Rural schools opened after reconstruction in Elatma (Ryazan region.) And Glade (Amur region).

November 12 in the village of Elatma Kasimovsky region Ryazan region was opened after reconstruction the building that will host the secondary school. The reconstruction of the buildings of the former CP number 23 to accommodate the secondary school began in March 2012 in the framework of a long-term target program "Social development of settlements Ryazan Region for 2010-2014" was allocated from the regional budget in the amount of 200 million rubles.

November 12 in the village of Polyana in Serishevski officially opened a school district. Repair Polyana school, whose history goes back almost half a century, had spent more than six million rubles. About five hundred thousand rubles allocated area, the other five and a half million provided area.







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