Council, of which I was also attended by persons invited by the chairman of the Supreme Council? You could just show a picture of me with Rugova, or Kristoffer, or Kofi Annan. I do not understand this fact mean? What about the pictures you prove how the police restore order at demonstrations, with at least a hundred times less cruel than when we look at your television, as is streamlined by the police in your countries where demonstrations are taking place and when compromised public order and peace, or a danger to the lives of people and property? As you prove your photos with the funeral, at which someone stands so that it can be found somewhere in the distance from me, or even just about me? At the funeral of a thousand people. What you prove photographs that you are bringing to the court?

What do you justify the statement that I did not give you someone you suspect of committing a crime? This is no secret. Yes, I like you never gave anyone because I believe that this court is an illegal way, I said it and Madame Albright when she demanded that I give some people. Their names will not mention more. I said, I beg you, if you please provide me information to our bodies. Let your organs can produce evidence that they have. No one should fear that justice in Yugoslavia can silence a crime.

Do you know at all and whether the public knows that we in Yugoslavia in 1992 was tried for war crimes of its citizens, for which it was established that they had killed some Muslims in Bosnia, was attacked by some group there, was shot and killed people? In 1992, no one knew what would set up this tribunal. Yes it is, by the way, and not at all important. Any civilized country in its criminal law assesses a war crime as the biggest crime. We tried in 1992 for war crimes.

And I said please give the information that you have. Do not hesitate at all, he will be arrested and will be judged by the one who really made something bad, killed a woman and children abused detainees or did anything else, shoot, say, a Red Cross car. And I'll show you how NATO fired on the bridge over the car across the roof of which was written "Red Cross". It was a machine of Romanian Red Cross, which drove there. I gave and would never have betrayed the people. And the fact that now someone give out, — a violation of the Constitution and a criminal act. But do it, because now there is a puppet regime, which should do what he is ordered. And the support of the people of course he has not.

I ask in particular that you mention prove the existence of volunteers — the Serbs, who went over the river Drina as a volunteer? Naturally, because of their behavior meets the power, into which they had come to fight as volunteers. But you prove the existence of volunteers — the Serbs, who had gone to help their brethren — the Serbs? Because you do not care how many mujahideen arrived in Bosnia or Kosovo, and who were arrested with swords serving only to cut off the head. But after certain requirements are met them released. So when he comes out of Arabia, who saber cuts the head, that is normal, that it passes two thousand kilometers to Bosnia to help Alija Izetbegovic. But if the Serbs were sent to help the Serbs, then it is something which the prosecution must seriously address.

What you prove quoting a sentence from my speech at Gazimestan area that was, I can tell you a great speech, and that really have nothing to reproach? You quoted a piece of the sentence in which I say that we should expect many battles, of course, not fighting, although these did not were excluded. And it is a common phrase that many use today. By the way, the world is still not a reliable and stable category in the world today. Therefore, there are armies in all states. Otherwise, why would they need? But you are very subtly glossed over everything else.

I received the text of the speech and try to find that your quote to show that you pulled it out of context. In this speech, said: "Equal rights between the Yugoslav peoples are a necessary condition for the preservation of Yugoslavia, for its exit from the crisis, let alone a necessary condition for its economic and social prosperity. This Yugoslavia does not stand out from the social environment of modern, especially in the developed world. This world is increasingly characterized by national tolerance, national cooperation and national equality. Current economic, technological, and political as well as cultural development and pushing different people together, making them interdependent and more equitable.

In the civilization to which mankind is moving, can start, first of all, equal and united people. If we can not be led towards a civilization, we certainly should not be in his rear-guard. Therefore, it may be anywhere on earth of our country do not have this sense of the word, dedicated to the agreement, solidarity and cooperation between people, both here on the field of Kosovo, which is a symbol of dissent and treason. In memory of the Serbian people that disagreement was a decisive battle to defeat the evil and the fate which Serbia suffered for five centuries, but from a historical point of view, this was not so. It remains the view that people have gone through their opposition as their greatest misfortune, and therefore the duty of the people is to eliminate it yourself and protect yourself in the future of the lesions, and the failures of stagnation.

Serbian people realized this year need a mutual consent as a crucial condition for their present life and future development. I am sure that this consciousness of agreement, the unity of Serbia will not only function as a state, but also to function as a successful state. So I think about it, it makes sense to say here, in Kosovo, where the opposition was once tragically and forever thrown back and jeopardized Serbia and updated where consent can move it forward, to return to her dignity. Such an understanding of the mutual relations constitutes an elementary necessity for Yugoslavia, as her fate is in the hands of the united all its peoples.

After six centuries, today we are again in battle and before the battles. " This is what you are quoting. This is a common phrase. But this, of course, does not take into account … "Despite what those battles. they can not be won without the determination, courage and self-sacrifice, without the qualities that have long existed in Kosovo. Our main battle now is to implement the economic, political, cultural and social prosperity of the whole for the sake of a quick and successful approach to a civilization in which people will live in the XXI century. For this battle, we especially need heroism. Of course, a bit different, but the courage, without which the world can not achieve anything serious and great remains unchanged, there is always necessary. "

I will not quote the entire speech, but I quoted parts of it that you can see how maliciously pull the quote.

After all, I'm just saying that we have a major battle for the economic, social, cultural prosperity, and so on, and you saw how they used it.

I quote a couple of things (from the speech in Kosovo June 29, 1989 — Ed.) "In Serbia have never lived only Serbs — and I say this in Kosovo before the two million people. — Today, it has more than ever before, citizens live representing other nations and peoples. This is not a flaw in Serbia. I sincerely believe that this is the advantage. Changing ethnic composition of almost everyone, especially the developed countries of the modern world. More and more successful live together citizens from different nationalities, different religions and races. Socialism as a progressive and fair democratic society that no longer would have to assume that people were divided into national and religious respect. The only differences are that under socialism can and should be allowed, it is the difference between honest and dishonest people.

So everyone who lives in Serbia, through its work, respect other people and other people in his country. Yugoslavia — is a multinational community and it can be preserved only under conditions of full equality for all nations that live in it. The crisis that hit Yugoslavia has led to national, as well as to the social, cultural, religious, and many other important topics. Among the most dramatic of these sections have shown themselves national sections. Their elimination would facilitate the overcoming of the other sections and mitigate their consequences. "

This was said in Kosovo, on the day of the biggest festival of Serbian Vidovdan, who is portrayed as an explosion of Serbian nationalism. This is the authentic text. And today, I would not change it in a single word. And then I thought that as the president of Serbia, I have to say first of all Serbs, where they are the majority, that the national equality — it's the only way. And you can see, with some cunning snatched part of the sentence, which, in fact, absolutely calm and is a common place.

I would not read this speech now, do not waste my time if prosecutors did not interpret it as a malicious manner. But to continue the questions that I would like to address the public, but, of course, not the prosecutors, because they have demonstrated a deceit that they are probably not any more misleading. What, tell me, proved by the fact that the Socialist Party of Serbia appointed ministers? Yes, I know of no country in which the party that wins the free multiparty elections, which received parliamentary majority does not appoint his ministers. I do not know anybody in your countries party to appoint ministers, if not their members and leaders.

But it is not the case in Yugoslavia. We are appointed by the Minister, even non-Party people. We had several periods when there were a government of national unity with the participation of representatives of several parties and non-party people. And you prove that depended on their financial situation? I do not know if the ministers in your country for free, or maybe they have some other sources of income. Our ministers are paid. And those who abuse of official position to assign any money, always take responsibility. We're the only country that I know of, where over the past 10 years, the two ministers were arrested for embezzlement, as I recall, 700,000 marks. Not only were they, of course, biased, but tried and convicted.

And what is your name distortion of the Socialist Party of Serbia? I've heard here: Serbian Socialist Party. Unlike many of the opposition parties, the title of which have the word "Serb", we have not been and are not now the Serbian Socialist Party. We are the Socialist Party of Serbia, and in the majority, of course, are Serbs. But there is no such nationality in Yugoslavia, which was not represented in the Socialist Party of Serbia. This Hungarians and Romanians and Ruthenians and Albanians, Turks, Gorani, and Roma and Egyptians and Muslims. And what do you think would be the representatives of all these national communities living in Serbia to join the party, there is discrimination? However, it is pointless to continue to argue for the Yugoslav reality itself completely devalues those cheap innuendo that we have heard here.

I will not touch, and some are absolutely meaningless statements, for example, that the National Assembly of Serbia dissolved the Assembly of Kosovo. But the Assembly of the Serbian Constitution, Parliament is of higher rank. It dissolved the National Assembly of a lower rank, when she broke the Constitution. Well, so what? What's the crime?

Why do you say that all the media leaders were members of the Socialist Party? For example, the director of the largest leading newspaper "Politics" was not a member of any political party. There were any number of directors or editors media who were not members of the Socialist Party of Serbia. They freely worked in Yugoslavia and in the opposition and pro-government, and in other media. In the end, the fact that the country's democracy, has said that there were a lot of opposition media.

What do you prove that we had a Ministry for Relations with Serbs living outside Serbia? After all, there are over two million Serbs who live in Australia, Latin America, the United States, Canada, all European countries, including the Netherlands. By the way, those of the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs are available in many countries. We hold an annual congress of the diaspora. People come from New Zealand, Australia, India, North and South America.

Where did you get such a daring false quote, allegedly belonging to me a statement that finished with Yugoslavia? And the birds on the branches know that all my power I fought for the preservation of Yugoslavia, which later for continuity with the former Yugoslavia, we formed the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia — Yugoslavia and again. Do you think that Serbia had no vote, and very strong, that Serbia should withdraw from Yugoslavia, because (especially in the opinion of fierce anti-communists), Yugoslavia was a communist prison of nations and creation, and it had to be destroyed. I told them that Yugoslavia in the interest of all South Slavic peoples who must live on an equal footing. It expresses the national interests of the Serbian people, which you supposedly care about, but do not know what to say. Yugoslavia — is the only way for the Serbs to live in the same state as they are in all the republics.

You have abused this and presenting it appear that it was a program of "Greater Serbia" and that the Serbs in favor of it. But I immediately added that in Yugoslavia and all Croats live in one state. And while Muslims live in one state and all Macedonians live in one state. Did you know that in Serbia lives more Muslims than in Bosnia? And often the greatest misfortune for the Muslims consisted of secession from Yugoslavia and the section for more Muslims in Serbia than in Bosnia.

Were they not interested to live in one state — the two republics? I do not know where it came from an invention that I was negotiating a section of Bosnia with Tudjman in Karadzhordzhevo. Yes, I met with a Karadzhordzhevo Tudjman, and not only there. He first came to me in Karadzhordzhevo, near the border. After 10-15 days, I visited him a visit — also near the border. We negotiated, inform the public about the meeting and the talks. We considered that it is necessary to develop a relationship. I'm not saying that there was no sharing of ideas Bosnia, but they never came from me and did not support me, because I felt that no decision can be taken if it is detrimental to any people living in Bosnia and Herzegovina .

This is my position known. She was known to Dayton, she was known in Dayton. On the basis of this concept, in fact, and there has been success in Dayton. According to the formula, for which all these years I played in public. And if you really wanted to be impartial, you would find it easily in any newspaper. Bosnia problem can only be solved by a formula that will equally protect the interests of all three nations. It was an approach for which I acted. This is the key, which can be built the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Any other way will lead to the collapse. How can you even speak of a "policy of ethnic cleansing," which allegedly came from Belgrade, in Serbia, if any knows that this expression was used exclusively for the crime!

I do not know what you were trying to prove that during his stay in Sarajevo, I visited the headquarters of the Serbian Democratic Party. Well, what if I visited it? At a meeting in Sarajevo attended by the presidents of all the Yugoslav republics and Izetbegovic and Tudjman, and Gligorov, and Kucan. Everyone was there. The host was Alija Izetbegovic. I, on behalf of Serbia agreed to the plan Izetbegovic-Gligorov, who still expected to maintain any state, although much weaker. Just to avoid further stress. I then asked Izetbegovic (probably on this account, there are a tape recording): "Tell me, Mr. Izetbegovic, of all the things that you said to me, whether it's still a state?" He replied: "Yes." I said to him: "Do not explain to me more, I accept this plan." We have adopted this plan.

I met with all the political leadership and prominent Serbs in Bosnia, with the members of the Academy of Sciences and others. What do you prove that I visited them? Although I visited them not once but a hundred times. I do not know what? What kind of criminal action you are trying to discern here? Yesterday you said all this defines my image. And I tell you what are the defining neo-Nazism, which dismembered Yugoslavia and the crimes committed in Croatia, Bosnia, in Kosovo. Ghost hovers over this neo-colonialism, and my image can then hover just proud to resist this neo-colonialism, resistance to enslavement and the dismemberment of the country, which served as an example to the world by its international relations, by its freedom and democracy, security and development in the struggle for justice.

What do you prove against Serbia stories of shelling Sarajevo? After giving effect to the huge machine on which you are spending huge amounts of money, you can find even in the papers, how many times have Serbia in official statements, while I was president of Serbia, condemned the shelling of Sarajevo. Dobrica Cosic, president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992, the famous Serbian writer, academician, can attest to that. At a meeting in Dobanovci us (him and me) all manual (attended by all the major Serbs from Bosnia) at our request, firmly promised that no settlements will be under constant bombardment. How do you imagine that someone had control in another state?

When I heard that there are some camps, then demanded to know whether it is possible that the Serbs had set up camp. I got the explanation that there are no camps that exist only in prison for prisoners of war who are there a short time, and then exchanged for an "all in all." These were the strong assurances that I received a few times. Today they say that all of us, and perhaps the leadership of Republika Srpska have been deceived on this issue.

I do not understand what you want to prove the fabrications about some schemes defunct organization? You do explain that they are not reliable, but you suspect any connections. I do not know why you have to write some kind of scheme, if the scheme was known to the authorities. She spelled out in the Constitution. Know, what are the powers of government, the president of the republic, parliament, ministries, any employee. Why was someone to create some kind of organization to undermine its own state? We ourselves have adopted this Constitution, and if we wanted to take another, it would have taken another.

I do not know what you prove when you say that the service worked. Collaborating services of many countries. Half of the materials that are composed to have resulted from the collaboration of these services. And they never would have recognized no court in the world. And now they want to prove something, that they had a helicopter flights, helicopter transported on these patients, the wounded at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade. Well, you transport your patients by helicopter. But I will not spend my time commenting on is the full expression of helplessness. After all the things that we heard for two days, show only one thing: you actually do not. So you have to come up with something that anyone in Yugoslavia at first glance it is clear that this is not true. A second glance the whole world will understand that this is not true.

And as to what we have seen here on the screen, and that comes from Western sources, I'm sure a lot of honest people in the West do not bowed his head and his feet not throw his honor, will not participate in the campaign. This event takes place in the form of legal process, is a crime against a sovereign state against the Serbian people against me personally, who you want to be judged for acts committed as head of state to protect this nation and its people from terrorism and from the largest military machine that the world has seen, and which was merged with terrorism. It is also a crime against the truth, and in this particular cynicism.

This competition is justice and injustice. The whole world knows that this is a political process. And it has nothing to do with justice, not only because this court is illegal, but for many other reasons. But here I will digress, Mr. May. Yesterday you interrupted me and told me that I had not filed a complaint, and therefore the question for you is exhausted. I can not accept this explanation. And not for any moral, but also for purely legal reasons. After all, you know very well that habeas corpus can not be resolved without a hearing, and hearing. This is guaranteed by Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 9, paragraph 1 of the International Covenant on basic political and civil rights, Article 5 of the European Convention for the Protection of Civil Rights and Freedoms, Article 7, paragraph 6 of the American Convention on Human Rights. Here there is a violation not only of physical liberty, but also basic human rights.

I want to stress again that you certainly have been obliged to appoint a hearing at which would be heard by the tribunal of your employees who participated in this criminal act that took in Belgrade conspiratorial relationship with the warden who committed a criminal act and who are now out- for this purpose under investigation. You have to listen to all the participants and then decide whether or not grossly violated these documents, of which you yourself are saying that they refer to legal norms that underpin this Court.

What is happening is not connected to the right, and not only because the court is illegal, but also because it is financed by grants, including such sources (eg, Saudi Arabia) that finance and international terrorism. And also because he made false accusations without evidence and put it on its head the basic principle that the duty of the prosecutor is to prove guilt. The victim, in respect of which they want to commit an act of revenge, is not required to prove his innocence. Such behavior right back the Inquisition.

Therefore, this Court, which is run by the same forces who have committed crimes against my country and my people, of course, is a weapon of war. And with the introduction of "protected witness", "secret witnesses" category of false witnesses is the right of citizenship, and mock trial will confirm the strength of the rule of law by force of law. There is not a single element of any fair trial, no equality of arms. Look what a huge machine is on the same side. A huge information structure, all kinds of services — all at its disposal. And for my part, I have a public telephone in prison. That's all I have, to withstand the most severe libel, and addressed the people, and the state directed against me and all the ones you mentioned here.

At the meeting, which was chaired by Mr. Jorda, I said, let me loose. The whole world knows that I will not run away from the battle, which should reveal the truth. Yes, I would have disgraced not only himself and his family, but all the people, all the freedom-loving world who believes in the idea of freedom and justice. You know very well that I will not run away. Let me free, I will be able to fight vigorously. Would you like us to swim a few laps in the 100 meters, despite the fact that I had linked hands and feet. And you think equality of the parties and fair trial. And all you do is actually to turn victims into perpetrators of aggression to legalize crime your employers.


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