Scientists from the Institute of Pharmacology of Tomsk close to creating a universal cure for all diseases


A drug called G5 was designed as a cure for cirrhosis of the liver. But it turned out that the scope of application — is much broader. Sensation caused by the effect of rejuvenation, which gives G5

. G5, or "youth pill" as it is called journalists, causes the bone marrow to actively produce stem cells necessary to repair any diseased organs and tissues. The effectiveness of the drug is tested on himself several scientists. How does the G5, «The Voice of Russia" explained the director of the developer of the drug Andrei Bekarev:

"There is a notion" extracellular matrix ": it is ejected through the stem cells. This mechanism laid down by nature and quiet running, especially at a young age, when all wounds heal easily, and a person can easily cope with the disease. So: is one of the theories of aging and chronic diseases, when this "extracellular matrix" is broken. Our product solves just a few problems: changing the structure of "extracellular matrix" allows all stem cells to move almost freely in the body, plus with an increased number they appear in the body — and all the processes of several differently start work. "

Experience in mice has shown that rodents who are not given the drug, is rapidly getting old. And their counterparts who received G5, lived longer and until the last days were active and healthy. However, the duration of human life is much more than a mouse. Therefore, studies of the drug as an anti-aging products may last for decades. Gerontologist Yuri Konev said that reports of new anti-aging miracle drugs appear almost every three to four months. But even the Titans in the struggle with old age, such as Academician Vladimir Skulachev, who began his experiments in the late 60's, are still far from winning over time.

"Academician Skulachev your medication has not worked out to the end. In the hands of the author, said to be working, but the appearance of the Skulacheva is not verified, — says Yuri Konev. — Probably something in the hands of the author and does work, but now, right , this was already done by his son and grandson. And it is a life long enough work. "

Finding the source of longevity — is really busy for ages. And to treat specific diseases need now. At G5 wide range of indications, from infertility to lung diseases. But while scientists have stopped at only one — cirrhosis of the liver. This will help to quickly release the drug on the market. Formal clinical trials G5 with volunteers will begin in November. In the pharmacy drug can get in a few years.

Anna Hrustaleva

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