Russia’s most modern plant was inaugurated by Shchekinoazot

October 20 in the Tula region held a ceremony to launch commercial operation of the new production of methanol — install the M-450.

This will drastically increase the output demand in the market of chemical products at double the reduction of emissions of exhaust gases and water.
Production capacity: 450,000 tons of methanol per year.


The new production will be produced export products — more than two-thirds of methanol will be sold to foreign consumers, which means that the plant will get hard currency and will be able not only to develop but also to address important social issues.

Attending the opening of the procedure, the President of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov said that the event — a holiday for the whole country. After all Shchyokino now is the most modern in the Russian plant to produce methanol, and he shall in no way inferior to similar entities in other countries.

Two-thirds of the total volume of products produced will be exported. Chemical company will be the currency, will increase tax revenues, expand the scope of social care staff of the enterprise, all residents Shchekinsky region.

The governor of the Tula region, Vladimir Gruzdev emphasized our region need such industrial production — with the use of modern technologies, opening new jobs, providing a high degree of environmental protection. Regional administration will actively support such investment projects.

President of "Shchekinoazot" Boris Sokol thanked the staff of the chemical for the efficient production of the construction, installation of complex technological equipment. Modernization — main direction in the development strategy of the company, in the last six years for this purpose was sent $ 440 million investment. And this policy will continue. B. Sokol thanked the guests for the much-lauded work schekintsev.

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