Rules and restrictions for tourists in hot countries

Rules and restrictions for travelers in tropical countriesBuying tours to Turkey, you need to correctly represent what you go on vacation in a country where most of the inhabitants are Muslim and follow some good from European customs and traditions. And to know them, at least in general terms, to avoid any kind of misunderstanding with the local population.

Vividly all sorts of bans for ladies, formal equal rights with men to appear in provincial towns. In big cities a serious following of custom are easier. The village ladies wear scarves faster due to hygienic judgments in their environment is not rabid conservatism of the province.

In big cities Turkish ladies often stroll in European clothes, earn themselves a living for themselves, and perhaps even build a successful career. Personal lives of strangers Turks actually not interested and do not interfere in it, sticking to the idea that everyone lives by its own laws. And yet women tourist should not experiment on Turkish streets with calling the clothes. Because this behavior can make prepyadstviya. Although the local number of relatively large town harmless in comparison with those in other countries. Naturally, in Istanbul, are in a special way to look at the foreign tourist and make an "interesting" offer, but looting and violence are very rare.

Fertile ground for dialogue with Turkey is the food and all the nuances associated with it. In Turkey, you will not have defects in delicacies, but that the ratio of negative habits here and do not encourage local people walking in the streets with a bottle of beer or more strong spirits. In big cities, where a lot of people should keep their bags from the assassination pickpockets. And do not go to the areas inhabited by the Kurds, there operates a special security regime.

On vacation in Egypt should also be cautious. Documents and tools should be stored in safe deposit boxes that are offered to lease the hotel, as happens in Egypt theft. Water flowing out of the taps in Egyptian hotels categorically can not drink, can not even brush my teeth. In the unlikely event you run the risk of not acquainted with the Egyptian sea, the beach and other attractions, and with sanitary facilities, a pharmacy and even a hospital because of strongest eating disorder. Walking outside of the hotel mini-skirts and bare shoulders may also end in failure. To avoid very close attention natives should understand the magic phrase, "tourist police". Keep this in mind and tours to Egypt will not be overshadowed troubles and misunderstandings.

If you wish to avoid conventional, choosing tours to the Maldives, you are mistaken. Here are working Muslim prohibitions on exposure of body parts to tan topless and drinking alcohol.

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