River Urca, in the Amur region, residents left homeless by the whole village

July 21, 2013. Rescuers had to the Amur region on an emergency basis evacuate whole village. Due to heavy rains left the shores of the river Urca. Within a few hours the water level rose by half a meter. Flooded all homes. The village is cut off from the world. Not only affected local school — it is located in an elevated position. There have placed part of the evacuees. The others were taken to nearby towns.

Residents from the flooded village Ivanivka evacuated by helicopters. Sent E-26 — one of the most spacious cars — or simply do not have time. First, take out the children. Rescuers carry the little ones in her arms. Almost all of the passengers with a rucksack — for the first time. Some boys even in such a situation, it seems, are optimistic. Those who do not leave a feeling of anxiety, psychological support. However, some needed more help.

"A number of people — in the hospital, including being evacuated from a heart attack the head of the rural settlement Ivanivka" — said a senior operations duty Emergency Dmitry Prosnyak.

From time to evacuate the flooded village of pregnant women, and people with disabilities. At the hospital, the nearby town of Zeya deployed evacuation center for 130 people. Some of the residents Ivanovka — with relatives, others are in temporary accommodation — they are deployed in local schools.

The fact that the river leaves the shores of Urca, it became known in advance. State of emergency was introduced yesterday. The critical level here — about five feet, but the water quickly jumped seven.

However, not everyone in the village decided to move.

"The residents who remained in the village Ivanivka, Mi-8 helicopter was delivered tons of bottled water and bread per two days. Rescuers inspect the house on the boats that enter the zone of flooding, "- said the head of the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Amur region Raisa Koparina.

All roads to Ivanovka completely flooded. After the situation returns to normal, to be a serious overhaul — it is known, for example, that the affected building local boiler.

In the Situation Room Emergencies recent data from the Amur region receives every three hours. The water gradually subsides, the rains are forecast, if they are, then the little ones. However, people still have to spend in temporary accommodation at least two or three days.

Source: Lead

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