Samara scientist has developed a unique implant


The invention of the Samara scientist in the field of medicine Sergey Litvinov is soon to receive widespread use. While working on his doctoral thesis he developed a material that can replace, and then rebuild the bone tissue. Experiments have shown — the implant inserted gives amazing results.

The implant is a biopolymer in which the crystals were grown gidraksil-Appatity. The author described his drug "Litar" and continues to work on it. In the most recent experiments showed that it is able to replace not only bone, but also in general — any other tissue of the human body.


Sergey Litvinov:
— We'll soon get used to that you can inexpensively "grow" almost any organ.

Further studies professor touched the heart muscle. The first operation to implant "lythari" in the affected area have made the dog attack. A month later the researchers could not even find the affected area in the heart — the scar is completely gone. There was regeneration of muscle tissue.

After four years of Litvinov managed to achieve recognition of their work, not only in Russia but also abroad. The Health Ministry professor received the documents authorizing the widespread use of its technology. Just one small thing — to introduce a new technique for the treatment of myocardial infarction in medical institutions.

A more detailed video clip link:….=3&DT=08.12.2011&nom=4203 (Sorry, the video is not embedded)

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