Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP sums up the fourth year of the disaster recovery


Now, four years since the tragic events at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station company RusHydro has summed up the work done, aimed at restoring the reliable operation of the hydroelectric power plant, and the elimination of the social consequences of the accident and infrastructure Cheryomushki village.

Technological disaster occurred in the engine room of the SS HPP August 17, 2009 at 8 hours and 15 minutes of local time. The destruction of number 2 hydraulic power plant spewed water from the crater of the turbine. The flow of water was poured computer room, damaged force, auxiliary equipment, building structure collapsed machine room. All ten hydroelectric units are out of order. Killed 75 people. 

Restoration of the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP

2010 — The first phase of works: at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station after the repair work is resumed least four injured in an accident hydroelectric — № 6, 5, 4 and 3.

2011 — The second phase of recovery SSHHPP: mounted and connected to the grid is the first under the new hydroelectric station number 1

In October, completed and acceptance took place in regular operation of the shore spillway designed to pass extreme floods and floods of rare occurrence in the idle mode, thereby increasing the reliability and safety of hydraulic structures of the station.

2012 — Under the second phase of works: put into operation new hydraulic units — № 7, 8 and 9.

2013 — In March, put into operation a new hydraulic unit number 10, and then began the final — the third stage of recovery HPP, in which previously recovered hydro units will be replaced with new ones. As part of this phase completed comprehensive testing of hydraulic unit number 6. Until the end of the year to go to connect another new hydraulic unit number 5. And in 2014, following restoration SSHHPP completed the commissioning of three hydroelectric number 4, 3 and 2.

Thus, to date, been in commercial operation at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP is 5 brand new hydraulic units with total capacity of 3840 MW, which is 60% of the installed capacity of hydropower. Total production of electricity after the crash was being refurbished and new Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station has already exceeded 61 billion kWh During operation the deviations of monitored parameters from the design values have been identified, all the equipment is working stably and reliably.

On each unit installed new turbines and generators, as well as the full range of accessories and switching equipment. All hydroelectric stations are equipped with modern automatic control and protection systems, as well as a stationary system of vibration and thermal control. The service life of the new units is increased to 40 years, with a maximum turbine efficiency of 96.6%.

Restoration work in the engine room SSHHPP conducted around the clock in full compliance with the plan — schedule recovery. Currently on a hydroelectric power station has already delivered all the necessary equipment, including a large heavy, such as impellers and hydroelectric power transformers.

In addition to the replacement of hydraulic units, upgraded stations and other equipment, particularly equipment scheme of power — generator circuit breakers and power transformers. Open switchgear station is replaced by a modern, cost-effective and more reliable to use gas-insulated switchgear system (GIS 500 kV) closed its first line was put into operation this year.

The removal of social consequences

RusHydro company has fulfilled all obligations under the one-time financial benefit families of the victims and survivors, but also implemented a number of other social initiatives aimed at improving the lives of relatives of the victims.

Since the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station company sent 188 million rubles (in 2012 — 5.1 million rubles, for seven months in 2013 — 2.9 million) for the implementation of social support victims and families of the victims.

15.4 million was paid in the form of monthly allowances to families with children 32 to 18 years. Children of the deceased, for the first time studying in Russian educational institutions of primary, secondary or higher education, scholarships are paid on a monthly basis, their total is $ 2.7 million.

Continues to support the parents and spouses of victims who have reached retirement age. For non-state pension payments to private pension fund of power was transferred to 5.5 million.

Implemented a 5-year program of spa treatments, rest and recovery of victims and the families of the victims of the accident, which has already provided services to a total of 20.8 million.

After the accident, 61 people were employed members of the families of the victims of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station and subsidiaries of the company RusHydro Sayano-departmental branch of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, OAO "Krasnoyarskenergosbit", JSC "EMS" and IDGC of Siberia.

In addition, the JSC "RusHydro" takes part in the implementation of large-scale social projects in the village of Cheryomushki. They are aimed at developing and improving the quality of life of the villagers Cheryomushki, creating conditions for the development of sports and cultural preservation, orientation of the younger generation, community organization of veterans and retirees.

The program is an integrated development of the social infrastructure of the village of Cheryomushki developed and implemented by OJSC "RusHydro", together with the Government of the Republic of Khakassia, with the participation of the city administration Sayanogorsk. According to the decision of the Board of Directors of JSC "RusHydro" for the purpose allocated funds amounting to 1.3 billion rubles.

In 2010-2012, a major overhaul and equipment Lyceum "Eureka" club communication for the elderly "Wisdom" sports complex. Equipped with laboratory equipment waterworks Sayano-Shushenskaya Branch of the Siberian Federal University. Established children's backyard playgrounds in Cheryomushki and Main, renovated central square of the village. Renovated gymnasium of the school number 1, friendly path for cycling and skiing. In 2013, repaired the youth center, Sunday school and two kindergartens, built a mini football with artificial turf in high school, "Eureka", is being renovated building emergency and day-care clinic. Planned repairs of school number 1, construction of a training information innovation center.

In the framework of charity and sponsorship in 2013 JSC "RusHydro" sent more than 36 million rubles to support the organizations and institutions of education and health care, culture and sports, religious and public organizations of Khakassia.

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