Russian cargo plane airline made its first cross-polar flight

Russian cargo plane made AirBridgeCargo Airlines on Tuesday the first cross-polar flight with a stopover in Krasnoyarsk — His flight took place on the route Chicago-Krasnoyarsk-Shanghai, said the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the region.

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  • AirBridgeCargo

Special flight to the Siberian city delivered 175 head of breeding animals. After the border, veterinary and phytosanitary inspection conducted by the airport management Rosselkhoznadzor, the animals were sent to the farm, located in the territory of Uzhurskogo district.

"AirBridgCargo regularly carries freight through the airport Emelyanovo, but flying in a cross-polar routes with delivery of this type of goods into the territory of the region for the first time the airline has made," — noted in the ministry. According to the Minister Denis Pashkov "Today's flight — is objective evidence that the prospects of the development of cross-polar flights through Krasnoyarsk region, providing disclosure of the transit potential of the region and contribute to strengthening our position as air transport hub of international importance."

The possibility of cross-polar flights from North America to Krasnoyarsk in Southeast Asia are among airlines in the world more and more interest. In early February, the U.S. commercial airline World Airways, National Air Cargo and Atlas appealed to Russian authorities to allow them to technical landing at the airport of Krasnoyarsk. They will help to reduce this route to three-hour flight, and the airport of Krasnoyarsk bring about 245 million dollars a year.

Currently, airlines from the United States can not fly over the territory of Russia, as you have to pay royalties. Therefore, they are forced to make a wide detour through Helsinki and Karaganda. Allow landing at Krasnoyarsk without paying royalties can only be amending the intergovernmental agreement between Russia and the United States.

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