Secret and explicit. The objectives and actions of the Zionists

Soviet film made in 1973 by the Central Documentary Film Studio of the Order of Lenin and the Order of the Red Banner, Moscow.

The definition of Zionism in the Great Soviet Encyclopedia

Zionism (From the name of the hill Zion in Jerusalem), the most reactionary kind of Jewish bourgeois nationalism, which received considerable spread in the 20th century. among the Jewish population in the capitalist countries. Modern Zionism — nationalist ideology, an extensive system of institutions and policies, which expresses the interests of the big Jewish bourgeoisie, which is closely associated with the monopoly bourgeoisie of the imperialist states. The main content of the present Zionism — militant chauvinism, racism, anti-communism and anti-Sovietism.

As a political movement Zionism originated in the late 19th century. …Zionism Plans put forward solutions to the "Jewish problem" by creating with the great powers of the "Jewish state". This idea was set out, in particular, in the book of one of the ideologists Zionism Austrian journalist Theodor Herzl's "The Jewish State" (1896). In 1897 in Basel took the 1st Zionist Congress, which was founded by the World Zionist Organization (WZO), which proclaimed the official purpose Zionism "The establishment of the Jewish people to legally protected refuge in Palestine."

Ideological doctrine Zionism very eclectic. It uses many of the most actively dogmas of Judaism, and also includes a transformed ideologues Zionism theory of bourgeois nationalism, social-chauvinism, etc. Its main provisions are as follows: Jews from around the world are extraterritorial "single world Jewish nation", the Jews — the "special", "exceptional", "God's chosen" people, of all nations which Jews live, anyway — anti-Semites; Anti-Semitism — the phenomenon of "eternal"; assimilation, that is to unify the Jews with the surrounding nations, "unnatural and sinful," de Jews have a "historic rights" to "the Biblical land of ancestors" (Palestine and the surrounding area), where they and should concentrate and build a "purely Jewish" "egalitarian state." The ideologists Zionism trying to prove the "indissoluble connection of the Jews throughout the world" with Zionism, which, wherever they may be, must subordinate their own interests. Opolitizirovannye tenets of Judaism a "chosen people" and the messianism of the Jews, as well as the mythical thesis of their "exclusiveness" constitute one of the pillars are inherent ideology and practice Zionism extreme nationalism, chauvinism and racism. The ideologists Zionism argue that "the Jewish question" — "eternal", "special" and transcending class issue. Zionists are strongly promoting the false idea of the working class peace between the Jews and the Jewish bourgeoisie ("all Jews — the brothers"). All forms of class struggle among the Jews declared ideologues Zionism national betrayal. With the help of demagoguery and tactical maneuvers, the Zionists have always sought and are now trying to hide the reactionary nature of the anti-people Zionism, presenting it as a "national liberation movement of the Jewish people of the world." After formation in 1948 by the decision of the UN State Israel (On the part of the territory of Palestine) Zionism became the official ideology of the state of Israel. The main objectives Zionism proclaim the unconditional support of the Jewish state of the world, gathering in Israel, Jews from all over the world, working in the Zionist spirit of the Jewish people in different countries. Zionism This makes the task of expanding the borders of the state of so-called. "Greater Israel." To solve this problem, the Zionists are using the thesis of "eternal antisemitism" and yet often resorted to his own kindling. Zionism is the basis of the official state policies of Israel. The State of Israel declared the Zionist homeland of all Jews, wherever they live and however belonged to Zionism. At the 28th Congress of the WZO (held in 1972 in Jerusalem), in violation of international law was made, "the collective commitment of all national (meaning the Zionist and pro-Zionist) organizations to help the Jewish state under any circumstances and conditions, even if it is opposed by the the relevant authorities "of countries where there is a Jewish population. The main line of Zionism always has been and there is an open secret and fight against socialism, the international communist and national liberation movements, the Soviet Union and other socialist countries.

Immediately after the victory of the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia Zionism an active struggle against the young Soviet state. After the 2nd World War, 1939-45, in a further deepening of the general crisis of capitalism, anti-communism and anti-Soviet international Zionism was even more widespread. The overall change in the balance of forces in the world in favor of socialism, the successful solution of the national (including Jewish) problem in the USSR, the Soviet Union's consistent support of the national liberation struggle of the Arab peoples — all this causes an increase in the anti-Soviet and anti-Zionist propaganda and activities. International Zionism seeks to undermine the moral and political unity of the peoples of the socialist countries, to tear Jewish citizens to participate in the building of socialism and communism, is subversive activities against the relaxation of international tensions, particularly against the outbreak of the normalization of Soviet-American relations. As one of the shock troops of imperialism, colonialism and neo-colonialism, international Zionism actively involved in the struggle against the national liberation movement of the peoples of Africa, Asia, and Latin. America. In the Middle East, the Zionist rulers of Israel are pursuing a policy of aggression and a permanent territorial expansion at the expense of the Arab peoples, and especially the Arab people of Palestine. This policy has made Israel imperialist gendarme in the Middle East, was the main cause of the Arab-Israeli wars in 1948-49, 1956, 1967, 1973. Zionism became one of the main allies of imperialism in its global fight against the world liberation movement.

Ideological concepts and political plans Zionism effect to the widely ramified and highly centralized system of Zionist and pro-Zionist organizations, guiding centers are located in the United States and Israel. The main guiding and coordinating center of international Zionism — the system BCD — Jewish Agency (EA) for Israel. Recently, dealt primarily with the immigration of Jews to Israel and the WZO is in a relationship with the Israeli government. The supreme body of the WZO is legally World Zionist Congress, the main role played by the WZO group leaders with close ties with certain imperialist circles of the United States. WZO Executive Committee consists of two branches — in New York and Jerusalem. WZO directs and supervises the activities of Zionist organizations in more than 60 capitalist countries. Major: Women's World Zionist Organization, the World Federation of universal Zionist World Zionist labor movement, the American Zionist organization. In fact, under the control of the WZO is formally non-Zionist World Jewish Congress (WJC, established in 1936), organizations which operate in 67 capitalist countries. These centers are directly or indirectly adjacent array of local Zionist and pro-Zionist organizations, community committees, etc. that make up the unified system of international Zionism. VSO has a large financial funds, which give it the mainly Jewish monopolists, part of the funds collected through extortion, including forced and among the Jewish population. Under the control or influence of the Zionist organizations is a significant part of the media: in their hands are a large number of publishing houses, radio and television companies, film companies (in the U.S., Western Europe, several countries in Latin America, Africa, Australia). International Zionism always included and now includes a number of different ideologies, political factions and groups: the Zionists, "socialists", "political Zionists," "spiritual Zionists", "Religious Zionists", "general Zionists", "Zionist revisionists" (now the Fascist Party Herut and its related groups) and others, which only reflects the specific interests of the individual layers of the Jewish bourgeoisie and does not change, but only disguises its pro-imperialist essence.

Differences between different areas in the Zionism essentially beyond dispute on tactics and are often a reflection of the Zionist struggle in the top positions of influence for …

The 30th session of the UN General Assembly (November 1975) classified the Zionism as a form of racism and racial discrimination.

Throughout the world, enhanced by natural and objective process of assimilation. Not only in the Jewish communities in the West, but also among the Israeli population is growing awareness that the Zionist policy of the ruling circles of Israel can lead its people to a genuine national disaster.


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