Self-organization in the village of shots of the Arkhangelsk region

In the village of shots (Pinezhsky District of the Arkhangelsk region) live 450 people. It is located on a high bank of the beautiful Pinega. Earlier this village was the manor farm, it had all the necessary to live and work infrastructure. When the farm is gone, everything has fallen into decay.

  • Shots (Arkhangelsk Oblast)
  • Shots (Arkhangelsk Oblast)

Villagers at a general gathering decided and organized territorial self-government (TOC) in the interests of the community service projects in their village. To participate in the contest "Rural Initiative 2003" CBT has developed the first and most ambitious project, called "The Road to the Temple."

Namely — the project of restoration of the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin. The temple is located near the village, built in 1909 by merchant Severyanov Kyrgalovym. The church was consecrated, but after the revolution became inoperative, collapsing.         

  • Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin
  • Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin

"We gathered gathering and decided to raise a village temple. … He is beautiful. Though there is no roof — torn iron, inside all the rain pours, three cupola of the wind fell. Destruction of the eyes is … No, there was no dispute. Most important problem — the church. And only then roads, fire pond collapsed, poloskalku need to put … " — Elected chairman of the CBT M.Suhoverhov.

Since 2003, the project emerged TOC road to the temple, which from the regional budget has been received 29,000 rubles., About the same number have been collected in the form of donations. The money was only purchased materials, people worked for free, equipping the cemetery fence and fire pond. Since 2004, work began on the preservation of the church. 

The "Road to the Temple"    

     In 2003 stropilovka, crate, overlapping roof with galvanized iron on the east side and the west side — roofing material, constructed and installed double doors.

     In 2004, the plant produced from the northern forests of the building of the temple, around the main dome and 4 small domes, prepared a framework for the construction of 3 small domes.

     In 2005, the building materials procured and prepared a framework for the construction of 3 small domes.

     In 2006, the cut off from the western side of the roof with galvanized iron, gained ground in the vestibule, produced and raised four small cross on the dome. It remains to close the roof between the domes, glaze the windows 44.

 The total cost of the project for the conservation of the temple was 600 thousand.

June 27, 2009 in the village of shots took place the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin.   


In addition, CBT has implemented a number of projects for the benefit of the whole village.


The "Dam"


 In 2003:

         — restored abandoned JSC "Bystrovskaya" water tower and well at the village shots, st. Upland, 4;

        — spent cleaning the village and civil cemeteries and completed work on the device fences edged timber;

        — built a slop-site "at a brick factory";

        — reconstruction was performed thrown dining JSC "Bystrovskaya" under the Leisure Centre.

In 2004: did make up the village of fraternal and civic cemetery and built a dam frame, lean-to poloskalki, partly made filling of the dam.


In 2005:

            — spent filling the dam was carried out continuous monitoring of the dam;

            — spent cleaning the village and civil cemeteries;


In 2006:

            — spent cleaning of the village;

            — spent cleaning and beautification of the civilian cemetery;

            — restored acquired from SEC "Shotovogorsky" tractor-bulldozer;

            — carried out work on the Elimination of unauthorized dumps;

            — carried out constant monitoring of the dam and poloskalki

Who lives in the village of improving. According to the head of CBT experience, many people were drawn to the work, people began to arrive, who wished to take part in such an initiative.

  • Own holiday in shots
  • Own holiday in shots
  • local theater
  • local theater

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