Risen priestess of love almost ruined hotel guests



The hotel Maynor is located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, the incident took place, after which the police took a long time sedation.

A resident of Bulawayo, apparently did not enjoy the attention of the beautiful half of humanity, wanted to spend the evening in the company of women for which invited into a hotel room priestess of love, is represented by Mandla (MaNdlo).

However putana not live up to expectations of African, who dreamed of spending the night in her arms — during intercourse the woman suddenly lost its activity, and then collapsed on the bed.

The frightened man in every way tried to bring a lady on call to consciousness, but she did not respond to the hysterical screams and threats to withdraw money. Then the would-be lover called the manager of the hotel, saying that the room is a dead woman.

Hotel employee immediately called the police, who arrived on the scene with a steel coffin. Peace officers examined the "corpse" and concluded that Mandl really died, and that they should take her to establish the causes that led to the death of him.

Revitalizing near one of the rooms has attracted the attention of many curious residents watching the actions of the police. People have asked the maids and the cops about what happened to the unfortunate African woman.

The police, rather tired of onlookers were quick to lay the body of the container, when suddenly there was something unusual — the dead woman rose from the coffin, shouting: "You want to kill me!"

Resurrection Mandla nearly caused the departure to the forefathers of all present: the shocked guests, mad with fear, rushed to the door of the room, creating a traffic jam. Alarmists violently pushed apart elbows recent interlocutors, seeking to get away from the insurgent prostitutes. Those who did it, trampling accidents were not able to stay on his feet.

"It was like a horror movie. People fled in panic. We all thought she was dead — her hands were cold and pale. Apparently, miracles still happen" — said an anonymous source to one of the western media.

But the harsh peace officers, initially was going to ask Strekachev, yet took himself in hand and a coffin.

"They're the only ones who managed to keep his cool. The police had no choice — they have calmed the woman, and then endured a steel container out of the room," — reported observer, who asked to remain anonymous.

Putana with the client slipped out of the hotel immediately after leaving the cops.

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