Saratov region shows an example implementation of nanotechnology in practice

The Governor of the Saratov region Valery Radaev visited Science and Technology Center (STC) of vacuum metallurgy NO MSP. NGChernyshevsky (Territory of "Tantalus") and toured with the innovative development of Saratov scientists in the field of vacuum melting, heat treatment and coating of various strengthening and protective coatings based on alloys of iron, nickel, cobalt and titanium. Today the SEC — the only place in Russia where such projects are implemented.

During the tour, Organized by the Center specialists, the governor spoke in detail about the history and production of each of the stages of obtaining high-strength alloys.

Scientific and technological center of vacuum metallurgy was established two years ago as part of the development program NO MSP. NGChernyshevsky as a division of the university. Today it is one of the two centers of the university, specializing in the design and implementation in practice of nanotechnology (the first act at the site of association "Contact." In the current year is expected to open third center — for the production of nanomaterials by the method of electroforming). 

As part of the scientific and technological center sections are vacuum heat treatment, carbide coatings, vacuum metallurgy, equipped with the latest ovens and production plants in Germany, Poland and the United States. All processes are concentrated on a single platform, which allows for a closed technological cycle.

According to program development ANY SGU, Dean of the Faculty of nano-and bio-medical technologies Sergei Wenig, every day, for six hours in the center conducts training and research activities. At the end of the learning process is carried out in two shifts production work.

The ultimate goal of the organization of scientific and technological center — the development of new production in the field of vacuum metallurgy. In the long term development of the Saratov scientists will carry out a qualitative upgrading of existing equipment in industrial enterprises. Interest in working with the NTC have already shown major factories region and neighboring regions.

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