Protective speech at the trial of Slobodan Milosevic at The Hague on February 13, 2002

Part 2

I can tell you with certainty that this crime can not legalize their crimes, but the cover is a very common crime offense means resorted to by the villains. NATO crimes would never be legalized in the eyes of my people. Pro-NATO power in Serbia can serve indefinitely resulting problem — only blame and only humiliate Serbia. But she does not speak on behalf of the people and has no right to it. The whole nation knows that she does not speak on behalf of the people.

First, the greatest crime — is itself an aggression that is a crime against peace. A crime against humanity committed since March 24, 1999, when NATO attacked Yugoslavia, and up until today. In all countries, NATO launched an active anti-Serb and anti-Yugoslav propaganda in order to cover up the massive crimes against the civilian population. Therefore, in most countries, no truthful reporting of crimes committed in Yugoslavia.

In intensity and military strength aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is the largest in the world after the Second World War. She was made an alliance 19 most developed countries, 676 times more powerful economically, according to statistics than Yugoslavia. NATO did not choose their victims. Suffering children, women, the elderly, the sick, pregnant woman, serious patients with dialysis, a convoy of refugees, journalists and operators in the workplace, in the fields of farmers, vendors for market stalls, passengers in buses and trains, people on the bridges. Destroyed or damaged entire residential neighborhoods, city centers. Everything is done in accordance with the statement that Serbia had to return to the stone age.

Of the total number of civilians killed are children 30% of the total number of seriously wounded civilians children make up 40%. I'm talking only about the civilians. The bombings have threatened some 100,000 pregnant women and newborn lives, some of whom were born even during air attacks. 1.3 million students in primary and secondary schools have been deprived of in the bombing of study. All of the civilian population, especially children, are due to everyday stress-night bombing, which caused trauma and other mental disorders that can affect the end of life. More than half of the victims in Kosovo and Metohija — the citizens of Albanian nationality. They, for whose protection was allegedly committed aggression which its artists called humanitarian intervention.

In this way, acted in flagrant violation of the provisions of Article 2 of the UN Charter, without the consent of the Security Council. Among other things, had violated the Geneva Convention on the military law of 1949 and the Additional Protocol. 2 to the Convention in 1977, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of 1966 and other international conventions. In addition to the international conventions, and NATO has violated the provisions of its own charter, under which he is a regional defense organization that can act only on the territory of its member countries. Aggression against Yugoslavia violated the constitution and the laws of most countries — members of NATO, under which banned these types of armed aggression. The Government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia filed a complaint to the International Court of Justice in connection with the aggression of NATO, noting that NATO has violated the prohibition on the use of force against another state that participation in training and arming, financing, transportation and supply of terrorist organizations in Kosovo constitutes a violation of the obligations of non-interference in the internal affairs of other states that attacks on civilian targets and killing of thousands of women, children, old men violated the obligation to avoid civilian casualties.

By the way, you'll see that civilian targets were the main goals of NATO. This is evident from the victims, and the entire dynamics. In Kosovo, in all these campaigns bombing, they destroyed 7 tanks. But they have destroyed a lot more hospitals than tanks, hit a lot more schools than tanks, struck a much more health care centers and kindergartens than tanks. Have been violated and all other contingent liabilities. Thus, the use of cluster bombs violated the obligation not to use prohibited weapons. Otherwise stated only that very Shea, who lies here on this television. He actually won the Grand Prix for lying in a year in which he claimed that cluster bombs were not used. And it is argued hard until Niš has not arrived, Mary Robinson, and saw cluster bombs. She said on television that they are being used, and then acknowledged that cluster bombs were used.

Bombing of oil refineries and chemical facilities violated the obligation to prohibit environmental harm. The use of weapons containing depleted uranium, violated the obligation to prohibit the use of such weapons and causing more damage to health and the environment. Killing of civilians, destruction of communications, healthcare and culture violated the obligation to respect the right to life, the right to work, right to information, the right to health care and other basic human rights. The destruction of bridges on international rivers breached the obligation to respect the freedom of navigation. And all of this is a crime that violates the prohibition of the imposition of a national group conditions of life that are intended to bring about physical destruction of the group.

For the crimes committed and the damage caused to the responsibility of the military alliance NATO member states that participated in the aggression against Yugoslavia, as well as other states, indirectly helping NATO. In addition to the responsibility of states and individuals who gave the orders from the Heads of State and Government, Ministers of Defense, the Secretary General of NATO, military commanders and others and ending with the actual perpetrators.

I now turn to some more specific illustrations. I'll show pictures. April 4 from 13.30 to 15.30 on the road Djakovica — Prizren near villages and Neue Madanay in three steps bombed a column of Albanian refugees, mostly women, children and the elderly, who were returning to their homes in cars, tractors and carts. All this — the peasants. Mother and daughter injured in the village of Madanay. They did not go on the buses, and tractors and carts. Anyone could see that it is the civilians — the peasants. Charred corpses. Go on. Girl. Further. The old woman. Further. Need it?

So it happened on April 14. No doubt, as it was from 13.30 to 15.30 on a clear day, shot at him intentionally. But I'll tell you why they were shot. Fired because they were returning to their village. Contrary to the concept of the aggressor, through the media to spread lies that the Albanians fleeing Serb army and police. Everyone had to leave the village, and no one dared to go back to the village. Besides bombs were dropped during the aggression and leaflets in Albanian language, in which citizens were encouraged to run. In the same spirit acted terrorist KLA, which was even killed by unruly heads of families who did not want to listen to calls to flee their homes and their villages. The terrorists demanded that citizens have fled. This is further evidence of interaction between NATO forces and the terrorist organization, which was used to destabilize Yugoslavia.

March 25 at 5:00 bombed the village has undergone a baby. 26th … I can not give many examples, because I would have taken ten days. Therefore, I will cite only a few examples. March 26 was bombed village Grlish community Danilovgrad, April 2 — Nogovats village in the community of Orahovac in Kosovo with a large number of killed and seriously injured. I'll show you four more pictures for you to see Nogovats. April 22, 01.45, Kursumlija district, village Smokovo, a lot of people killed and injured. Can you show these four pictures. April 4, and Cacak. April 5 was subjected to bombing Vranje.

I believe that the photos showing dead people, mostly peasant. Many people are bombarded with. This farmer almost burned by a bomb. This photo of Vranje. Basically beaten on Human Settlements. From the beginning, (you see the dates: 25, 26, 27 March, beginning of April) was beaten to homes, civilian targets. They were of the highest priority targets for criminals, taking decisions about the bombing. Here again, a woman, an old woman.

April 5th, 1999 at 21:40 bombed Aleksinac. It is a small town in the heart of Serbia, a mining town. Anyone in Serbia knows about Aleksinkskie mines. This coal mines to mine production. This is the hardest work Miner. This small town has no military facilities, has no strategic value, and its destruction can only be compared with the bombing of cities by the Nazis during the Second World War, that is, carried out without any reason and without any purpose other than the destruction of an increasing number of civilians, especially poor citizens.

I heard on TV that when Chirac was in Belgrade, he said he was saving Belgrade bridges. However, it does not save all the bridges, the largest of which was bombed and destroyed. He vetoed that shows that the heads of state made the decision to use. When Chirac will arrive here, and I have been known to have the right to ask the witness questions, I'll have to ask him, for example, why he vetoed and the destruction of a small mining town and the death of so many civilians, women, children … "

… I'll show pictures of Aleksintsa you to see the look of the city center and surrounding areas look like in Aleksintse killed people. On the previous image is seen strewn corpse. You can see the destroyed low-rise residential buildings, private homes.

April 6 was subjected to bombing a cudgel in Senica. In fact, in the area live mainly Muslims. April 6 was also subjected to a bombardment of Podgorica. April 7 bombing Pristina. Completely destroyed by the post office in the center of Pristina, many people were killed, many were covered under the ruins — the Serbs and the Albanians, Gorani, and Turkish. But most of all — the Albanians.

April 8 bombed Cuprija. This is a small town in the center of Serbia. And the enemy was up to 00.50 from 00.42. Cities, especially small towns, always bombed at night when people are sleeping in their homes .. NATO wanted to be sure that they will be killed. In cities like Aleksintsu or Cuprija almost do not have any air-raid shelters, and if they are, they are so small that they can not even fit a small percentage of residents. April 9 bombed village Osechenitsa Mionitsa in the community. April 11 at 4:00 am Smile bombed the village in the community of Kraljevo. April 11 Turekovats bombed the village of Leskovac in the community.

Serbian peasant — the hardy peasant in the world, he survived all the wars. This could only come up with the Nazis — to carry out massive bombing of villages. I've got a message (and there are many), which says: "I lost consciousness and did not know then what was happening to me. I only know that now I am in Belgrade treated at the Military Medical Academy. " This spawning Ciolacu, Albanian, who was brought out of a bombed-out Pristina most elite medical institution Yugoslavia. And here we hear that we organized the expulsion of the Albanians, we even started a war to kill Albanians.

April 14 — The village Pavlovac community Vranje. You will see the dead bodies in front of the village houses, including the body of 12-year-old Milica Stojanovic. April 21 — Maya settlement of refugees in Djakovica, where you will also see the corpses. They were refugees from the Republic of Srpska. We have heard here about the alleged settlement of Kosovo's Serb-held refugee from the Republic of Srpska. I can say that all the facts refute these malicious allegations, I would say, very low innuendo. Million refugees took Yugoslavia, least of all in Kosovo. If judged by this fact, I probably would have been accused of that would change the demographic picture of Belgrade, for the largest number of refugees has gone to Belgrade and other major cities.

No one forced refugees go anywhere. The refugees went to where it was impossible. 80% or more housed in the homes of families that receive them. Ms. Sagat (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. — Comm. Trans.) Told me once that she had not seen anywhere as big a concern for the refugees, as in Yugoslavia. I can not, for example, you say (you can install it, if at all want to do it), that during the war in Bosnia came out more than 50 million registered Muslim refugees to take refuge in Yugoslavia. What do you think about the fact that 50,000 people come to the country, which, as argued here, the aggression committed against her? And they, 50,000 people come to escape the aggressor. To whom, I am sorry, it may seem plausible? But the paper suffers all, and it will make.

You will see the objects destroyed and people killed. Although I have not even considered the first month of the crimes (and this is — a soft word). I will mention the bombing of medical facilities. Have been bombed hospital in Studenica Kraljevo hospital in the village of Milochay, a pharmacy in the community Ladzhevtsy (the 33 is a list of the destroyed health facilities. — Ed.).

In addition, it is a bombed-education institutions. I will submit this list to the public, but for the sake of time, I will not read out his. This is a list of educational institutions, damaged or destroyed only in the first month of the NATO aggression. On each page of the list of a dozen schools, and that the first month is exactly 34 pages. 34 pages listings of schools destroyed or damaged during the NATO aggression. Since primary school, and up to the institutions, vocational schools, construction, technical, school teachers, student dormitory, dining rooms and centralized kitchens. But most of all primary schools. Thus, the list of schools to 34 pages. I will also read the list of cultural monuments bombed. It has 18 pages.

It destroyed building League of Prizren in Kosovo. This building in central Pristina — the building of the Office of Health Insurance. This department store "Grmiya" in Pristina, also bombed. Completely destroyed by the post office. It's all ruined house next to the post, houses, single-storey building. This is a clearing house ruins Albanian family Gashi. Was recovered from the house 5 dead family members. It was April 7, 1999. This is part of unexploded bombs, destroyed houses in the village Pavlovac. community Vranje and the corpse Miyalko Trajkovic, who suffered from a cluster bomb explosion. Next-house of the deceased. Such is the effect of cluster bombs that kill people, but do not destroy the objects. Because they declared a prohibited weapon. Look, you can see that all of this — one-story home … As you can see, the poor house, undeveloped land.

I want to draw your attention to the barbaric bombing of bridges and communications. March 25 has bombed the airfield "Golubovci." April 1 Varadinsky bombed bridge in Novi Sad, on the Danube. With the destruction of the bridge was interrupted by delivery of drinking water across the river for the entire area. It was completely impossible to sail along the Danube. On the same day at 5.05 bombed bridge on the Danube, on the route Belgrade — Novi Sad, near the crests. April 3 bombed the Liberty Bridge in Novi Sad. April 3 bombed bridge them. May 25, which connects Backa Palanca in the FRY and Ilok in Croatia.

You can view these pictures. They show the systematic destruction of all the vital communication vital to civilians. Their destruction is also prohibited under the Geneva Convention. Bridges in Novi Sad have been a particular target to completely paralyze (the enumeration is destroyed numerous bridges. — Ed.). The same images as in the period of the Second World War, we have seen after the war went to school.

Further. In this picture is a crime that not even make sense to comment. April 12 at 11.40 fired missiles near the railway bridge Grdelica point at which at the time was a train Belgrade — Ristovats. The train is destroyed, burned visible passengers. This is a passenger train on a regular international line, which was scheduled at 11.40, ie, it can be said at noon. See how it looks. This is a bombed-out bridge on which the train. Here destroyed cars, charred corpses. Here, in this picture — nine passengers. It is also a passenger train. That's fallen out of the train people, as you can see, poluobgorevshie. These people were on a train, and that is all their fault. Their fault is that they — the citizens of Serbia.

April 22 bombing mail in Uzice. Bombed relay transmitters and repeaters. I am not going to read a list of destroyed transmitters and repeaters. April 21 bombing business center "Ushche" in New Belgrade, where there were many organizations, the headquarters of the Socialist Party of Serbia, and several television and radio stations. Here are photos of murdered TV stations "Pink" and "Koshava" which led my daughter. We heard from NATO that this station is destroyed as a center miloshevichevskoy propaganda. The truth, which is known all over Yugoslavia, that it was a music television station, which has never, I repeat, never conducted any one information or documentary show, and aired exclusively to music and movies. The only information that can be seen on this TV station, was the information about the weather forecast. So this was the center of miloshevichevskoy propaganda, and on it were being fired.

Then NATO struck a blow for Radiotelevideniyu of Serbia (RTS) and kill all the journalists were there and operators. Pro-NATO government in Belgrade arrested Dragoslav Milovanovic, CEO of RTS, for the fact that he had not taken care to protect their employees, and they were lost to him. I think the public can see the complete analogy between the logic and the logic of his arrest Milovanovic that during these two days have used the accuser. NATO bombed the RTS building, destroyed it, killed people, and the Belgrade authorities arrested the director of television, because NATO bombed the TV. That is, he is to blame for what happened. Please show these images — those relating to Rs. In the ruins can be seen only the fingers, feet, hands sticking out. And it is — in the center of Belgrade. Here — TV employee, and from there it is, of course, and ran out. Here it is only visible hand and sticking out of the body.

As called for Serbia to return to the stone age, strikes on economic targets. The plant in Pancevo agricultural aviation bombed 24, 27 and 29 March; agricultural complex "Mladost" and "Kosmetperevoz" in Gniliane in Kosovo bombing on March 26; factory "Sloboda" in Cacak (washing machines, stoves, etc.) — 28 March and 30 March; factory "Sloboda" (workshop quartz furnaces, producing enamelware) — 4 and April 6. Factory "Sloboda" — is the largest industrial facility in Cacak, and by working on it lived a lot of families. April 4 — heating plant in New Belgrade, which heats the entire city. April 5 — tobacco factory in Nis, April 5 — Chemical Plant "Milan Blagojevic" in Luciani, April 9 at 1.20 bombed factory "Crvena Zastava" in Kragujevac. This — the production of cars and other products. More than 30,000 families were living by working on it. A damaged another 64 objects next to the plant. It is not even plant it — a complex of plants.

April 14 blow was struck by the complex of factories "Krusik" in Valjevo. This is — as the biggest company to work for in Valjevo where many people live. Destroyed factories for the production of textile machines, plants for the production of battery factories fittings and other objects. April 15 factories were destroyed, "October 14" in Krusevac. April 15 at 01.30 in Belgrade, in the community Rakovitsa bombed working village Rakovica. Here much of the industry is concentrated in Belgrade: Enterprise "Yugostroy" (refrigeration), Belgrade bakery, "Record" (production of tires), factory motors "Rakovitsa" (production of tractors and car engine), the enterprise "MINEL" (production of power equipment). Rakovica monastery damaged, post office, engineering technical schools, two primary schools, kindergartens, hotel "May 21", House health.

Here at the "Utva", you see, and are destroyed by agricultural aircraft. As for the plants, "Crvena Zastava" in Kragujevac, employing 30,000 workers, there is nothing you can not see because they are razed to the ground. This company is practically eliminated. (Then again, is a very long list of destroyed factories.. — Ed.)

And while they are preparing new pictures, I can tell you that a few months after that, we began the production, transport restored, repaired bridges, and by the end of the first year, all those who lost the roof over their heads, got a new apartment in the big plan of reconstruction.

There is a long list of stores affected by the bombings of oil and oil products, which I will not read it. Systematically destroyed all but the environmental damage is much greater, incomparably greater than that caused by the loss of oil and objects, although these losses are huge. April 12 in Pancevo again amazed objects refinery, in Smerdova — as new bombing, did it thoroughly to break down everything.

There is also a list of sports and leisure centers, hotels, starting from the top of Tornik on Zlatibor and Chigoty on Zlatibor and ending with the others, where people died, where the photos showing pieces of human bodies. Among the photos — the hotel "Bachishte" on Kopaonik. Burned down a hotel complex. All the pictures are visible cluster bombs, and all this happened in the first month.

So typical merciless shelling of civilian targets. The main task — to cause as much suffering to civilians. We draw your attention to the fact that the bombs were used, the explosion of which charred human bodies. These bombs were used against targets in populated areas. They destroyed or damaged the entire residential neighborhoods. Dropped cluster bombs on the field and without exploding, they were waiting to curious children found them and paid the price for his curiosity.

It is clear that the target of the aggressor were civilians. This is exemplified by the bombing of the bridge in the gorge Grdelichskom of the day, May 30 (you'll see it later), and the bridge was bombed in Varvarin on the river Velika Morava, at noon, on the day of the religious holiday. Although they knew and saw that it was a lot of civilians. An hour later, they bombed again, even though they knew that at the destroyed bridge rescue teams are already providing assistance to victims.

Each of these separate offenses is a huge tragedy. And the goal, obviously, was to terrorize and subdue the whole Yugoslav nation. The target was the whole nation. The data presented here so far do not contain information about the killed soldiers, although they we just consider the victims of aggression. And if the world is the greatest value of the United Nations, the aggression and the war — it is the biggest crime. These people are defending their country and could not be in their own country, with its defense, the legitimate aim of aggression, which was illegal, that violated the Charter of the United Nations, which was made without the consent of the Security Council, and even without the request of governments and parliaments of the countries — members of the Covenant NATO.

I'm told the leaders of the parliamentary parties in Italy (I'm in the war took them and left and the right) that she is not an independent state, they have no one asked if they would be at war with a neighboring country. Aggression has shown that NATO is not an alliance, and the appendage of the U.S. administration, which can use it whenever he wants.

These crimes can not be justified, as they were conceived and planned in a few months, the targets have been identified in advance. And the introduction of unacceptable text of the "agreement" at Rambouillet, which meant the occupation of the whole of Yugoslavia, gave the anti-Serb and anti-Yugoslav propaganda opportunity by the most influential media and global information networks provide a pretext for aggression. Therefore, today more than obvious that the real reason for NATO's aggression was geo-strategic expansion of NATO and its members, creating a precedent for aggression and the use of force contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and without the approval of the UN Security Council. I believe that in this room, no one can not hear it.

Judge May:
We delay the process until tomorrow at 9:30.

Continued performance.

While Kosovo's night and day being a terrible bombing, the KLA called traitors all Albanians who did not want to leave Kosovo. Traitors of the concept, which was to create the appearance of the mass exodus of the population, caused by the "Serb forces", as you call them. And on the Macedonian border were expecting hundreds of journalists with cameras, whose task was to examine the witnesses, "Serb atrocities" and provide this information part of the war — to convince the world that the Serbian authorities and the "Serb forces" carried out the deportation. And it was obvious lie.

Meanwhile, even at the end of the second month of the war, all these combined crimes — the bombing and destruction, terrorism and information warfare — still did not bring the desired results. Therefore, it was decided to continue the campaign all the new threats of bloody Albanian population from which the required run. A May 13, 1999, exactly one month after the previous bloody crime — the destruction of the Albanian convoy of refugees — was again committed a mass atrocity. When bombed a column of Albanian refugees were registered pilot talks with his command center. They were handed over on our television. The pilot reported that it was not a military convoy that he sees a tractor, see the peasants saw civilians. But he gets a response from the command center — follow the order! And he does a missile attack on the column. 13 May 1999 on the road Prizren — Suva Reka, near the village of Korisa, NATO aircraft bombed a convoy of Albanian refugees, in which there were five — six persons of Albanian refugees who were returning to their homes in the village of Korisa. So, after two months of the war, they still come back to their homes, even though you claim that "Serb forces" they were expelled. But for the fact that they returned, NATO bombed them. At that killed 50 people and seriously wounded, and later died of his wounds are still many people. It is extremely clear, monstrous example of human suffering in the name of the scheme, which is operated by the aggressor to explain the crimes committed in Yugoslavia.

I ask you to show pictures of the crime against Albanian refugees May 13, 1999. The charred body remains of the victims, overturned tractors. Look at the dead child. It is one of 26 children who have been affected by the bombardment. One of the 26? It is impossible to imagine a more terrible message … Prosecutor's probably bored, I see — yawn … It was impossible to send a horrible message to Albanians returning to their villages, that return is forbidden. Who returns will be subjected to fire, his head will pay for his disobedience. They have to leave Kosovo, they have to justify the assertion that they fled from the "Serb forces". And the "Serb forces" them saved, helped, taken to the hospital in the best hospital in Belgrade.

And in the future, in a rage, because of the collapse of the attack on Yugoslavia, its artists persist in their policy of crime, a feature of which was the bombing of residential units in the settlements. In the south of Serbia is a small poor town of Surdulica where people work, known for their hard work and kind-heartedness. April 27, 1999 this little town was subjected to brutal bombardment. In this town did not have any objects that might somehow justify it. Although there is nothing that would justify firing some object in the course of illegal aggression that violated the UN Charter, without obtaining the approval of the Security Council, trampling all norms of international law.

From history we know a number of cities, we know the village in the Czech Republic, the Nazis completely destroyed during the Second World War, and it remained a symbol of crime. These new criminals have destroyed so many villages that each of them could be a symbol of Nazi crimes and those times. But now their scope have grown many times over. It is a remnant Surdulica after the bombing. Here, for example, a ruined house from which recovered 10 bodies. The rocket fell very close. According to the degree of destruction can be seen that no one inside could not stay alive. Almost shows only that all razed to the ground. This is part of the bodies of victims who were removed on the first day of the bombing. April 28 is the same barbaric attack was Prizren and Jablanica, also in Kosovo and Metohija.

In the old city of Prizren, destroyed about 50 homes are said to be mostly populated by Roma. In Prizren were people of different nationalities — Serbs, Turks, Albanians and others in Prizren Life flowed normally and in harmony with each other. When I was in Prizren, all told me about it: the leaders of the various parties, and representatives of the Orthodox, Muslim and Catholic faiths. Such life in Yugoslavia was a big hindrance for someone. In this photo take out the corpse from the debris. We see the legs of a three-year child — a girl trapped under the rubble. Destroyed houses. Again and again Prizren Muslim houses. In this photo village of Jablanica. bombed on May 1. Completely destroyed about 20 homes, damaged more than 50 houses, killing people. But the mosque was destroyed on May 1, during the same bombing. That's the population of Kula, bombed, resulting in the deaths of 7, seriously injuring 15 people — most of them Albanians.

Look at this cornfield and lying in this field of a dead woman, the peasant woman. She shot out of the plane. This happened in the village of share May 11, 1999 Her name Berries Mladenovic.

May 26, 0830 — Joy of the village. This place is between the railway and the river Beli Dream. Again the dead Albanians. You will find among them the corpse of a child — Albanian women born in 1988 in the village of Joy at Orahovac. May 26 at 23.10 — Ralea village, in the district of Belgrade. This family hid in his house. The two children — Stephen and Diane P. — killed while sleeping in his house. See Novoopazarsky resort — about 30 homes in Novopazarskoy Bane. In this region live the Serbs and the Muslims. This corpse of the child from the village of Kastrati Keitum Joy, born in 1988. When he and his friends pass the cattle, he was killed by NATO bombs.

Yesterday I told you about the destruction of the small mining town of Aleksinac. This is a heinous crime committed NATO on April 5. May 28, six weeks later, again in 0030 with air strikes on Aleksinac. Of the 14 NATO missiles hit 7 at the center Aleksintsa. Why Aleksinac again so savagely bombed — ask pointless, because this war is senseless and is a crime. Those who came to kill the sleeping children, could sleep if there were people who have even a drop of conscience.

It is a place of impact, where people have been killed and injured on May 28. Spring had come, everything turned green, but there are no more houses.

May 30 bombed houses, as well as the cemetery in the town Brvenik near Raska. You will see the home and the cemetery. In these photos you can see only the dead, but bombed the living and the dead. May 31 carried out a massive air attack on Novi Pazar. This is the area where most of the Serbs and Muslims live. And it bombed a residential part of the New Pazar. At the first raid killed 11 people and seriously injuring a large number of people. Damaged primary school and home health, a lot of houses. This is the biggest crime in New Pazar, since it existed in the new Yugoslavia.

June 8 at 00.15 hours again attacked area of Novi Sad. The raids clearly says that shooting at civilian areas, when they were sure that people are sleeping in their homes and will be killed.

May 20, five minutes after midnight, in Belgrade was committed aerial assault on Clinical and Hospital Center "Dr Dragisa Mishovich." It is a large clinical center, one of the most famous in Yugoslavia. Rockets fired at and killed a neurological clinic patients. They died, of course, and in the intensive care unit. Suffered all the center's building, including a maternity hospital, Department of Gynecology, akushernoe office and a children's hospital for lung diseases and tuberculosis. Center "Dr Dragisa Mishovich", by the way, is located in the elite part of Belgrade, which is mostly inhabited by representatives of the diplomatic corps, ambassadors and diplomatic officials of high rank. That's ruined the operating room. Here's intensive care room, or rather what was left of him in the neurological clinic. This is the inner part of the central premises destroyed Neurological Clinic and place the bodies were discovered. This Institute of Urology and Nephrology, after the bombing, and a picture of a hospital ward.

I mentioned Surdulitsa, a small town in southern Serbia, which was almost razed to the ground. In the night from 30 to 31 May — Surdulitsa again. This time they beat by a sanatorium in the south-eastern part of Surdulica. This is a special hospital for lung diseases. But the rockets fell not only on the hospital, but also on the body home for the elderly, which was near. Rocket attack on the nursing home — I can not find him a place in the list of war crimes. You, the lawyers involved in this issue is likely to have some of it their own idea. All these grievous crimes, but a blow to the nursing home, full of sick, apparently, have to explain the one who has done it. And I hope he will explain it.

That is — dead on the terrace of the building the resort. These photos were taken immediately after the missile attacks, so most people have not yet recognized. And this is the head Dusan Manojlovic 1927. p., which was found in front of the resort. Corpses learned from building the resort. As you can see, that morning, the yard is full of corpses. The corpse of the mother and daughter Bosilki Malobabich, refugees from Karlovac. And that dead bodies are in a nursing home near the sanatorium. Two hospitals were fired — one after the other. Clinical Center "Dragisa Mishovich" and then resort to Surdulica. The first time was and maternity, while the second — a nursing home.

I have a lot of documents about the bombing of cultural objects. You will have contributions to twenty pages. I'm not here right now to read these 20 pages. They refer to the destruction of cultural sites in Belgrade, Nis, New Pazar and other places. I have listed only the names of places bombed many cultural monuments.

Mr. Milosevic, do you think, how much will it last?

Slobodan Milosevic:
I do not know exactly, because, as you know, I do not have any conditions for the preparation and there is no help. I suppose that I finished half.

We expect that you will complete tonight.

Slobodan Milosevic:
I think that you should not limit me in my speech. At 13.05 and 13.15 in the shot Varvarin bridge over the Great Morava, while the Orthodox holiday, when near the bridge a few thousand people, and on the bridge were several hundred people, all of which were perfectly visible. An hour later, they again came to bomb, even though they knew that the bridge rescue teams help victims. They wanted to kill even more people. Among them was a student Sanja Milenkovic, a math genius, 1983. p. It even shows and her high school diploma.

29 May 1999 destroyed the TV building in Novi Sad. Completely destroyed. On 1 May 2, bombed water supply equipment. Without water, a large proportion of the city of Pristina. Then in Obrenovac bombed the infrastructure, electric power facilities in CHP "Nikola Tesla". Bombed factory "Cer" in Cacak. It was one of the largest companies in Serbia, which was running the bulk of the population of Cacak. Bombed company "Prva Iskra" in Baric near Belgrade. Bombed mountain-metallurgical complex "Bor", the only copper producer in Europe, a complex of factories Krusik in Valjevo, May 18 — again.

CHP Urovitsah destroyed. Complexes were bombed "Elektroistoka" in Nis, transformer substation in Novi Sad. Hence, much of the electricity supplied Vojvodina. Electrical installations on Bežanijska Kos are key to the supply of Belgrade. If there is a power in Belgrade, then there is no water, no heating, there is nothing that is working on an electric drive.

All facilities — hospitals, maternity hospitals, water supply, passenger buses, trains, bombing of which is prohibited by the Geneva Convention, the Protocol and all other rules of international law. This is a war crime. This is the crime of genocide and crimes against humanity. All storage facilities were bombed and destroyed. This has led to a true ecological disaster. Incomparably greater damage was done in an environmental sense, than the destruction of oil storage tanks themselves, of fuel. I have outlined, highly selective and whip up the destruction of civilian targets during the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia.

I ask, what kind of court you can tell if waive trial for all the crimes in the territory of Yugoslavia who have committed leaders, governments and NATO troops that I have listed? And yet you call yourself a "tribunal for war crimes in Yugoslavia." Even in the Security Council resolutions on which you have formed (which the Council, however, adopted beyond their competence), even in the resolution of the responsibility for the crimes in Yugoslavia not released neither the Americans nor the Germans, nor the French, nor any of the others. And nowhere is written that it was created to address only those crimes in Yugoslavia, which, as you have decided to have committed the Serbs.

You yourself have interpreted its jurisdiction so that all criminals get rid of the responsibility, and will only judge those who defended themselves against aggression in their home. But you refuse to be held responsible aggressors — the real criminals. At the same time endlessly repeating that the trial of the party that defended — is a fair trial. Thus you have shown themselves protégés of the party that has committed a crime, and accomplices in crimes against the party that defended on its sovereign territory.

In this case, you are again saying that no judge of Yugoslavia, not Serbia, and only me. And I have already cited a number of arguments that you expressed yourself and showing that all the judge. I you say that I am responsible for some "total" responsibility, which in fact does not exist anywhere, in any law. This means that the armed forces of Yugoslavia, whom I commanded to have committed a crime, defending their country with the support of the people. So you judge did state and the people, because they are protected from attack.

At the same time you are confronted with the obvious frauds. For example, you saw yesterday, the prosecutor sticks lying Walker, who refuted. And the prosecutor knows the truth, for you have heard the statement Arunta, director of forensic experts from Finland, stating that she delivered its report to the prosecutor. Hence, the prosecutor deliberately hides the truth and fabricate a false accusation. And not only that. The prosecutor in the course of these two days showed the public images of some camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the pictures that, in fact, are known, but they are fake. Since the prosecutor has just revealed pictures, I have a tape that shows how this lie was prepared and mounted for anti-Serb propaganda. I do not touch this issue of prison in Bosnia, but I relate to questions of use of false television news for falsifying evidence of Serbian guilt.

And then you will see that here we are talking about the pictures that the prosecutor was forced to admit that they are installed and rigged. These images went around the world to demonize the Serbian people. We are talking about a British "journalist" who came to one of the centers for refugees. (They lived freely, visiting neighboring villages to buy food there and willfully fled here to escape the horrors of war.) This "journalist" came to the warehouse of the center, closed grid with two rows of barbed wire on top to protect the stock. So that's it from the warehouse over the net and talked filming refugees, to show that they are behind the barbed wire. All of this can be seen on the tape.

I ask the public if the prosecutor knows that the charges are fraudulent and assembled materials, whether he can continue to do their job? You, Mr. May, of course, you know about the decisions of the Supreme Court of England in relation to the termination of cases, if the prosecutor does not conduct business in good faith. And, of course, you know the doctrine of abuse in the proceedings. How many lies are revealed, and we have made clear to all! About the impartiality and fairness dictates that UN prosecutors have nothing to say, because these categories are removed millions of light years.

Of course, you know about the sentences imposed for abuses in the proceedings, unless a hearing is organized on the basis of "habeas corpus". I, for one, very surprised that "habeas corpus" even "friends of the court" did not react. Although, in accordance with the decision that you have appointed their own, their duty was to file a complaint. And they, as prominent lawyers know how much weight have these legal facts. I therefore call on the professional part of the public to respond in accordance with their professional conscience. The lawyer has the right to remain silent in the face of such gross examples of abuse and violation of the rights of legal proceedings. I expect you to tell me your opinion about the actions of the prosecutor and, in particular, of fraud, which allowed for the public eye.

As for all these false accusations and my argument, I fully use its right to call and question witnesses who were direct actors in all of these events. All things considered, the international nature of the decisions, I demand that the witnesses were brought here and that I was given the opportunity to ask questions and Clinton and Albright, and Chirac and Blair and Schroeder, and Kinkel, and Fischer, and Vedrine and Cook. and Owen and Stoltenberg, and Yasushi Akashi, and Dini, and Kofi Annan, and Vollebaek, and sharpening, and Dole, and the U.S. delegation at the talks in Dayton, and government leaders who were present at the signing of the agreement in Paris. Everyone with whom personally talked with whom had personal contacts, apart from Blair and Schroeder (with whom I have not mentioned). Of course, the official contacts. A list of foreign witnesses and a list of local witnesses I will give after the prosecutor finishes his actions.

Judging by the way you have designed the prosecutor's office is a false accusation, it turns out that the political goal is the most essential element of the cause for which you are accusing. Therefore, along with the identification of the causes and consequences of crimes committed over my country and my people, it will be important to find out the answer to the question about how I had overwhelming support, for example, in 1995 — 1997 years, and now, almost ten years later, I was the target of accusations of genocide in 1991 — 1993 years. I do not know already, in what other years.

And now I'm going to talk about the crimes of genocide in Kosovo, committed after the arrival of the "security missions" (KFOR) and the UN civilian mission. That is after June 10, 1999 There have been committed crimes against humanity, genocide and other war crimes. And there is evidence of direct cooperation in the commission of these crimes between the occupation forces, which have become a "security force" of the UN, and the terrorist KLA, which continues to ravage, plunder, cut, burn and destroy everything that is not Albanian, including part of the Albanians.

KFOR, in accordance with Security Council Resolution .1244 (1999) was obliged to ensure peace and security for all inhabitants of Kosovo. Unfortunately, the facts show that KFOR failed to fulfill its obligations. In addition, States that its military contingent in KFOR exercise de facto control in certain sectors in Kosovo and Metohija had to ensure the protection of ethnic and religious communities, as provided by the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and other universally recognized international treaties. They are but a few honest participants did not.

Instead of peace and security as a result of their presence, we have 3,000 dead. Hence, under their protection killed 3,000 people, mostly Serbs, but also other non-Albanians citizens, kidnapped in 2500, of which about 1,300 people did not know whose families fear that they, too, were killed. Most of them are Serbs. We have the ashes instead of a few tens of thousands of homes, mostly Serbian. Masses of forcibly taken away from private and public property. We have a flourishing crime and expelling more than 360,000 Serbs and non-Albanians under the "protection" of the UN, including, for example, and 10,000 Croats from Yanev and Vitina, where they mostly live. And then destroyed Serb churches and shrines.

We have an infinite number of times watched on CNN, CNN, the Taliban destroyed the statue of Buddha in Afghanistan. This is, of course, — vandalism. But under the protection of the United Nations, in the presence of their military units in Kosovo and Metohija destroyed 107 churches and about any of these crimes I did not hear anything on their television. Not to mention the fact that it was filed as stated on the Taliban.


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