REDD-2 has earned on German roads

March 20 GK TVEMA specialists have carried out work on commissioning of complex high-speed visual inspection of REDD-2 defectoscopic train SPZ1 German holding company Deutsche Bahn AG.
This is the first such installation running on the trains, railroad monopoly flaw Germany. The next launch of REDD-2 Deutsche Bahn AG has confirmed the correctness of his choice and a successful practice of our video on German roads. 

REDD-2 is today the fastest system in the world control the running surface of the rails. High-speed linear complex camera can achieve image resolution of better than 0.2 mm per pixel in both planes at speeds up to 140 km / h A specially designed lighting system guarantees the clear and sharp images at any time of the day.

For customers in Russia and the CIS countries a similar system installed on the locomotive-puteizmeritele VL-11M or offered as a retrofit wagons flaw.

The contract for the equipment REDD-2 is the first step in TVEMA cooperation with Deutsche Bahn AG. Both sides acknowledged the move more than successful, and now plan to extend cooperation on the areas of diagnostics, fault detection and as puteizmerenie.

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