Savvidi: Rostov-on-Don to be submitted to the Premier League

President of FC SKA Rostov Ivan Savvidi said that renaming the "Rostselmash" in the "Rostov", he wanted to unite the city around the same team, and also talked about his vision for the development of football in Rostov-on-Don. [Cut] «Renaming" Rostselmash "in the" Rostov "I pursued a simple goal to unite the city around one team, one game around — quoted the president of SKA (Rostov) Ivan Savvidi press service of the club. — And now, when I had to FC SKA, from its purpose, I do not compromise. Rostov region has always been considered a football region. Here, almost every house has its own team, and love the sport of football inoculated with childhood. A city with such football tradition does not have a strong team of top level is simply a shame. Must be a team representing our city in the Premier League. Maintaining the continuity and ancestral traditions of the Don of football in its name must be present words "growth" and the SKA, in which order is not so important. However, I am sure that in modern football without budget money, this command will not do, for sponsorship funds will not go far. For a decent existence of such a team should fund it on an equal footing: 50% from the budget of the Rostov region, 50% from sponsors. Without the help of the region's leadership to pull it just is not realistic. Especially in a time of financial crisis. Actually, in my opinion, you need to change the very structure of the Russian football championship, taking into account national and regional specificities. We do not Holland and France, where you can cross the entire country in a few hours. We have a flight teams in the tournament are spent huge amounts of money, take at least a flight teams from Rostov to Barnaul, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Novokuznetsk and back. These funds could be spending much more effective: to build the field, to invest in infrastructure, developing the children's and youth football movement. The structure of the Don of football I see the following: a team Premier League, a single in the first, but a few second, "Rostselmash" SKA-Squaw, "Bataiysk" team from Taganrog, Kamensky, Red Sulin, Volgodonsk. For the revival of the former greatness of Don football needs a long and painstaking work. The foundation of everything — a developed system of youth football. I believe that a talented young football should not be divided names of sports clubs. There should be a football academy based on the 10 th sportinternat. To prepare high-class players, the Academy needs a fully-equipped training base on Green Island. Football infrastructure must be clearly constructed and organized, but it is not enough sponsorship money, the support at the state level, regular investments from the federal and regional budgets, and ideally — long-term development strategy, in the law of football! Only then will the Don football future. Savvidi also commented on the performances of the SKA in the first league. "I believe that we have completed this season and normally occupied in the standings rightful place, based on our modest financial means. The guys on the football field, tried, gave all the power game, and I have nothing to reproach them. A special thank you — the fans! "- Said Savvidi.

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