Rivers of the world continue to lose your water supply

Rivers of the world continue to lose their water supply Scientists prove

Four of the world's major rivers, including the huge South Asian river basin of the Murray-Darling, retain the status of low-displacement as a result of careless use of its resources and climate change. According to a study at the Australian National University, the same situation in the basin of the Colorado River in the United States, the Orange River in South Africa, the Yellow River in China.

Each of these pools have long been a sharp decline in external impact of water, mainly due to the growth of human requests for fresh water. But the situation has become so critical that, to preserve the "health" rivers in the shortest time needed help in the form of policy changes to use them as natural resources. Especially because the past variations in climatic parameters only exacerbate the problem.
The first step to improving the state of the rivers can be a realization that we have to share the water with nature, and not to take everything to itself. Need to improve the methods of water management in enterprises where production depends on the supply of water. Incidentally, in the Murray-Darling Basin is currently performed best, but there is room for improvement. Basically, lame embodiment initially successful ideas save the rivers. Representatives of the Australian University and their colleagues on the study from the U.S., China and South Africa focus on the fact that rivers need help especially in times of drought, then particularly important to remember that the nature of the water needed to "divide" equally.

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