Scientists have proven harmful to think, but we need



No matter how sound sarcastic, but to think, it seems, is harmful. Scientists at the Gladstone Institute in California found that the natural process of thinking leads to damage in the DNA! The more active a person is using its neurons, more simply, the harder he thinks — the more intense the damaged DNA strand. True, comes to help the repair process.


So the thinking is comparable to weight training in the sport: from loads of fiber tear, but after the fuse and get stronger. Damage in the cells of deoxyribonucleic acid occur from time to time and accumulate with age — this fact, scientists have known for a long time. Particularly strong kind of damage — double-stranded break, which is affected by both the "spiral" of the DNA molecule — previously considered characteristic of Alzheimer's disease, a common form of senile dementia (young people, this disorder is very rare).


Damage to both DNA strands at the same illness with serious consequences for the organism — a disorder of memory, consciousness and thinking, until the complete loss of self. And then it turns out that such a double-stranded break occurs when we … think!


Establish the presence of double-stranded poverzhdeny quite simple — when they accumulate in the brain protein gamma-H2A.X. His level of evidence about the number of "casualties" of DNA molecules. What was the astonishment of the scientists, when the level of gamma-H2A.X in completely healthy experimental mice that had to think hard, was six times higher than that of the control group. Experimental group of rodents transplanted into new cells.

The room was more spacious than the previous one, with new flavors and new toys. As mentioned above, the voltage from the development of the new situation has given rise to in the brains of mice double-stranded DNA breaks. In rodent control group which remained in old cells, protein gamma-H2A.X was six times lower.


Especially its high level, and hence the amount of DNA damage found in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus. This structure is responsible for spatial memory, and you had to use his arm, placed in a new home. So, any process of remembering and learning gradually destroys the brain?


Looks that way, meet the scientists, but added that, along with the destruction of DNA strands to go and the process of repair: otherwise people with one or two higher education has long been a mentally disabled. Experts have even suggested that DNA damage may be a certain sense. Since when memorizing new material activates the synthesis of certain proteins, DNA damage-chains and their recovery can affect the activity of genes. Perhaps soon we will know that the brain is "increases strength" as well as the muscles in sports. Serious loads cause microtraumas — slight muscle fiber breaks, after which the damaged tissues and overgrow thus become thicker.


By the way, scientists have often cited comparison of the brain to the muscles. For example, in 2011 a group of scientists at the Massachusetts University, together with colleagues from the School of Medicine at Harvard University found that "pump up" the brain is possible through meditation. They found that the practice of meditation in just a couple of months can cause significant changes in the structure of the brain areas responsible for storing, self-esteem, empathy, and stress response. Using magnetic resonance imaging, researchers scanned the brains of people two weeks before the start of classes and meditation at the end of the eight-week course. Volunteers were new, that is practiced meditation for the first time, and doing every day for about half an hour.


MRI results showed an increase in the mass of gray matter in the hippocampus of the entire group of meditators. The hippocampus (dentate gyrus of which were found to suffer from double-stranded breaks in the process of active thinking) is responsible for the ability to remember and training, orientation in space and consciousness. Reduced gray substance was observed in amygdala bodies symmetrical regions of the brain located deep in the temporal lobes.


This subcortical structures responsible for the formation of positive and negative emotions. It is assumed that the various neurological disorders (phobias, post-traumatic disorder) associated with the improper functioning of the tonsils. Reducing the mass of gray matter in this zone, the meditators volunteer experts associated with their newfound ability to control stress and reduced levels of aggressiveness. By the way, none of these changes were observed in the control group of volunteers who were not engaged in meditation.


Experts also point out that the brain's ability to develop any new activity, since the usual brought to poluavtomatizma action using our gray matter is already "well-trodden" neural pathways, and for new occupations brain has to activate new neural chain. Therefore, the study of foreign languages, the development of the game in unfamiliar musical instruments and even just visiting the places where you've never been, is a great exercise for the gray matter.


New motor skills, although not considered mental activity, in fact, too, are developing brain. Therefore, for the development of a deeper and more intense thinking can learn a new sport or manual labor, or even try to change the dominant hand — writing, drawing and brush your teeth with your left hand if you are right handed or right, if the opposite. Ian Filimonov

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