Rosrezerv open bins Motherland

October 5. Rosrezerv going to partially open the coffers of the motherland. For what it took? Assuming that the strategic reserves are made for a "rainy day" means the day has already arrived? This was on "Morning Russia" said CEO Dmitry Grishankov rating agency.

"The issue is that there is a large commodity capacity, and it can be used not only during tehnogennyi or natural disasters, but during market upheavals. Suppose the price of salt on the market went up. And here do not even need to throw salt on the market — enough to declare that the State Reserve is ready. And the market immediately stop speculation, "- said the expert.

Some experts fear that if things get out of government reserves, may be shortage of some products in the country. "There is a concern, and they are not very reasonable, what is now a very large purchases will begin in the state reserve and this will cause tightness in the market — said Grishankov. — But it is a question of seasonality, the question of the timing of when to hold these purchases. "

Rosrezerva state, according to the expert, does not depend on the season — that's why he strategic reserve, to be ready to force majeure at any time.

Source: Lead

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