Religious tolerance in Hebrew

The girl in a bathing suit, Tofi, offers monkey talk about the crucifixion of Jesus and claims that he was an enemy of the Jewish people

Screen Saver: A lesson on the history of a Tofi and Goriloy.
Tofi: Shalom, you still waited for a history lesson with Tofi and Goriloy
Monkey: grimacing nods
Tofi: I xochu talk to you about some of the key moments of the history of the Jewish people — from drevnix times to the present
Monkey: according moos
Tofi: Today we tell about the crucifixion Eshuya. Have you ever heard of Eshuya?

Monkey: I heard he was a terrible person.
Tofi (looking at the monkey): No, Eshuya was an enemy of the Jewish people. He was trying to draw us vsex / assimilate to Christianity. (Looking at the camera) Although there Xristiane It is well, but for the Jews is a terrible threat, a threat to peace of the Jewish people.
Monkey (tossing his head to the sky shouting): No, I xochu assimilate!
Tofi (looking at the monkey): You know what xot assimilation? (Looking at the camera) This means sleep with gentiles, and this is something that neither I nor you, of course not xotim!
Monkey (insists): I xochu that my kids ate alpine chocolate (toblerone) and that they were Gentiles. I'm tired, I'm bored here, Tofi! Xochu I live in Switzerland with the gentiles and eat chocolate all day.
Tofi (looking at the monkey): OK darling, if you're so much like Eshuya, then you will have to pay as Eshuya!
Screen Saver: The Crucifixion Eshuya
Tofi (looking at the camera screwing up his eyes): I Judas Iscariot.
Monkey (straining): I Eshuya. I xochu that you would all become Christians eat pork, Alpine chocolate and having fun. Hey viewers, you too xotite this?
Tofi (vzyhaya): That's because of this I love you and I crucify. How dare you teach innocent Jews?
Scene: Monkey on the cross, tophi scores hammering a nail into the hand of the monkey.
Monkey (straining): My God, why hast thou forsaken me?
Tofi (continuing to drive a nail): You're a Nazi, Eshuya, you Nazi!
Monkey (straining) Tofi! No Tofi! I'm scared! I xodil on the water, I turned to crickets cakes. No! I do not Eshuya. This is a mistake! I am Moses, our teacher, did not have nails … Tofi no!
Tofi (enlightening): This is the first nail, you're a coward …
Monkey (straining): Noooo! About Tofi … Oh, God, no, aah-ah-ah-ah, no, no, no-ee ……
Tofi (smirking): Starts peel monkey with a hammer in the face, (monkey vischit). Oh Wei sentences Tofi, pounding a hammer in the stomach …
Monkey (hanging on the cross) grimacing and twitching emits dux

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