Rural schools Amur region received new buses

In Blagoveshchensk, a ceremonial handing the keys to the school bus. Transport received 30 regional educational institutions in the framework of the program of modernization of the system of general education. For the purchase of transport spent 60 million rubles.

Those areas where you want to carry a small number of students, vans got a "Gazelle". They are designed for 11 people. "PAZ" were rural schools that need to transport large groups of children. Also taken into account and the length of travel. Large-sized buses distributed mainly on long routes.
A total of 51 institutions have bought a unit of transport. On it spent 60 million rubles. All machines are insulated and equipped with advanced navigation system "GLONASS". Until the end of October, rural schools will receive an additional 21 bus. Thus, the problem of transportation of children from remote areas to the place of study will be fully resolved.
In addition to buses, four area schools have received more and agricultural equipment.

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