Russia Today’s reopened after DDOS-attacks

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RT TV Channel in English has undergone the most powerful DDoS-attack since the founding of the site. Work of the resource managed to recover only 6 hours after the attack, according to officials of the channel.

A well-planned DDoS-attack began in the afternoon on February 17. Server channel RT simultaneously received numerous requests, connections, making access was blocked to other users. Restore the resource was only a 22-00 Moscow time.

Responsibility for costly network attack so far no one has not taken over, but, given the considerable technical preparations for an attack, it is obvious that it carried out by professionals, noted in RT. The reasons for the attack is also not yet known.'s already been subjected to DDoS-attacks, the last of which was in August 2012, then the responsibility for it took the hacker group AntiLeaks, which opposes the project WikiLeaks Julian Assange.

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