Satanists, homosexuals, sectarian Baptists: the implementation of the rights to freedom of religion in American


The group of Satanists called the Temple of Satan held a "pink Mass" on the grave of the mother Baptist Church leader, relentless fighter against pederasts — Fred Phelps Westboro. Now they claim to be "in the afterlife, she became a lesbian."

Temple of Satan posted photos on the Internet, which can be seen as same-sex couples "express their love", kissing over the grave of Catherine Johnston, mother of Fred Phelps Jr..

The site, which belongs to the Temple of Satan placed shots ceremonies and rituals description. It says, "Idalett Kathryn Johnston, the wife of Fred W. Phelps Sr., the mother of the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church Fred Phelps Jr., was honored at the ceremony of" Pink Mass ", which was conducted by a group of Church of Satan on her grave. Pink Mass — a satanic ritual which takes place on the graves of the dead and that changes their sexual orientation in the afterlife. " And further: "Same-sex couples express their love to the grave of the mother of Fred Phelps Jr. in the presence of the High Priest of the Temple of Satan, who read a spell. At the end of Mass, Catherine Rose Johnston became a lesbian in the afterlife."

Baptists do not outraged over the incident — on the contrary, they say, the incident became for them one more opportunity to tell the world about the sins of homosexuals and lesbians.

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