S.Glazyev is interviewed about the economic component of Ukraine’s accession to the CU

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  • photo archive photo of Glazev

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Sergei Glazyev Ukrainian edition: 01 July 2013.

In our country's accession to the Customs Union, there are downsides.  But they are only for Russia — says Sergey EYE, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on issues of regional economic integration.

Undoubted advantages

— Sergey, the topic of the next meeting of the club — "The vectors of integration of Ukraine. Let's talk about the cons. " The main vectors in our two countries — the Customs Union and the EU. Are there disadvantages in the first vector?

— Is there — smiling companion. — But only minuses for Russia. If Ukraine chooses the vehicle, then our country will sacrifice revenue in the budget of 2.5 billion dollars a year from oil export duties. Part of the profit, about the same amount to lose, "Gazprom".

Russia will face increased competition in the food and metals markets. By the way, even now, many Russian regions have felt what it means to compete with the Belarusian agro-industrial complex. Because the food of Belarus is very cheap and good quality.

But we go on some losses, because the benefits of Ukraine's participation in the TC is much higher than these losses. Yes, they may be critical for the individual business entities, but still have a local character. In general, the synergistic effect (increase the effectiveness of the merger of parts of something in one system. — Ed.) Integration, which we expect to get much more than the loss. Due to increase in business activity. Due to the expansion of co-production in the fields of aviation and aerospace, nuclear engineering.

— Again, by itself solve all the problems with the Ukrainian gas transportation system.

— Of course. We are naturally interested in the transit of gas through Ukrainian territory. Why build new expensive workarounds if you can agree on reasonable terms and conditions of joint operation of GTS? It will be much cheaper. Another definite plus — a co-production of electricity in nuclear power plants, the establishment of plants to enrich nuclear fuel. This is a huge market, and the expansion of cooperation in this field will be very beneficial for our countries.

— Benefits Russia I understood. And that gives our country the accession to the Customs Union?

— If we compare the economic, political and social consequences of Ukraine's participation in the free trade zone with the EU and its accession to the Customs Union, all calculations indicate that in the second case, Ukraine receives only benefits. Let's start with the economic. All have been counted. By improving the terms of trade, the abolition of export duties, best price for gas your country will receive $ 9 billion annually.

The effect of the integration of the sum of the short-term effects associated with the removal of customs barriers, and long-term — it is achieved through the implementation of an overall development strategy. By the way, the short-term effect for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan — the two-time growth of mutual trade. That is for two years, the volume of trade grew twice!

In the long term, for Ukraine, the cumulative increase in gross domestic product in 2030 will be about 17%. The effect of a single customs territory of Ukraine's participation will provide additional production of goods and services valued at more than $ 1 trillion. dollars for the whole period 2030 to share in your country will make up about a fifth.

From the removal of tariff barriers clearly wins the agro-industrial complex, because the main obstacle for Ukrainian exports of food products to the Russian market — sanitary and veterinary control. He removed together with the customs border. Engineering wins, because we have it in common. Almost the entire production Ukrainian machine-building industry has the Russian equipment. This 30% to 90% of the total cost. By the way, when the components cross the border — and it costs a lot more headaches. The huge advantage of cheaper energy is Ukrainian chemical and metallurgical complex.

Unilateral concessions

— What are the cons of the European vector of economic integration of Ukraine?

— In the case of integration with the European Union to Ukraine under free trade in general does not receive any benefits. This agreement is characterized by an imbalance. Your country has agreed to comply with EU rules on trade and economic policy and to remove customs duties on European products, while the EU no obligations with respect to access of Ukrainian goods to the European market by itself does not unconditionally accept. It's like you have now with travel: the Europeans travel to Ukraine without a visa, and if you approach them — need a visa.

Similarly, the built and the free trade zone. First, the Europeans retain the significant withdrawal of the FTA. And basically they relate to food products. Ukrainian exports will be limited by quotas. In this case, it is significantly reduced when compared with what we have now.

We estimate the impact of the deterioration in the terms of trade of about $ 2 billion a year. That is, see: plus the Customs Union — 9 billion, less of a free trade zone with the EU — two. Sum up and get a worsening balance of payments of $ 11 billion Given the fact that Ukraine and so all in heavily in debt and the share of external debt already exceeds the critical level, the deterioration of the trade balance will lead to a devaluation of the hryvnia. Here and close to default.

The consequence of the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU, except for the terms of trade can be a problem when trading with the countries — members of the Customs Union. Because if the administration of imports to Europe will be carried out badly and we will be faced with re-imported European goods (overflow of them on our customs territory), the program will apply to the agreement on CIS free trade zone, which allows for clotting relations until the complete elimination of Ukraine FTA CIS. It will be a disaster for the Ukrainian economy.

— It is said that the signing of an association agreement with the EU will help attract more investment to our country from Europe …

— The analysis analytical center of the Eurasian Development Bank, revealed that the main investor in Ukraine is Russia. The share of Russian investments in the total foreign investment, which received the Ukrainian economy for the past 20 years, more than 40%. This figure is obtained by means of a detailed analysis of all investment flows going to the Ukraine. Most of them go through offshore companies, but if you see these structures of real investors, it turns out that the main investor — Russia.

It is clear that if Ukraine joins the Customs Union, the Russian business will be even more incentive to invest in the Ukrainian economy. Moreover, the number of European investments. Because investing in the economy of the country, located on the periphery of the European Union, it is one thing, but in the state, being a leading member of a common Eurasian market — is quite another. A two-year experience of Belarus and Kazakhstan Customs Union with Russia proved that. Investors came back from Europe, China and other countries. They are interested, they focus on the entire vehicle market.

Colonial dependence

— I
quite often go on business trips to all regions of Ukraine. And everywhere the same: the industry is destroyed, the plants are worth. Do we still have some enterprises capable to interest Russian businessmen? In terms of the joint business.

— Some things still remain. Our analysis shows that actually exists over a thousand serious cooperation ties linking the Russian and Ukrainian enterprises high-tech industry. This is mainly due to engineering. And they work.

When Yushchenko began to pull Ukraine into NATO, the Russian government began implementing programs to reduce dependence on components produced by enterprises of Ukrainian defense industry, aviation plants. Because Ukraine has lost its sovereignty in foreign policy. If she had joined NATO, we would have probably stopped all cooperation in these areas.

The signing of an association agreement with the European Union means that Ukraine will not participate in the CU with us. Some half-hearted scheme, they say, we are there, and a little bit with you, impossible in principle. Because of the Customs Union, by definition, can be composed of the country that have the same mode of foreign trade. In Ukraine, if she will sign an association agreement with the EU, there will be another free trade regime, and the TC and the EU — the mode of most-favored more. This means that Ukraine will not charge import duties on imported goods from the European Union. A customs union — will, as with other third countries.

In Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, today there is no intention to enter into an agreement with the EU, like Ukrainian. Moreover, we will never make it on those terms under which Ukraine agreed. Because Kiev actually unilaterally huge scope of national regulation gives Brussels. Agrees to comply with the directive in Brussels on trade, technical and customs regulations, not being able to influence them. In other words, agrees to colonial dependence.

Again, if Ukraine will sign an association agreement with the EU, it will never be able to become a member of the Customs Union. This means that in the long-term plans for the development of the Russian industry Ukraine as a partner will be sharply reduced in status. With all the attendant consequences for Ukrainian companies.

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u00E2 u20AC "Talk: u00B1 Su0409Ru03BCRu0491ReRu0405Su040FS, Su040ASu0403Su040F Ru0458Ru0455R u00B6 Ru0405Ru0455 Re Ru0457Ru0455 C, P � Ru0454ReRu0458 ReRu0405S, Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCSu0403R � Cosmosblack, Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405Ru03BCS u2021 Ru0405Ru0455. Ru045CRu0455 Ru0454R � Ru0454Ru0455R number Su0403Ru0458S <Su0403R? " P "P" P � Ru0406Ru0405S <C … Ru0406Ru03BCRu0454S, Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0406 Su040CRu0454Ru0455Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458ReS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455R number ReRu0405S, Ru03BCRu0456Su0402R � C u2020 ReRe Su0453 Ru0408Ru0454Su0402R � ReRu0405S <C, Ru0455R "Su040ARu0454Ru0455 Ru0491Ru0406R �. Ru045ESu0402R � Ru0405Su0403Ru0457Ru0455Su0402S, Ru0405S <P number Ru0454Ru0455Su0402ReRu0491Ru0455Su0402 … P 'Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, Ru03BC Su0403Ru0455Ru0456R "P � C u00B1 u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru0455R P � Su0403Su0403Ru0455S PEP u2020 u2020 � C ReRe Su0403 P u2022 Ru040E Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405R � pep � Ru0405Ru0455Su0402Ru0458 Ru0456Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Su0402ReS,, C u2021 C, the PS Ru0408Ru0454Su0402R ReRu0405R � � u00B1 R Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCS, Ru0405R � Su0403Ru03BCR u00B1 u00B1 Su040F Ru0455R Su040FR � P � C, Ru03BCR "Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406R � Ru0406S <Ru0457Ru0455R" Ru0405Su040FS, Su040A PI Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0405Ru0405Ru03BCRu0458 Ru0457Ru0455Su0402Su040FRu0491Ru0454Ru03BC C u00B1 Su0402Ru03BCR Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405ReSu040F � C, Ru03BCS … Ru0405ReS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Su0402Ru03BCRu0456Su0453R "ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � Ru0405ReSu040F, PI C, C u2021 Ru0455Ru0458 ReSu0403R "Ru03BC Ru0454R Su0403R � � u2030 Su040BS ReRu03BCSu0403Su040F C Su0402R Ru0405Su0403Ru0457Ru0455Su0402S �, P �. Ru0459R Ru0454 Ru0406Su0403Ru03BC � F � � Ru0405R Su040BS,, Ru0458Ru03BCR u00B6 Ru0491Su0453 R u2022 Re Ru0406Su0402Ru0455Ru0457Ru0455R number Ru0405R � Ru0458Re Ru03BCSu0403S, Su040A Su0402R � F � P "res ReRu03BC u2021 u00E2 u20AC" With u20AC ReSu0402ReRu0405R � u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BCR "Ru03BCR � Ru0405Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455Su0402Ru0455R u00B6 Ru0405Ru0455R number Ru0454Ru0455R "Ru03BCRe. Ru045ER � Ru0454 Ru0406Ru0455S,, ft u2021 P � ft ReRu03BC Ru0408Ru0454Su0402R � ReRu0405S <PI P � Su0403Su0403Ru0455S PEP � C u2020 u2020 ReRe Ru0405R Ru0454R � "P � Ru0491S <Ru0406R Ru03BCS �, u00B1 Ru0455R Su040FR � P � C, Ru03BCR" Su040ASu0403S , Ru0406Ru0455 C u2021 � Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCR Ru0405Ru03BCRu0454Ru0455S, Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru03BC Ru0406Su0402Ru03BCRu0458Su040F P � P � Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405ReS, Su040A Ru0405S <Ru0405Ru03BCS u20AC Ru0405Su040BSu040B Ru0454Ru0455R "Ru03BCSu040B, Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCR number C, D Ru0405R � Ru03BCRu0406Su0402Ru0455Ru0457Ru03BCR number Su0403Ru0454ReR number ft P � � Ru0405Ru0491R Su0402S,. Ru0459R � Ru0454 Ru0406S <Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R "Ru03BC Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Su0403Ru03BCR u00B1 Ru03BC Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Su0403S, P � Ru0406R" Su040FRu03BCS, Ru03BC Ru0405R � C u20AC C � Su0402R Ru0405Su0403Ru0457Ru0455Su0402S, Ru0405S <P Ru0454Ru0455Su0402ReRu0491Ru0455Su0402 number? P C u2030 u00B1 Ru0406Ru0455Ru0455R Ru03BC Su040CS, the PS P u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCS, Ru0454R � C, � F ft Su0402Ru0455S "P � Ru0491R" Su040F Ru0406Su0403Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 C � Su0402R Ru0405Su0403Ru0457Ru0455Su0402S, Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R "Ru03BCRu0454Su0403R � � Ru0408Ru0454Su0402R ReRu0405S <!

u00E2 u20AC "Ru0459R � Ru0454 ft u2021 res, P � Ru03BCS, Ru03BC, Ru0405R � Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R" Su040ARu0454Ru0455 Ru0491R "Su040F Ru0408Ru0454Su0402R ReRu0405S � <P � Ru0454S, Su0453R � P" number Su0403Ru03BCR Su040ARu0405R � C u2021 P � Su0403 Ru0406Ru0455Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455-Ru0457Ru0455R "RES, res u2021 � Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454R Su040F ReRu0405S, Ru03BCRu0456Su0402R � C u2020 ReSu040F? P u2022 Su0403R "Re Ru0457Su0402Re P u00AE C � F u2030 Ru03BCRu0405Ru0454Ru0455 Ru0454S, ReRu0406Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0458Su0453Su0403Su0403ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � P" P � Su0403Su040A C � Ru03BCRu0458R Ru0406Su0403S, Su0453Ru0457R "Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru045CRu0452Ru045ERu045B PI, C, the PS Su0403Ru03BCR number C u2021 P � u00B1 Su0403 Ru0455R Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0458 Re Ru0405Ru03BC Su0403R "C <u20AC Ru0405Ru0455.

u00E2 u20AC "P" P �, Su040CS, F � C, � Ru03BCRu0458R Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCSu0403S, P � P "P � P u00B1 C <C, � F Su040A Ru0454S, Su0453R � P" Su040ARu0405Ru0455R u2116, D PI R Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReRe P u00B1 C <R "P � � Su040F Ru0405R Ru0457Su0402Su040FR u00B6 Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A u00E2 u20AC" With u2021 C, the PS Ru0406R � C � F u20AC ft Su0402R � � Ru0405R ReRu0491Ru03BCS, PI Ru045CRu0452Ru045ERu045B u00E2 u20AC "Su0403Ru03BCR number C u2021 P � C u2021 Su0403 Ru0405Ru03BC Su0453Ru0406Su0403S, Ru0406Su0453Ru03BCS, Su0403Su040F. Ru045CRu0455 Ru03BCSu0403R "Re Ru0406S <Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491Ru0457ReS u20AC Ru03BCS, Ru03BC Su0403Ru0455Ru0456R" P � C u00B1 u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC Ru0455R P � Su0403Su0403Ru0455S PEP u2020 u2020 � C ReRe Su0403 u2022 Ru040E R, C, the PS C Ru03BC Su0403ReR "C <PI R Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReRe, Ru0454Ru0455S, Ru0455Su0402S <Ru03BC Ru0457Su0402Ru0455S, ReRu0406Ru0455Ru0491Ru03BCR number ft Ru0406Su0453Su040BS, ReRu0405S, Ru03BCRu0456Su0402R � C u2020 ReRe Su0403 Ru0408Ru0454Su0402R � ReRu0405Ru0455R u2116, Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405Ru03BCS u2021 Ru0405Ru0455, Ru0406Ru0455Su0403Ru0457Ru0455R "Su040AR � Su0453Su040BS, Su0403Su040F Su0403ReS, Su0453R � C u2020 ReRu03BCR u2116. R'Su0453Ru0491Su0453S, Ru0456Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Su0402ReS, Su040A, C u2021 C Su040CS the PS, the PS Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru0406S <P number from u20AC P � � Pi Ru0405R Ru0457Su0453S, Re, Ru0454Ru0455S, Ru0455Su0402S <Ru0406Su0403Ru03BC number P-C, P � Ru0454Re Ru0457Su0402ReRu0406Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCS, ft Su0402R � Ru0405Su0453 Ru0454 Ru0406Ru0455Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455-Ru0457Ru0455R "the Republic, the Republic u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455R number ReRu0405S, Ru03BCRu0456Su0402R � C u2020 ReRe, PI Ru045CRu0452Ru045ERu045B. RR u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Su0453S, Ru0457Su0402R � Ru0406S <u00E2 u20AC "Ru0491Su0402Su0453Ru0456ReS … Ru0406R � � Su0402ReR Ru0405S, Ru0455Ru0406 Su0453 ft Su0402R � F u2022 Ru0406Su0402Ru0455Su0403Ru0455Su040BR the PS � P � Ru0405Ru03BCS,. Ru045FSu0402R � Ru0454S, the Republic Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Re Ru0406Su0403Ru03BC u2021 u2021 With P "Ru03BCRu0405S <P u2022 Ru040E u00E2 u20AC" ft � F u2021 ft Ru0405ReRu0454Re Ru045CRu0452Ru045ERu045B. Ru045BS, Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0455R Su040FR u00B1 R � � C, Ru03BCR "Su040ARu0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Su0453Su0403R" Ru0455Ru0406ReSu040F P'P � C u20AC ReRu0405Ru0456S, Ru0455Ru0405 Ru0405ReRu0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0455S
u0403Ru0406Ru0455R u00B1 u00B6 Ru0455R Ru0491R � F ".

R'Ru0455Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455-Ru0457Ru0455R "the Republic, the Republic Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454R u2021 � Su040F ReRu0405S, Ru03BCRu0456Su0402R � C u2020 ReSu040F, P u00B1 Ru03BCR � Su0453Su0403R" Ru0455Ru0406Ru0405Ru0455, Ru0406R "ReSu040FRu03BCS, Ru0405R � C, Ru0455Su0402Ru0456Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455-Su040CRu0454Ru0455Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458ReS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454ReRu03BC Ru0455S, Ru0405Ru0455S u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F. Ru045BSu0403Ru0455R Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455 PI Ru0455R u00B1 u00B1 P "P � ft Re Ru0406S <Su0403Ru0455Ru0454ReS … C … Ru03BCS Ru0405Ru0455R" Ru0455Ru0456ReR u2116, Ru0455S, Su0402R � Su0403R "Su040FS … Su0403Ru0406Su040FR � P � Ru0405Ru0405S <C … Su0403 Ru0455R u00B1 Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0405Ru0455R u2116, P Ru03BCR � u00B1 � Ru0455Ru0457R Su0403Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su040ASu040B. Ru0407 Su0453Ru0457Ru0455Ru0458ReRu0405R � P "Su0453R u00B6 Ru03BC, C u2021 C, the PS Ru03BCSu0403R" Re P u00B1 C <Ru0408Ru0454Su0402R ReRu0405R � � ft P � P "P � C u2021 P" Ru03BCRu0405Ru0455Ru0458 Ru045CRu0452Ru045ERu045B, C, the PS Ru0458Ru0455R u00B6 Ru0405Ru0455 P u00B1 C < P "the PS P u00B1 C <P � P � P u00B1 C <C, the PS Su040A Su0403Ru0455S, Su0402Su0453Ru0491Ru0405ReS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru03BC PI Ru0455R u00B1 Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0405Ru0405Ru0455-Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0458S <C u20AC P" number Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455R ft "Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BC. Ru0452 Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Su040A Su040CS, the PS Ru0491Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455R "Su040ARu0405Ru0455 Ru0454Su0402Su0453Ru0457Ru0405R Su040F � C u2021 P � ft Su040A Su0453Ru0454Su0402R � ReRu0405Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R number Su040CRu0454Ru0455Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458ReRu0454Re, Su0453 Ru0405Ru03BCRu03BC P u00B1 Ru0455R" Su040AS u20AC Ru0455R number Ru0457Ru0455S, Ru03BCRu0405S PEP u2020 � P "Ru0491R" Su040F Su0402Ru0455Su0403S, P �, Re ReRu0458Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0455S, Ru0405Ru03BCRu03BC Ru0458S <Ru0455R u00B6 ReRu0491R Ru03BCRu0458 Ru0405R � � u00B1 PEP Ru0455R "Su040AS u20AC Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 Su040CS" C "Ru03BCRu0454S, P u2021 � Su040CRu0454Ru0455Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458ReS Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455R number ReRu0405S, Ru03BCRu0456Su0402R � C u2020 ReRe.

u00E2 u20AC "Ru040ERu03BCSu0402Ru0456Ru03BCR number P u00AE Su0402Su040ARu03BCRu0406ReS u2021, P � P � Ru0405ReRu0458R � C, � Su040ASu0403Su040F Ru0406Ru0455Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Su0403R Ru0458Re ReRu0405S, Ru03BCRu0456Su0402R � C u2020 ReRe Ru0406R � Cosmosblack Ru0457Ru0455R" Ru0455R u00B6 Ru03BCRu0405Ru0455 Ru0457Ru0455 Su0403R "Su0453R u00B6 P u00B1 Ru03BC. Ru045CRu0455 Ru0405R � � Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402Ru0405Su040FRu0454R Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Su040A Ru03BCSu0403S, Su040A Re Ru0456R "Su0453R Ru0455Ru0454Ru0455 u00B1 R" res u2021 Ru0405S <P number Ru0458Ru0455S, ReRu0406 Ru0454 �u0406�u0455�u0403�u0403�u0455�u03BC�u0491���u0405�u03BC�u0405���u040B Ru0408Ru0454Su0402R � ReRu0405S <Su0403 R Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReRu03BCR u2116. Ru0490Ru0455S, Su040F P u00B1 C <u2021 Su040CRu0454Ru0455Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458ReS Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Su0453. R'S <Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Su040A Su0402Ru0455Ru0491ReR "ReSu0403Su040A PI PP � u00B6 Ru0457Ru0455Su0402Ru0455R Su040ARu03BC, Ryo Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0491R Su0453Ru03BCR � � u00D0 u00B6 P � P" D PI Ru045ARu0455Su0403Ru0454Ru0406Su0453, Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0491Su0453Ru0458R � P "D, C u2021 C, the PS Ru0457Ru0455Ru0454ReRu0491R � Ru03BCS, Ru03BC Su0402Ru0455Ru0491ReRu0405Su0453 .

u00E2 u20AC "P" P �, Su040CS, the PS C, P � Ru0454. R R � Ru0405R � C u20AC Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 Ru0454R "Su0403Su0403R P � �, Ru0454Su0403S, P � C, D, Ru0457Su0402ReRu0458Ru03BCSu0402Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0457Ru0455R" Su0453Ru03BCS … Ru0455Ru0406ReRu0405R � P � P "Re Ru0457Ru0455R" ft u2021 P � C, Su040A Ru0406S <ft u20AC Ru03BCRu03BC Ru0455R Su0402R u00B1 � � P � Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405ReRu03BC PI Ru045ARu0455Su0403Ru0454Ru0406Su0453. R u00A7 Ru03BCS, Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402S, Su040A u00E2 u20AC "PI Ru0459ReRu03BCRu0406, Ru0455Su0403S, P � P" Su040ARu0405S <Ru03BC Ru0455Su0403S, P � P "ReSu0403Su040A PI PP � u00B6 Ru0457Ru0455Su0402Ru0455R Su040ARu03BC. Ru045CR � Ru0491Ru0455 Ru0455S, Ru0458Ru03BCS, RES, Su040A, C u2021 C, the PS ft u2021 PEP "Su0403Su040F Su040F PI Ru0491Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455R" Su040ARu0405Ru0455 Ru0405Ru03BCRu0455R u00B1 C <u2021 Ru0405Ru0455R number from u20AC Ru0454Ru0455R "Ru03BC. Ru040ERu0457Ru03BCS PEP u2020 � P "pep � P � C ReSu040F u2020 u00E2 u20AC" P � Ru0405Ru0456R "PEP number Su0403Ru0454ReR number Su040FR � C <Ru0454, Ru0455S u2021 Ru03BCRu0405Su040A Su0403ReR" Su040ARu0405R Su040F � C "pep � ReRu0454R � Re Ru0458R � C, � Ru03BCRu0458R C ReRu0454R �, Ru0457Su0402Re Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0458 Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0457Ru0455Ru0491R Ru0406R � � � Ru0405ReRu03BC Ru0405R Su0453Ru0454Su0402R ReRu0405Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458 Su040FR � C � <Ru0454Ru03BC. Ru045FRu0455Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0458Su0453 Su040F With the PS … Ru0455Su0402Ru0455S u20AC Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 Ru0405R � F � Su040B. Ru0459R � Ru0454 Re ReSu0403S, Ru0455Su0402ReSu040B, D P "of the Republic, Ru03BCSu0402R � C, � Su0453Su0402Su0453 Ru0408Ru0454Su0402R ReRu0405S <.

R> res u2021 Ru0405S <P number Ru0458Ru0455S, ReRu0406 Ru0458Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0454R � u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BCS, Su0403Su040F Ru0406Ru0457Ru0455R "Ru0405Ru03BC Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405S <Cosmosblack. Ru0459R � Ru0454 Re Ru0491R "Su040F P" Su040BR Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0405Ru0455Su0402Ru0458R � u00B1 R "C u2021 Su040ARu0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru03BCR" Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCRu0454R �, Ru0406S <Su0402Ru0455Su0403S u20AC Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 PI Ru040ERu040ERu040ER. Ru045ARu0405Ru03BC ft Su0402R Su0403Ru03BCR number Ru0405Ru0405Ru0455 � C u2021 P � Su0403 Su0403R "ft u20AC P � C, Su040A, C u2021 C, the PS Ru0408Ru0454Su0402R � ReRu0405R Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0491R � �-C, the PS Su0453Ru0456Ru0405Ru03BCS, P � P" P � Su0403Su040A Ru045ARu0455Su0403Ru0454Ru0406Ru0455R u2116. Ru045CR � � Su0403R Ru0458Ru0455Ru0458 Ru0491Ru03BCR "Ru03BC Ru0406Su0403Su040F Ru0458Ru0455Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0406Su0403Ru0454R � Su040F Ru0457Ru0455R" RES, RES Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454R u2021 � C Su040F Re … Ru0455R � Su040FR number ft Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405R � Su040F Su040CR "res, P � � Ru0405R 80% Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R" Ru03BCRu0454S, Ru0455Ru0406R � F "P � Su0403Su040A Su0453Ru0454Su0402R ReRu0405Su0403Ru0454ReRu0458Re Ru0454R � � � Ru0491Su0402R Ru0458Re. P "P � u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BC PI Pi 1917. P u00B1 Ru0455R "Su040AS u20AC ReRu0405Su0403S, Ru0406Ru0455 P u00B1 Ru0455R" Su040AS u20AC Ru03BCRu0406ReSu0403S, Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Su0402Su0453Ru0454Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Su0403S, Ru0406R Su0403Ru0455Su0403S �, P � Ru0406R "Su040FR" Re Ru0406S <C … Ru0455Ru0491S u2020 C <pep � Ru0408Ru045
4Su0402R � ReRu0405S <. P 'P Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReRe Ru0405ReRu0454S, the PS Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0455S, Ru0454R � F � C <Ru0406R � Ru03BCS, Su0403Su040F Ru0455S, C, Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455, C u2021 C, the PS Ru0458S <Ru0406S <C u20AC R "Re pep � Ru0459ReRu03BCRu0406Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R number Su0453Su0403Re R, C u2021 C, the PS Su0402Su0453Su0403Su0403Ru0454ReR number Su040FR � C <Ru0454 Ru0454Ru0455Ru0491ReS "Res u2020 ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � P" Su0403Su040F Re C "Ru0455Su0402Ru0458ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � P" Su0403Su040F PI Ru0459ReRu03BCRu0406Ru0455-Ru045ARu0455Ru0456ReR "Su040FRu0405Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R number P � � Ru0454R Ru0491Ru03BCRu0458ReRe. Ru045CRu03BC Su0403R "ft u2021 P � P � Ru0408Ru0454Su0402R number Ru0405Ru0455 ReRu0405Su0453 PI Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402ReRu0455Ru0491 R Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReR number Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R number ReRu0458Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402ReRe Ru0405R � F � C <Ru0406R � P" Re Ru045AR � P "Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReRu03BCR number u00E2 u20AC" Su040CS, the PS Ru0458R � P "P � Su040F Su0402Ru0455Ru0491ReRu0405R �.

Ru0459Su0453R "Su040AS, Su0453Su0402Ru0405Ru0455Ru03BC Ru0405R Su0403R �" � Ru03BCRu0491ReRu03BC Ru0408Ru0454Su0402R ReRu0405S <Ru0405Ru03BCSu0402R � F � Su0402S <Ru0406Ru0405Ru0455 Su0403Ru0406Su040FR � P � P Ru0405Ru0455 Su0403 Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReRu03BCR u2116. P Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0491R � C u2021 Su040F RES, P � Su040B PI Ru0491Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Su0402Ru03BC Ru0455R u00B1 R � Su0403Su0403Ru0455S PEP � C u2020 u2020 ReRe Su0403 P u2022 Ru040E Ru0457Su0402Ru0455 Ru0455R C u00B1 u2030 Su0453Su040B ReSu0403S, Ru0455Su0402ReS Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Su0453Su040B Su0403Su0453Ru0491Su040AR u2021 u00B1 � Su0453 Ru0408Ru0454Su0402R ReRu0405S <D u2022 R Ru0406Su0402Ru0455Ru0457S <Re C, P � Cosmosblack Ru0405Re Su0403R "Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405Ru03BC Su0403Ru0454R � F � F � � Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455 R Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReSu040B, Ru0458Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0406Su0403Ru0457Ru0455Ru0458ReRu0405R � Su040BS, Su0403Su040F P u00AE Su0402ReR number P" Ru0455R "Ru0456Ru0455Su0402Su0453Ru0454ReR u2116, Ru0456Su0402R � C" P P � F � Su0453Ru0458Ru0455Ru0406Su0403Ru0454ReR u2116, Ru045CReRu0454ReS, P � u2030 Ru0490Su0402Su0453S Ru03BCRu0406 Re, Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405Ru03BCS u2021 Ru0405Ru0455, P> Ru03BCRu0455Ru0405ReRu0491 R'Su0402Ru03BCR u00B6 Ru0405Ru03BCRu0406. Ru0452 C, P u00B6 Ru03BC Ru0454R � C, � F Ru0454ReRu03BC P � P � Ru0454R "Su040FS, C <Ru03BC Ru0491Su0402Su0453R � Su040ASu040F Su0453Ru0454Su0402R � ReRu0405Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0405R Su0402Ru0455Ru0491R � �, � Ru0454R Ru0454 Ru045FRu0455R" Su040AS u20AC P �, RERu0406Ru03BCS u2020 ReSu040F Re P "Ru03BCSu0402Ru0458R � Ru0405ReSu040F, Ru0454Ru0455S, Ru0455Su0402S <Ru03BC Ru0406Ru0405Ru03BCSu0403R" Re Ru0455Ru0456Su0402Ru0455Ru0458Ru0405S <P Ru0406Ru0454R number "P � � Ru0491 PI Su0453Ru0454Su0402R ReRu0405Su0403Ru0454Su0453Su040B ReSu0403S, Ru0455Su0402ReSu040B.

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