Resolution, which vetoed by the U.S. — year after year

The authors of the portal Motherland — Soviet Union analyzed as voted by the U.S. UN resolutions since 1972. List of resolutions blocked U.S. veto was very interesting and impressive. We offer it to your attention completely.

1972 — condemnation of Israel for the killing of hundreds of people in Syria and Lebanon in air raids.
1973 — reaffirmation of the right of Palestinians and calls on Israel to withdraw its troops from the occupied territories.
1976 —  condemnation of Israel's attack on Lebanese civilians.
1976 — condemnation of Israel for building settlements in the occupied territories.
1976 — Recognition of the right to self-determination for the Palestinians.
1976 — acknowledgment of Palestinian rights.
1978 — urgings of the permanent members (U.S., USSR, UK, France, China) to implement the UN decision to maintain international peace and security.
1978 — Discussion of the living conditions of the Palestinians.
1978 — condemnation of Israel in relation to the human rights situation in the occupied territories.
1978 — call for developed countries to increase the quantity and quality of assistance provided for the development of underdeveloped countries.
1979 — call for an end to all military and nuclear cooperation programs with the apartheid regime in South Africa.
1979 — Strengthening the arms embargo on South Africa.
1979 — Offers assistance to all the oppressed peoples and the liberation movements in South Africa.
1979 — Problems of negotiations on disarmament and cessation of the nuclear arms race.
1979 — a call for the return of all inhabitants expelled by Israel from the occupied territories.
1979 — demanded that Israel desist from human rights violations.
1979 — Inquiry report on the living conditions of Palestinians in the occupied Arab countries.
1979 — offer assistance to the Palestinian people.
1979 — discussion of the sovereignty of national entities in the occupied Arab territories.
1979 — The issue of protecting developing countries' exports.
1979 — calls for alternative approaches within the United Nations to improve the human rights and fundamental freedoms.
1979 — performance against supporting intervention in the internal or external affairs of other states.
1979 — The UN Conference on Women.
1979 — inclusion discuss the situation of Palestinian women at the UN Conference on Women.
1979 — guarantee the rights of developing countries in multinational trade negotiations.
1980 — request to Israel for the return of displaced persons.
1980 — condemnation of Israel's policy towards the living conditions of the Palestinian people.
1980 — condemnation of Israel on the issue of human rights in the occupied territories: 3 resolution.
1980 — reaffirmation of the right to self-determination for the Palestinians.
1980 — offer assistance to the oppressed people of South Africa and their national liberation movement.
1980 — The attempt to create a new international economic order to promote the growth of underdeveloped countries and international economic cooperation.
1980 — approval of the Programme of Action for the second half of the UN Decade for Women.
1980 — Declaration of non-use of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states.
1980 — The claim that the development of nations and individuals is a human right.
1980 — call for an end to all nuclear test explosions.
1980 — called for the implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.
1981 — Support for co-operative movement in developing countries.
1981 — affirming the right of every state to choose its economic and social system in accordance with the will of its people, without outside interference in whatever form it taken.
1981 — condemnation of the activities of foreign economic interests in colonial territories.
1981 — call for the cessation of all nuclear weapon test explosions.
1981 — Call to Action in support of measures to prevent nuclear war, curb the arms race and promote disarmament.
1981 — a call for negotiations on the prohibition of chemical and biological weapons.
1981 — statement that education, work, health care, adequate nutrition, national development, etc. are inalienable human rights.
1981 — Condemnation of South Africa for the attack on the neighboring states, the condemnation of apartheid and attempts to strengthen sanctions: 7 resolutions.
1981 — condemnation of the coup attempt in South Africa in the Seychelles.
1981 — condemnation of Israeli policies toward the Palestinians, policies on human rights and the bombing of Iraq's 18 resolutions.
1982 — condemnation of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon: 6 resolutions (from 1982 — to 1983).
1982 — condemnation of an Israeli soldier shooting 11 Muslims in the temple in Jerusalem.
1982 — calls on Israel to withdraw its troops from the Golan Heights occupied in 1967.
1982 — condemnation of apartheid and calling for an end to economic aid to South Africa: 4 of resolution.
1982 — calls for the establishment of the World Charter for the Protection of the environment.
1982 — Creation of the United Nations Conference on Succession of States in respect of State property, archives and debts.
1982 — The ban on nuclear testing and the transfer of nuclear technology and nuclear-free zone obyayavlenie space 3 of the resolution.
1982 — Support for a new world information and communication order.
1982 — Prohibition of chemical and bacteriological weapons.
1982 — The development of international law.
1982 — Protection against products harmful to health and the environment.
1982 — a statement that the rights to education, work, health care, adequate nutrition and national development is an inalienable human.
1982 — Protection against products harmful to health and the environment.
1982 — Development of energy resources in developing countries.
1983 — Resolutions about apartheid, nuclear weapons, the economy and international law: 15 resolutions.
1984 — Support condemnation of South Africa in Namibia and other policy decisions.
1984 — International cooperative action to eliminate apartheid.
1984 — condemnation of Israel's occupation of southern Lebanon and attacks.
1984 — Resolutions about apartheid, nuclear weapons, the economy and international law. 18 resolutions.
1985 — condemnation of Israel's occupation of southern Lebanon and attacks.
1985 — condemnation of Israel for excessive use of force in the occupied territories.
1985 — Resolution on cooperation, human rights, trade and development. 3 of resolution.
1985 — Measures to be taken against Nazi, Fascist and neo-Fascist activities.
1986 — appeal to the governments of all countries (including the U.S.) to comply with international law.
1986 — impose economic and military sanctions against South Africa.
1986 — condemnation of Israel for its actions against Lebanese civilians.
1986 — calls on Israel to respect Muslim holy places.
1986 — condemnation of Israel for stealing a Libyan airliner.
1986 — Resolution on cooperation, security, human rights, trade, media bias, the environment and development: 8 resolutions.
1987 — called upon Israel to abide by the Geneva Conventions in dealing with the Palestinians.
1987 — calls on Israel to stop deporting Palestinians.
1987 — condemnation of Israel for its actions in Lebanon: 2 of resolution.
1987 — calls on Israel to withdraw its troops from Lebanon.
1987 — Agreement on Cooperation between the United Nations and the League of Arab States.
1987 — call to conversion in the International Court of Justice concerning military and paramilitary activities against Nicaragua and called for an end to the embargo on trade with Nicaragua: 2 of resolution.
1987 — Measures to prevent international terrorism, study of the major political and economic causes of terrorism, the creation of the conference to define terrorism and feature classification differences Terrorism of the national liberation struggle.
1987 — Resolutions concerning journalism, international debt and trade 3 of the resolution.
1987 — rejection of the creation and deployment of weapons in outer space.
1987 — The refusal of the development of new types of weapons of mass destruction.
1987 — Rejection of nuclear tests: 2 of resolution.
1987 — proposal to declare the South Atlantic "zone of peace".
1988 — condemnation of Israel's actions against Palestinians in the occupied territories: 5 resolutions (1988 — and 1989).
1989 — Condemnation of the U.S. invasion of Panama.
1989 — condemnation of the destruction of the residence of the Nicaraguan ambassador in Panama by U.S. troops.
1989 — condemnation of support by the U.S. Army gouppirovok Contras in Nicaragua.
1989 — condemnation of the illegal U.S. embargo against Nicaragua.
1989 — Resolution against forcible acquisition of territory.
1989 — Call to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict on the basis of earlier UN resolutions.
1990 — UN Security Council decision to send three observers to the occupied territories.
1995 — confirmation of the status of the occupied territories for land in East Jerusalem, annexed by Israel.
1997 — calls on Israel to stop building settlements in East Jerusalem and other occupied territories: two resolutions.
1999 — a call for the U.S. to end its trade embargo against Cuba: 8 resolutions (1992, 1999).
2001 — The decision of sending unarmed observers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
2001 — The decision to establish the International Criminal Court.
2002 — The decision to extend the peacekeeping mission in Bosnia.
2002 — condemnation of the killing of UN staff from the United Kingdom by Israeli soldiers. Condemnation of the destruction of the warehouse with the goods sold under the World Food Programme.
2003 — condemnation of the decision of the Israeli parliament to "remove"
Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.
2003 — condemnation of Israel's construction of the wall on Palestinian land.
2003 — The decision to end four decades of U.S. embargo on Cuba.
2004 — condemnation of the killing of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.
2004 — condemnation of the Israeli invasion and killings in Gaza.
2004 — The decision that the production and processing of the materials used for the production of weapons must be under international control.
2006 — call for an end to Israeli military attacks and incursions in the Gaza Strip.
2006 — call for an end to the financial blockade against Cuba.
2007 — call for the peaceful use of outer space.
2007 — call for convention on discrimination against women.
2007 — Resolution on issues relating to children's rights.
2007 — Resolution on issues related to the right to food.
2007 — Resolution on the applicability of the Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.
2007 — calls for the protection of the global climate.
2007 — the call to declare the Indian Ocean a zone of peace. The call to the announcement of South-East Asia
nuclear-free zone.
2007 — The resolution provides for the right of self-determination for the Palestinian people. Other resolutions on Palestinians and their rights.
2008 — call for progress towards an Arms Trade Treaty.
2008 — The ban on the development of new types of weapons of mass destruction.
2008 — Provide assurance that the non-nuclear states will not be attacked by the threat of use of nuclear weapons.
2008 — Prevention of an arms race in outer space, and transparency of activities in outer space.
2008 — Calls for a reduction of the combat readiness of nuclear weapons systems and the prohibition of nuclear weapons.
2008 — Calls to stop the use of depleted uranium in weapons.
2008 — The decision on the illicit trade in small arms.
2008 — the call to the announcement of Central Asia and the Southern Hemisphere nuclear-free zone. Preventing the spread of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.
2008 — call for universal nuclear powers Treaty banning nuclear weapon tests. Calls for a world free of nuclear weapons.
2008 — appeal to the treaty on the rights of children.
2008 — against racial discrimination.
2008 — reaffirm the sovereign status of the Palestinians in the occupied territories and sovereignty of their resources.
2008 — reaffirmation of the right of Palestinians to self-determination.
2008 — calls on Israel to pay the cost of cleaning the Lebanese coast from oil spills caused by its bombing.
2008 — call for a new economic order.
2008 — The call for recognition of the right to development for all countries.
2008 — call for recognition of the human right to food.
2008 — A statement of respect for the right to universal freedom of travel and the vital importance of family reunification.
2008 — The decision on the joint efforts in the field of information technology to ensure international security.
2008 — Resolutions concerning Palestine, its people, their property, as well as Israel in Palestine, including the settlements.
2009 — dvadtsatidvuhdnevnoy call for an end to the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.
2011 — call for demolition of the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank.
2011 — called upon Israel to cease obstructing the movement and access of personnel, vehicles and supply assistance of the United Nations and
Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.
2011 — call for the immediate and complete cessation of all activities of the Israeli settlers in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

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