Secrets of success in the technology business: see and read in the Technopark

Russian success stories of innovation and technology companies now you can not only see on television, but also read the book "Technopark: stories of success in the technology business". Edition of the television program "Technopark" is a collection of 50 essays about the high-tech companies, high-tech and venture businesses that have achieved significant results and ready to share the secrets of success.


The basis of the collection based on the materials cycle of TV programs "Technopark" coming out on the channel "Russia 24" in May 2010 at the initiative and with the support of "Russian Venture Company".
Television viewers, and now readers can learn about the founder of the company Yandex, ABBYY, «Kaspersky Lab», IPG Photonics, «VimpelCom", NT-MDT, Parallels, «Transas", "ER-Telecom», Innalabs, «Russian Navigation Technologies" "EleSy" and many others whose stories are told journalists "Technopark".

Served as the basis of essays issues of TV programs "Technopark" dedicated to success stories of Russian companies. In addition, the book will include many of the materials, not included in the television version of the project because of the limited air time: in-depth interviews with experts and heroes, stories about the successes and challenges of growth and development of the crisis in the companies. As the illustrations in the book are used excerpts from blogs and rare snapshots provided by the project participants.
The book includes material "Venture Dictionary" — the audience favorite category "Technology Park", where the main venture capital terms are illustrated clear examples of activities really working companies in the market.

"The main audience for which we focused at work on a book — it is the students, — Says Olga Orlova, chief editor of the "Technopark". — The initiator of the project — the Russian Venture Company — cooperates with universities, and we provide materials "Technopark" to educate students and promote the ideas of innovation, in particular, working closely with the HSE — HSE, Moscow State Technical University. Bauman and others. For ease of use in educational formats "Technopark" comes out on DVD-disks, the program also created accounts on social networks.

A collection of essays like summarizes the first year of the existence of "Technopark", we plan to distribute it before the start of the school year. Also by that time we release a "director's cut" — is a special edition video "Technopark" on DVD 8, which in addition to the essential versions of the software includes interviews with experts, venture dictionary and other useful materials for students. "
On the program's website authors of the project not only placed video content transfer and supplementary materials, but also to track the fate of the heroes of the program, publish news companies and individuals who participated in the "Technopark".

"Experts drawn "Technopark", including from the RVC, in his interview analyze not only the development of a particular company, but try to consider the particular history of success as a typical case, and thus go to the level of abstraction that allows you to judge the development of the entire high-tech, innovative and venture capital industry in Russia, — Says Evgeny Kuznetsov, Director of Development and Communications of the Russian Venture Company. — RVC program starts for the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship, and at that time anything like this on our television was not. We are pleased that the project has not only attracted the attention of various groups participating ecosystems, from students to the President of Russia, and even asked a certain level. Its main effect is the appearance of new TV projects, telling about the venture capital and scientific and technological activities, and thus stimulating the development of innovative technology ecosystem. "

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