Protective speech at the trial of Slobodan Milosevic at The Hague.

Part 5. Conclusion. Milosevic's death

In connection with the Yugoslav crisis made statements many world statesmen, politicians, scientists, and some international institutions. Former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker, January 13, 1995 in the U.S. Congress said: "It is a fact that Slovenia and Croatia unilaterally declared independence. Despite our warnings, they resorted to force, and this has caused a civil war. " He stressed that the U.S. position on what should be to preserve the territorial integrity of Yugoslavia, separated by 32 countries — members of the CSCE, the current OSCE. I quote him again: "All this is supported. It was the right policy, and too bad that we did not keep it for longer than it was. " Back in 1989, he warned that if there is a unilateral secession, it will lead to the use of force. Unfortunately, when Baker talked about this in 1995, he was no longer the secretary of state. Democrats have come, as well as lobbying and money accompanying lobbying.

And then, of course, argue, and here's what we've heard all these seven months, the Serbs, and even Serbia began a civil war. And the facts clearly say otherwise. The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina was completed in the Dayton agreement, in which the part of the former Yugoslavia, was attended by representatives of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. On behalf of Western governments and the international community, representatives of the host country, but the present and the whole contact group.


With full responsibility I publicly affirm that in reaching this world and the creation of these two entities in the territory, where before the war was raging, an important, perhaps, the most important was the role of representatives of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which I imagined. That is my belief. But it during the Dayton negotiations, and later shared by the other participants in these negotiations. They emphasized in all dealings and public. Such was the opinion of the representatives of the host country — the United States. Now, in the meantime, not only forget about support, which used the policies pursued by me in peace, but to consign to oblivion all the efforts in favor of peace and of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Serbia, as well as my own, I would say decisive contribution. Consign to oblivion the results, which the outcome of these efforts. And at the same time place the responsibility for the war on the side that stood for peace.

In the eyes of the world there is an inversion — warmongers blame for the war of peace, and thanks to its strong international position and play the role of prosecutor and judge. When talking about me, they accused me and condemn it in advance for this incendiary military policy and the consequences of that policy, which they themselves carried out and which I resisted as best he could, speaking for peace.

This simple truth today is not able to see only those who are interested in not to see, and those who are bombarded with lies and manipulation of information subject to this nature and scope that they took a lie for the truth, and vice versa. This, of course, is not the first time in history, when the truth and justice are the losing side, but for the first time in history against truth and justice are fighting so new, previously untested weapons of mass effect, which is the media. In the fight against the truth and fairness of the weapon more deadly than any previous weapons. And if at the same time it has the largest and most advanced world power or power of the strongest and most developed countries in the world, then the chances of truth and justice, for success in opposition to them in advance are as lost. And if journalists in whose hands the weapon is not in favor of truth and justice, they are paid instigators of evil, suffering, and immorality, and often paid assassins.

Despite the fact that the creation of an international court for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia — the decision of the Security Council, it is not legal, because the Security Council has no such authority. Therefore, regardless of that, this Court is unusual. It's designed for trial for crimes committed during the war, which took place on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, as if it were the only war in the world, or at least the only war at this time. Only this time, the second half of the XX century, the world was carried out hundreds of large and small local wars about which created international courts. And in fact, why? Why is the first trial of this kind is formed on the war in the territory of the former Yugoslavia? Was it because rebuff to those who started the war, was the largest and obvious? Is it because the external intervention in the Yugoslav war that was also very obvious or because, in the opinion involved, this intervention has not brought enough successful results? I think that because of all this, taken together. And because of resistance to those who caused the war, was the biggest and obvious. Because of external intervention, which was also evident. But because no successful results were obtained. Therefore, the participants judged the war from the former Yugoslavia as the only participants in the war in the world.

Not questioning the grounds for liability villains who killed women, children, sick and old people, raped and robbed. But, of course, the first time the responsibility for the war looking for where it either physically or indirectly, not at all, in which the contribution was made solely for the benefit of the world, as is the case in this instance. I would argue that this is the case, because the real instigators of the war are unhappy with its outcome, as unhappy resistance, which rendered them. They expect that it will be void, and if it will be more vile, its speakers are killed and arrested.

The creation and preservation of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is part of this resistance inspirers collapse of the former Yugoslavia, the war in it, the suffering of millions of Yugoslav citizens. Therefore, immediately after the end of the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the tension began to rise in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, according to the same principles on which the tension was born in the former Yugoslavia. She began to develop and operate the new Yugoslavia. It's about inciting ethnic intolerance and ethnic hatred. I think I'm quite clearly laid out historical facts and background on which the offense carried over Yugoslavia.

And when it comes to Kosovo, our governments have acted in the same way, behaved similarly to other European public authorities, and all other countries. This reaction is consistent with the Yugoslav government Yugoslav Constitution as well as the identical experience of other states. It has been interpreted by western governments as violence against innocent Albanian minority in Kosovo, and consequently, as a pretext for intervention by the international community in order to protect this innocent Albanian population. It just happened. This intervention against the "criminal state" which "threatened the innocent Albanian population", took place in the form of aggression by NATO, which ushered in the life of our planet a new kind of war, based on the latest scientific and technological achievements of our civilization. This aggression caused tremendous loss of life.

I saw that CNN said it does not show how they are expressed, "miloshevichevskie" pictures, as they are too heavy for the public. This is their official explanation. They do not give their public see their crimes and this only confirms that they are in the service of crime and self-deception of the public. They are afraid that they would not start the public to demand accountability of their perpetrators. They do not know how to explain to their public that they are supposedly protected the bombing of Albanian maternity hospital in Belgrade. Or that they supposedly protect Albanians on Kosovo bombing of moving columns of Albanians, Kosovar towns and villages.

They especially, this means information that interferes with (and they are not reported) is increasingly obvious link with the terrorists and drug lords bin Laden and particularly their relationship with money. February 16, "Daily Telegraph" wrote: "The Albanian extremists who want to cause new clashes in the southern Balkans, spend millions of pounds buying weapons obtained through the sale of heroin from Afghanistan (Afghanistan again somewhere!) In the European market." "Daily Telegraph", citing a source in the center of Vienna's United Nations Office for Drug Control, says that in Austria, Germany and Switzerland have been increasing heroin from huge reserves that have accumulated in Afghanistan, "Al Qaeda" and the Taliban. And as you might think, from the heroin in the KLA?

Albanian drug dealers while trying to take control of Europe's heroin, generating billions of pounds a year. I quote, "Daily Telegraph" on:

"The rebels in Macedonia, the KLA and the south of Serbia are part of the network, which is controlled by criminal organizations in these and other countries," — says the newspaper for Western intelligence source in Kosovo. Western intelligence sources in Kosovo, Macedonia and Switzerland argue that in October last year, the Albanian gang used part of the money received from the sale of Afghan heroin to buy weapons for the Albanian rebels in Macedonia, which last fall passed its NATO weapons. It is becoming increasingly clear, and CNN avoids the truth. And it is logical to fit the fact that three Albanian criminals convicted in Kosovo and Metohija for terrorism and cooperation with the Mujahideen — Ilyas Kadras, Suleiman Selimi, nicknamed Sultan, Isami Lyushtaki of UAC — released under an amnesty and immediately received high grades in that new SS division "Skenderberg", which is now called the "Kosovo Protection Corps".

Why CNN report it to cause concern to the citizens of America, who will again suffer because of such actions like September 11. Do not write it and how, and how many Italian soldiers fell ill and how many died from the effects of uranium dropped on the Republika Srpska and Kosovo. This was confirmed by the Centre for the Protection of the armed forces in Rome. It was revealed three years later, as the Army did not provide data. The situation is even worse in other parts of the army. And it is hidden from the citizens, because it threatens the interests threatens the profits of those who have enriched this account. They should explain to the soldiers that are patriotic reasons to go far away from their country, kill other people's children, even to go to countries that have not done anything wrong and they have been even their allies in both world wars, and that they do all this out of patriotism . And they do not want to inform that the Albanian released from prison, who was there because 15 February 2001 on the road Podujevo — Pristina at the village Livadica blew a bus full of Serbs, which was accompanied by KFOR. Then, killing 10, seriously injuring 20 people. I hope that the public will eventually add up all the tiles, including this Court.

Nobody quotes and reports of the UN Secretary General to the Security Council, for example, in 1992, which confirms exactly what I said. After only a short time because of a quote that I have to save. I have before me the original of this report:

"It also appears that the heavy shelling of Sarajevo, on the night of 28 to 29 May took place on the orders of General Mladic in direct disagreement with the instructions issued by the (…) the leadership of the JNA in Belgrade. On the basis of doubts about the ability of the authorities in Belgrade to influence the General Mladic, who left the JNA, UNPROFOR has taken steps to appeal directly to him as well as through political leadership "of the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina." As a result of these efforts, General Mladic agreed to stop shelling Sarajevo. Although I hope that the shelling of the city is restored, it is also clear that the impact on General Mladic and the forces under his command, as independent actors, obviously, is beyond the control of the JNA. This is very much complicates the implementation of the provisions contained in paragraph 4 of resolution N 752 of the Security Council (1992). President Izetbegovic said recently its willingness to deal with General Mladic, but not with the political leadership of the "Republic of Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina."

If all these things were read, would have been much clearer picture of that here, I would say distorted caricature. And the fact that, when the question of Yugoslavia, it is about revenge for the existence of Yugoslavia and the resistance that it has provided the enslavement of Yugoslavia, is proved not only by the history of events in Kosovo, but also by the fact that the victims of this brutal aggression are not only citizens of Serbia and Montenegrin nationality, but most of the citizens of Albanian nationality. Although these bombings were carried out to explain that they punished the policy of the country, threatening that the Albanian menshinstvu.A according to the rules that accompany any violence, any war, the victims are often required, and the women and children, the elderly and the sick, the part of the civilian population, which least of all is related to the causes of the war, but most often becomes a victim of its tragic consequences. This is a general rule of war. It was manifested in Croatia and in Bosnia and Iraq, and in New York and Washington and Belgrade — povsyudu.Informirovannaya of the world knew that the bombing of Yugoslavia is revenge for the NATO policy of independence carried out by Yugoslavia. A uninformed part of the world was informed that this is a fair punishment for the terror of Yugoslav and Serbian authorities against innocent Albanian minority, which required only a minimum of their rights — human, civil, national, even though they had all the rights over all European and world standards. This is also evidence exists, and some of them I have led. What they demanded secession of Kosovo from Serbia and that it formed a terrorist organization KLA, known crimes, murder, and shredded everything that came under her arm — Serbian, Montenegrin and Albanian, disloyal to the cause of Albanian separatism — all hidden from the the world and all of the public. And the truth looks very inache.Naprimer, even the French weekly "Maria" wrote this month that the West is committed to create a network of bin Laden in the Balkans. He writes that the six thousand Islamic fanatics from Afghanistan, Algeria (and you know what they are doing in Algeria against the Algerians themselves) from Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, were in Bosnia, and that Izetbegovic wanted to conduct a broad "Islamization." A KLA was the second stage of the same project. This is the so-called green arc from Bosnia through Sandzak to Kosovo and Metohija.

The U.S. representative in the Balkans Gelbard at a press conference in Belgrade at the "Hyatt" February 28, 1998 said (and I quote him): "We are deeply concerned and strongly condemn the terrorist actions of terrorist groups in Kosovo, in particular, the KLA. It is, without a doubt, a terrorist group. " He added that he did that and it could give such an assessment. But the moment he obviously was not privy to the secret plans of their superiors and to the activities of the "Balkan Action Council," which stood for all-out war against Yugoslavia. As a diligent officer, he was soon sent to the other side of the world — as ambassador to Indonesia.

The future will show that Yugoslavia, in fact, is a training ground and a model for the countries of the former Soviet Union. One of the main points is the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine and the planned inclusion of Ukraine in NATO until the end of 2005. Therefore, Madam Albright said in September 1999, as stated in the book by Michael Mandelbaum, that Kosovo was the most important thing performed. A professor Michel Hosudovsky wrote April 10, 2000, the Kosovo banks financed criminal capital, and that Europol just in time Rambouillet prepared a report for the European Ministers of Interior and Justice of the links Afghan and Albanian drug gangs.

It is known that the military out of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, but also from Germany, Afghan and Turkish instructors trained the KLA. Diane Johnson, January 23, 2000 in the article "When the punishment defines the offense," says Morton Abramowitz, he personally supervised Albright, Holbrooke, and others, that they have jointly developed the Clinton doctrine of so-called humanitarian war, in fact, cover up crimes, serving the implementation of the strategic interests. He, by the way, as a pawn in Rambouillet and dragged Thaci under the pretext that he gives him advice. It is that Abramovich, who in January 1986 went to China to persuade the Chinese to sell weapons to the Islamic insurgents in Afghanistan.

Draw public attention to detail is quite exemplary. Albanians Obadiah Ekrem and Kopriva Shpent were convicted in 2000 for being at the request of the Saudi Arab Duhayama Abdullah, head of the "World Islamic vocation office", a direct employee of bin Laden, organized a team of 35 Mujahideen sau-dovtsev, Ethiopians — only 110 people, including Albanians, which we defeated. They were arrested and convicted in 2000, but very quickly, in 2001, were granted amnesty by the new authorities, we know on whose orders. This is what I've said.

After that happened on September 11, which is closely connected with the name of Abdullah Duhayama, who in 1996 was convicted in Saudi Arabia for only one year in prison, because, obviously, like his colleagues from Kosovo and Afghanistan, had powerful protectors. I did not stop I mentioned the photos on which the Mujahideen kept the severed heads. "

Thus, the informed part of the world knew that the bombing of Yugoslavia — it was revenge for the policy of independence, which was carried Yugoslavia and uninformed — it's a fair punishment for allegedly conducted by the Yugoslav authorities and the Serbian authorities of terror against the Albanian minority. To hide the truth that it was revenge for Western governments own policy naughty Yugoslavia and Serbia, stubborn, almost with perfection was launched lie that this aggression was fair, so to speak, necessary to the holders of Serbian and Yugoslav violence against the Albanian minority. And so most of the uninformed world believed that the bombing of Yugoslavia justice is restored and that the Yugoslav and Serbian authorities headed by me are the protagonists of evil, which should definitely be punished.

But when it comes to me, and here it is necessary to add a personal hatred of the politicians for whom I was a hindrance to the enslavement of Serbia and Yugoslavia and to the implementation of that plan, which they are at the beginning of the last decade of the last century have implemented all the other Eastern European countries, including, of course, Albania, Bulgaria and others. And, of course, can be explained by the behavior of their unfulfilled task and unfulfilled ambitions of those who received the task and who failed to execute it.

After all, even if everything that happened, had to happen, and with Serbia. That there is a lot of evidence. Some of them I have led. As they are the last 10 years I have tried to dump, and in the end they succeeded not extremely chivalrous and dirty way — blackmail, bribery, threats, to open the way to the enslavement of Serbia. Thus, it is necessary to include a factor of personal hatred. After all, what could be more evidence that along with all the reasons for the state, historical, political, strategic existed when it comes to me, and the factor of personal hatred, which is confirmed by the fact that wild and unprecedented way constantly under attack my family .

Three days later I was talking about these political, strategic and historical reasons, and only three minutes I will talk about the personal hatred is being demonstrated by these cowardly, savage attacks on my family, for my wife, for my children. To my wife, who was a university professor and has been named and at the time I was not involved in politics at all. Her books have been translated in Russia, in China, in India and in America, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain — more than 30 languages worldwide. They are a testament to the superhuman efforts of intellectuals against the war, against the national conflicts, violence and primitivism. And besides, to her credit, they are written in the period of these events, and no later than with the temporary distance. It is an object of the toughest campaign using heavy lies, fabrications, falsifications and slanders.

My daughter, who has never been involved in politics, was forced to stop work and live extremely isolated because she can not stand the violence against them and all of us. And against my son's media are terribly campaign. Although he never in any way does not conflict with any law or to morality, but always had a reputation and is now reputed to be a good friend, a very young man with a strong sense of solidarity. Although he helped everybody what he could, and he caved information hatred, because he, being angry and stunned, left the country, and with him gone and it just created a family — a wife and young son. Such a disgrace and cannibalism were noted in Europe. CNN reported, and even a lie that my son owns a golf course and a chain of pizzerias, if it is associated with crime, etc. Dishonor and cowardice in the world has always been to raise their hands on women and children, no matter how you hated any enemy.

Another proof of the fact that it is a personal hatred, is a well-known fact that during the aggression they tried to kill me and my whole family. They fired at the residence of several cruise missiles, the waves for a few seconds. And you know well that under international law, and on the U.S. domestic law of murder of the head of a foreign state is a criminal offense. And in the day when they were bombed, I took in the building Speaker of Parliament and Minister of Foreign Affairs. And those who led the observations could see the entry and exit of vehicles in the residence. And in these months I've seen on CNN, as it is now a retired General Clark explains that my house was a legitimate military target, since a residence was allegedly an underground command center. And this is a blatant lie.

In this old building, which as a residence in the period after World War II, used the president Tito, there was never any command center and never in it, there was no underground facilities. It is in the middle of the garden, on the lawn, and under it there is nothing. It was not even a single square centimeter of armored glass. I did not have any armored glass in the home or in the office, or when I was president of Yugoslavia. I see that the new government, and my heir in Serbia quickly established armored glass to them did not kill anyone. And the fact that the building did not have any underground facilities, should have been known to Clark and his staff of NATO, since their disposal all the information Tito former JNA generals of Slovenia and Croatia, Bosnia and Macedonia, who worked with Tito and that were on duty in the building, which were closer to him than the Serbian generals.

I charged for the crime committed by others, especially those who are outside of Yugoslavia, who came up with this court and the prison not to be responsible for violence against the people, and for the destruction of the country's civil war between its peoples. I was accused by the court, which they themselves have created for this violence, as I resisted them to violence and advocated the preservation of the country. His great strength, his prestigious position in the international community, they are used not only for dominance in the world on your own, but also for the implementation of a brutal revenge against all who oppose this rule.

This is the essence of the judicial process. And this is the true face of justice. I am here on this false judgment, to present to the court, they were not. I have nothing to defend. I can only be proud of and, of course, can not blame their accusers and their bosses. They are free, but not free. And I, being a prisoner in jail, I am free, and with a large and a small letter "C" (the name of Milosevic — Slobodan — means "Freedom" — Ed.). I ask you to put this tape.

So, looking at all the things that I wanted to show you in this short time, during these three days, and, looking now this film, which confirms what I said about the Yugoslav crisis, and there is still a lot of films, I do not know how Now those sound pathetic words accuser that we have heard in this room when he said, clearly wanting to make an impression on the public that everything that has happened in Yugoslavia, it was not God's will but by the will of the man, pointing at me.

And as you can see, everything is different and everything indicates that the indictment is false. If war crimes committed in Yugoslavia, as you have seen, and it is seen as a Yugoslav and world public opinion, those who committed these crimes must answer.

You do not want to call them to account, given that you are representing them, but what has become known to the public through this miserable lawsuit, put all these people who are responsible, to a large jury, which is composed of all the public opinion, and they do not will be able to avoid responsibility for their crimes. I am convinced of this, because I believe that the majority of the world are honest people. If I did not believe it, life would have no meaning.

I am sure that all the three days with such limited opportunities could be seen in the wider circles of the public, and on this evidence the court, as the funds used for the continuation of the crime against my country. And I am sure that this will not be able to survive. I said to my son, is to be held in this prison, I do not know how much time to one day a chance to tell the truth. After all, if the truth be known to the world, its no one else will be able to put out, and it no longer will be able to challenge.

And the truth, as you could see over the three days, is on my side. I therefore feel here the superiority and feel the moral winner, in spite of your paragraphs and despite your intentions, which have also become clear to all. By the way, if you're British, you can read the latest issue of "Spectator" and see how your famous people looking at this trial on indictment, to their union, their reasons for it made all those who are in participated. However, the public will have an opportunity to have their say. It is a trial by jury, which this court apparently is not.

I'm sorry that I can not show up and the tape, as it would demonstrate how to assemble pictures that went around the world and caused a terrible hatred of the Serbs, angry people. It would show how they were mounted, was created as a lie.

And it comes from the same kitchen where created and the so-called false and a refugee camp on the Yugoslav-Macedonian border. It was called "Stankovtsi" and gathered 30,000 Albanians from Macedonia, that in a single day to show their media and diplomats. And when the day came again naive diplomats to visit the camp, it was no more, because people dismissed to their homes. This is the kitchen, which is prepared and "Stankovtsi" and barbed wire, and Rachek and Markale in Bosnia, and all the possible fraud that was eating in the information war, to proclaim the Serbs villains. There were other similar actions, as people talk about it on the film, which we could not see, though, this technique is best. Prosecutors are a number of excuses to cover up a lie, which is used to commit a crime against my country. Criminals will be responsible for the crime. I'm sure of. I graduated.


Milosevic's death

The trial of Milosevic was not completed because the defendant March 11, 2006 died in prison in The Hague, according to the autopsy of myocardial infarction. It was discovered by prison staff with no signs of life on the bed in his cell in Scheveningen.

Shortly before Milosevic's health deteriorated, he was suffering from recurring heart attack and asked for medical treatment in Russia, saying that medical measures taken at the place of detention, the result had no effect and were purely superficial. The Tribunal rejected him, explaining the refusal by that link to disease is only a pretext to escape from the court. Russian authorities have indicated to The Hague, which gives a full guarantee of the return of the former president in the dock. In a letter written three days before his death, and addressed to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Slobodan Milosevic, said: "I think that the persistence with which I am not allowed to receive medical treatment in Russia, primarily motivated by the fear that as a result of thorough research inevitably will, as in the trial was conducted malicious campaign against my health — it is impossible to hide from the fact that Russian specialists. "

The Government of Serbia and Montenegro refused to bury the former president with state honors. Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic said on this occasion: "The transformation of a serial killer into a national hero would be a shame Serbia, making it out of the country in which the crime is the highest valor."

There were other responses. Thus, the Chairman of the Main Committee of the SPS, Ivica Dacic said that Milosevic was killed at the Hague Tribunal, and thus completed the process of the systematic destruction of the tribunal. According to Dacic, the refusal to let go of the tribunal Milosevic to Moscow for treatment was the fatal sentence. He added that Milosevic failed to protect the Serbian people on charges of genocide and ethnic cleansing, which is of vital importance for the future of Serbia.

The Serbian Radical Party stated that the Hague Tribunal killed Milosevic, stressing that the prosecution and false tribunal judges bear a great responsibility for his death. Deputy Chairman of the PSA Tomislav Nikolic said he should be discontinued liquidation of Serbs at the Hague Tribunal. Nikolic called on Serbian President Tadic amnesty to members of the Milosevic family for their alleged crimes, that it is not left traces of doubt that he would not allow Milosevic's funeral in Serbia.

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party, Nebojsa Covic said that Milosevic's death lies a big shame to the Hague tribunal, based UN to truth, reconciliation and democracy. The moment came when our state should require a review process at the Hague Tribunal, said Covic.

Functionary of the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro Miodrag Vukovic said that we should wait for the official report on the causes of death of Milosevic. If it turns out that the death was due to failing health Milosevic, then we can ask why it is not adequately treated, and why did not believe Russia, which gave guarantees for his treatment, said Vukovic.

"Milosevic's death is not allowed to complete an important international legal proceedings, which will cause consequences in the political relations in Serbia, and the wider" — said the press spokesman of the Socialist People's Party of Montenegro Miomir Voinovich.

Chairman of the Democratic Serbian Party of Montenegro Ranko Kadic estimated that Milosevic's death does not give the world a chance to hear the other side of the breakup of Yugoslavia and the ensuing events.

10 thousand people came to Belgrade farewell memorial service in the building of the Museum of the Revolution.

New Serbian President Boris Tadic in a statement denied conducting Milosevic's funeral with state honors. So farewell took place in private.

Slobodan Milosevic was buried March 18, 2006 in his hometown of Pozarevac, 70 kilometers southeast of Belgrade. Tomb is located in the courtyard of the family home of Milosevic, "under the old lime tree, under which he first kissed his future wife." At the funeral ceremony was attended by 50,000 Serbs (Wiki).

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