SEEDS? And why not?

Eugene Dzichkovsky

Commentator, "SE"

SEEDS? And why not?

The inscriptions on the chest, which open onto a football game — not just a detail design of the form. This is the source from which, along with the other filled with the club's budget. Do not dry up if it amid the financial crisis?


What could be more logical than the sale of advertising space on blank t-shirts? What could be more correct in terms of profit? What could be a more effective advertising? And what could be simpler, seemingly searching for advertisers?

The first three questions for Russia, as for the rest of the world, it is quite relevant. Fourth worded exactly the opposite. In our football to find willing to become title sponsor of the Premier League teams are extremely difficult.

We have collected information on how to put the case in the Russian elite club. The picture is this: only four Premier League teams have had or will have sponsors that somewhat conventionally be called titular. In five logos on T-shirts tout general sponsor. That is, there is a duplication of advertising, which is the actual breadwinners are arbitrarily large place in ten different places, which they only wish. Seven clubs title sponsors at the moment is not at all. [Cut]

The first group consists of "Dynamo", "Spartacus", "Khimki" and "Kuban". Blue and white at the time were almost pioneers of title sponsorship in Russia, providing space on t-shirts are not only the world of monsters Xerox, but also such exotic purchasers of advertising space, as the publication of "Business and Life." However, at different stages of all of this has brought real money, to abandon the club which is not collected. Heard, however, that last year's titular inscription "Metalloinvest" has been posted for debt businessman Alisher Usmanov, but who is to say that this kind of economy worse other income? And VTB, has views of the participation in the related "Dynamo" commercial projects are unlikely to place their logo "from a position of strength," if he wins the right at the next season. Most likely, the club will receive from this real, not virtual profit.

In the red-white situation is the most transparent. The club has an owner and is title sponsor of the giving of the inscription on the t-shirts, depending on the employee table in the place from 3 to 7 million dollars a year. The fact that Leonid Fedun and "Lukoil" are closely related, it does not matter because both the club and oil holding company — private institutions, and the relationship they have a purely commercial: paid money — get publicity. Now, if the T-shirt read, "Fedun," it would have looked administrative pressure. A "Lukoil" references about yourself, loved one, relatively generous sponsors. It turns out, sees these specific benefit spending.

A similar pattern in the "Kuban", which became not so long ago, a private club (and the appearance of any private club in today's Russia is heartily applaud). Krasnodar headed CEO "Industrial Union of Donbass" Oleg Mkrtchyan. At the same time last year the title sponsor of Krasnodar "Russian metals and mining company" — part of the Donbass structure. Sells rebar beams, angles, channels, tubes …

Even if it is wholly owned by Mkrtchyan, but helps him carry it strictly private football expenses, passing herself advertising — that's good. And if the same assistance to the main shareholder of "Kuban" rendered entirely outside enterprise, it would be even better. First of all, for the most shareholder. However, the clarity of a title sponsor for the new season in Krasnodar has not come yet.

In "Khimki" too, all is not easy. Last season, the team supported the "Inter-regional real estate development company." On the club's website, it is still the general sponsor is listed on the site itself MDK it comes to title sponsorship, in reality, no sponsorship, it seems, is no more. It is known that the firm is closely involved in real estate in the Khimki. She has been involved in the construction of a new club stadium, owned by Moscow city administration. How much cost for such schemes, the inscription on the club t-shirt, whether actual payments, barter or imagined, we can only speculate.

The amount of last year's contract in the public domain I could not find. However, the benefit brought sponsorship, in whatever form it may be expressed. What will happen in the new year, who and how many will buy a place on t-shirts himchan, today is not clear. The press service of the MDC, where I turned, first took a break to clarify the situation, and then confirmed that renew the contract with the club developers, most likely will not.

Advertise JUST IN CASE

The second group includes "Ruby", "Zenith", "locomotive", "Wings of the Soviets" and "growth." For each team — its history, but all share a common principle: who feeds the club, who herself on t-shirts, and glorifies. At times on this ground unusual situations arise.

For example, on the front of T-shirts, "Rubin" is present winged leopard — a symbol of investment group "Taif". The club was ready to place free under the picture is also the name of the company, a benefactor, but she refused. In the advertising business, you see, this is something new. Another sponsor, "Tatenergo" satisfied with a place on the sleeves T-shirts. And Mayor of Kazan and Tatarstan government pays the team without any claim on the title.

We all know that the expense of whom live "Ruby." The founder and shareholder of the "Taif" — the son of the president of Tatarstan Radik Shaymiev. "Tatenergo" is headed by the president's nephew Il'shat Fardiev. Both companies have a solid reputation and sponsorship abandon commitments to "Ruby" is not collected. Their advertising could well be uveshat whole Kazan stadium from top to bottom and club coach in the bargain. So is not it better to be in a situation to sell a tiny place on t-shirts to those who would have exclusive rights to it? Any company would buy themselves known, the club would receive additional income, and financiers with the energy sector in terms of image just would not suffer.

In the "Zenith", "Locomotive", "Wings of the Soviets" the same song: we'll keep you and you write to us at ka-shirts bigger. Not be worse, That may be so, but that could be better, cash, if any mayonnaise sang to myself the whole Peter. Or yogurt in a red and green tones rang out to the floor, Moscow. Or mobile operator — the whole Samara.

By the way, in "Wings" is already there. Here is what about the former president of the Samara club German Tkachenko:

— In my time, was awarded a contract with the "megaphone". 700,000 dollars club had money, and 300 thousand a year, if I'm not mistaken, we have received communication services. In other words, the command "say" these advertising dollars. However, finding a title sponsor in Russia — not an easy task. Features of our market are such that seriously capitalize on the advertising potential of the club turns out not at all. More often get to see the hidden or implicit schemes title sponsorship. Although the same "Zenith" in view of its popularity could make good money on this and the traditional way.

"Zenith", however, prefers to promote its owner. The man who for a lot of money and still advertises "Schalke". Only there is not a case about the general, but about the present title sponsorship. It is extremely curious to read the financial reports of the benefit which has "Gazprom" of transactions with the German and Russian clubs. Spent, they say, so much, the popularity has increased by so much, revenues increased in so much time. In the case of a company that produces consumer goods, such calculations are possible for sure. But because it is a huge resource of state monopoly, which is almost monopolist gas issues for Europe, image pros yardstick, it seems, can not be measured. Then fit to talk about political or macroeconomic advertising.

On the other hand, most "Gazprom" can best decide how and to whom to advertise. He likes? Money is not a pity? Oh, and for health, would be a good judge.

Title sponsor of the "growth" company can remain "Estar", which still lay the ground, as aptly put Rostov our correspondent, "the burden of financing the club." And can not stay. The familiar picture. Let's move on.


No title sponsor "Amkar" and "Saturn". Can not find, and write "Ammonia and urea" or "The Government of the Moscow Region" does not want to — it is in other places, and so it is written. Looking for someone to sell the place for T-shirts, "Moscow". Ironically, the same deals and CSKA. VTB paid CSKA last year, more than 9 million of them are gone. More specifically, did not enter into a new agreement. The company Ruukki, which had also a certain relation to VTB, the role of title sponsor, it seems, does not pull. In the past year, her name was listed on army t-shirts, but in small letters and not on the chest. New samples form on the site CSKA logo Ruukki yet.

However, for the red and blue it is temporary. The popularity of the team is great, and sponsors, despite the crisis will be. The amount may be less than the former, but much depends on the skill of the negotiators. In any case, something is always better than nothing.

Another kind of difficulties experienced Nalchik "Spartacus" and "Terek". Regions that represent these clubs are not rich companies associated in our minds with the Russian title sponsorship. There's not a lot of banks, oil wells, raw material monopolies, construction giants. In Nalchik about if and grieve while under the wing of the President of Kabardino-Balkaria Arsen Kanokov, the mind does not show. In Grozny, the assurance of the management of the club, looking for a title sponsor with the participation of the president of Chechnya. I think it will be found. And to attract. But as far as voluntary and commercial in nature will this sponsorship, difficult to say.

The same situation in a few other colors I outlined the general director of "Tommy" Yuri Stepanov:

— We have a wealth of edge and wise leaders. Due to the regional governor Viktor Kress and the speaker of the regional Duma Boris Maltsev, supervising "Tom", it is hoped that we will enter the season with a solid budget. But here is the title sponsor and look really easy. Judge for yourself. In the Tomsk region has abundant oil and gas. There is a petrochemical plant, wood, fuel transit artery, plans to build a nuclear power plant. And there's only one football club, which sponsors Tomsk help, of course, they can, but for some reason not in a hurry. Why? Perhaps the business is self-sufficient and not need advertising. Or is it that they own, in many cases, people from Moscow, to which the distance is too big to us. To get through, you need a push, that is, promoting authorities. Be that as it may, I remain an optimist. We are negotiating with two companies, and I believe that the title sponsor, we will.

CAN NOT HELP? ALTHOUGH would not hurt

Words Stepanova complementing his version of lethargy Russian sponsors. But first, take a look at their foreign counterparts. Who pays for advertising on shirts European clubs?

Banks. Beer companies. Automakers. Casinos. Bookmakers. Air carriers. Manufacturers of soft drinks. Network of gas stations. Insurers. Food and food companies. The manufacturers of home appliances and electronics.

And it so happens that no one pays. "Athletic" from Bilbao 110 years go by without inscriptions on T-shirts, but not because it has not queued, as a matter of principle, out of pride. Not so long ago, the Basques were broken and now have 2 million per year for a few letters on a football uniform. Equally proud "Leopard" has chosen a different path: the Catalans do charity work, promoting the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). After the end of this action, it is suspected they were "sold" so that will not find even a "Real" having from bookmakers Bwin from 24 million a year.

However, this retreat. The bottom line is that most of the Western title sponsors are working in the real sector of the economy. Their products and services are in demand by ordinary people, consumers, customers, and not, for example, entire states or governments. The contracts are very few European sponsors or macroeconomic policies, most often they are interested in as straight as a hundred meters, the commercial catch. Profit.

Of course, many Western clubs in connection with the crisis now has problems. "West Ham" have to stick up on the chest numbers game advertising bankrupt British tour operator XL, the former sponsor. Americans of the insurance holding company AIG did not renew the contract with "MJ" worth nearly 30 million a year. There could, for went bankrupt and was nationalized in America. But grieved "MJ" for long: the English quickly agreed with the Swiss watchmakers, and now were hit wedges to the Indians of the Sahara Group.

My colleague Dmitry Navosha, an expert on European sponsorship, told in their stories and another interesting fact. We irreconcilable antagonists "Celtic" and "Rangers' general sponsor — a beer company Carling. How so? Yes, that's right. Sponsor understands pour beer in a mug — will acquire half of Scotland enemies. Therefore pours into both, sparing 10 million a year.

Speaking of beer. Russian football, more precisely, the Russian laws are ridiculous and flawed in their own bans on beer advertising in stadiums. Clubs are losing serious money, loses sight invest to raise its quality. Concern for the health of the nation, we cover our inability to organize a civilized drinking beer at a football game and someone's powerful lobbying ban.

Meanwhile beer — one of the few Russian products related to the real sector of the economy itself. I as a consumer is difficult to understand the benefits of applying for a T-shirt of the words "Russian Technologies" and "Gazprom". Moreover, it seems to me that this was not for me, the consumer, is written. And who else is able to offer a fair competitive club money for advertising and get tangible benefits from this? VAZ, GAZ, and others like them? No advertising here will not help a bad case. Forest, nickel, hemp, apatite, rolled steel, enriched uranium, tanks, planes? Come, football has nothing to do with it. This should advertise at a summit in Davos and other vendors for other buyers. But beer, juice, or, for example, seeds, no matter how ridiculous it sounds … After all, was the same in fact billboards seeds in the stadium, "Kuban"!

In the country, and so focused on the state of economy we are still raw and cut off from football the few who could really nurture it. Stuff the clubs unimaginable budget or okolobyudzhetnymi money, and then wonder why there is not even a stray firmochki to buy two square decimeter-shirt. Straining presidents and governors to sponsor n-p-i-a-l-e-s-h! Feel what a big word. While the commercial benefits to attract and nothing more.

We compared with Europe are not too many companies focused on the real incomes of the population. A competition between them is even smaller. Meanwhile, this is the main engine of progress in the football sponsorship, the main catalyst of the advertising market. Without competition in the real sector of the economy and will catch a large network of sponsors. And they will scatter in all directions.

"The burden of funding" — or rather not say. And it's in Nalchik and Grozny, and in Tomsk and Perm and Rostov and Krasnodar, and even in Ramenskoye sure there are those who are willing to become the title sponsor of the football club. Give even a little bit at first, but from the heart, with the hope of return. People and companies do not want to feel like a burden, but a joy funding. Why not help them — both organizationally and legally? Or at least not to interfere?

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