Secrets of the energy of Zlatmash

JSC "Zlatoust Machine-Building Plant" has an active policy of energy conservation and energy efficiency, which is yielding positive results.

  • Substation-110 of "Zlatmash"
  • Substation-110 of "Zlatmash"

As reported by the Department of Public Relations and Mass Communications of "Zlatmash", the company is implementing the Federal Law № 261 "On energy saving and energy efficiency" and the corresponding factory energy saving program of "Zlatmash" for 2009-2014, which calculated on the total funding of the order of 650 million rubles. 

The program was approved by the Board of Directors June 10, 2009. Signed a contract with a company licensed to conduct energy audits, energy audits carried out the enterprise, the results of which made energy certificate.

The largest investment project in the implementation of the current program was massiveCHP reconstructionthe replacement of two turbine generators. In January 2011, all the work has been completed.

— Reconstruction gave substantial economic effect —saidGeneral Director of "Zlatmash" Sergei Lemeshevsky, —125 million per year. Two years later, it turns out — has earned 250 million plant. This is exactly what those investments that have been invested in the project. 

According to experts, since the end of the year the company will receive additional resources that can be re-invest in energy efficiency.

The next stage of the program wasinstallation of high-frequency transducersby powerful induction motors 250-320 kW power at the pumping stations of the first and second climbs. The volume of investments — 5,000,000 rubles.

— Introduction of the frequency of the feedback control, allows you to automate production processes, cost-effectively expend energy,— Deputy Director General of OAO "Zlatmash" manual Alexander Derkach. —Within two months of operation we have saved 30 percent of its electricity. 

The enterprise isReconstruction of outdoor lightingthe use and installation of modern LED lighting with automatic controls(See photo). 

— First, the principle of the system is basedto enable and disable the load on the sensor signals outside of natural light,— Continues the Deputy General Director of JSC "Zlatmash" manual Alexander Derkach —Secondly, LED lights consume much less power, they are more durable in terms of operation. 

At the moment, energy-efficient lighting fixtures equipped with a first object of the enterprise, to the end of this year, will be completed throughout the factory grounds. In the project invested 2.5 million rubles. In parallel, the introduction ofinnovative lighting system inside industrial buildings, the so-called "intelligent lighting". Within three to four years to be completed.

An important factor in energy efficiency are modern plastic windows that are installed in industrial and office premises of the enterprise to replace the old wooden ones. Thereby solved the major problem of energy-efficient —heat retention. 

Federal law number 261 in addition to the savings requires to establish a system of accounting. In order to understand how to save, you need to first understand how much is consumed. JSC "Zlatmash" is equipped with commercial appliances internal accounting of energy resources, and in 2011 commissionedautomated system of accounting and control of electric energy consumption.It allows you to remotely "take off" information.

— In this system, we have invested 7 million rubles,— Deputy General Director of JSC "Zlatmash" manual Alexander Derkach. —Now we understand the entire balance of power that passes through the station-110, and, accordingly, on this basis, develop activities that allow more efficient use of it. 

The next big trend —acquisition and operation of modern energy technology machinery equipment— Cutting, pressing. JSC "Zlatmash" only in 2012 sent more than 260 million rubles for the modernization of its production facilities, the purchase of new equipment that operates in automatic mode, which features modern and drive.

According to the General Director of JSC "Zlatmash" Sergei Lemeshevsky, the enterprise has in recent years reduced energy consumption by 30 percent. This gave the opportunity to increase at the same 30 percent of wages to workers. As part of the enterprise is large numbers. For example, of "Zlatmash" buys natural gas by an average of 250 million rubles for the year, and if you add other energy resources, the amount is comparable to the level of the payroll company. Therefore, in one saving, enables increases in the other.

— Also, if we want to be competitive,— Concluded Sergey Lemeshevsky —it should reduce their energy consumption. For one simple reason — our main competitors do not bear the cost of energy as we are. And it's not just the fact that they are engaged in a more rational energy saving, but also that they have the climate is milder. We compete with Europe, China, and so there is no winter.

Now the leadership of "Zlatmash" accepteddecision to extend the life of the program on energy saving,
which means that the continued introduction and implementation of new innovative projects in energy-saving technologies that are designed to further the ongoing development of the enterprise, improve production and economic indices, including the possibility of increasing the salaries of employees.

Photo by Vladimir Golynkin

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