Saratov Refinery began production of diesel fuel Euro 5

This was preceded by a large-scale reconstruction of the hydrotreater. Launched diesel fuel sulfur content is reduced to a level that conforms to the "Euro 5". In addition, a 30% increase performance installation — from 1700 to 2200 tons per year.

As explained by the chief engineer of the Saratov Refinery Alex Myltsin, "besides the main issues — Release of new products, the reconstruction is related to the observance of industrial safety. In fact, this concern for the environment. Smarter than the equipment, the less the loss, the company today has no oil spills. "

Minister of Industry and Energy of the Saratov region, Sergei Lisowski said: "These events are called only conditionally reconstruction. We see almost a new plant. Left support, ramps, other equipment all new. "

Currently, there is a construction of an isomerization unit. She will go to the production of gasoline, the relevant standard "Euro 5". Capacity of the new complex will be 300 thousand tons of raw materials per year. Commissioning of the equipment is scheduled for November, the winter of the enterprise will be fully prepared to go to the issue of the fuel of the 5th Environmental class.

Following its visit, renovation projects and new construction Sergei Lisowski said: "Services provided are of great importance not only for the Saratov region, but also for other regions, as a significant part of oil products exported from the region. Ongoing projects provide download our construction companies, Manufacturers pipes, valves, building materials and more. "

During the inspection of construction projects executive director of OJSC "Saratov Oil Refinery" Konstantin Gusarov said: "Increasing the depth and volume of processing, improving product quality and reducing the impact on the environment — these are the main directions of large-scale program of TNK-BP's development of the Saratov Refinery. In 2011, we switched to release fuel "Euro 4", and by the end of this year we plan to go to the "Euro 5". Consumers will be able to use a high-quality and environmentally friendly fuel, and the population by reducing the negative impact of transport on the environment — a healthy and clean environment. "

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