Sergei Balakhnin: We will try to please every game

This conversation with the head coach of the "Vityaz" Sergei Balakhnin held after the return of the team from the last foreign training camp. [Cut] [b] — Sergei, part of the "Knight" has already formed? [/ B] — Yes, 100 per cent. We have a lot of new players. And all newcomers invited to the team on the gain. To place on each game, we had two people. Competition in the first division with a difficult long paired matches. So aside from the main case none of the guys will not. Everyone will be enough time and space on the football field. I am pleased with the work carried out by selection. And thanks to all who helped in this, perhaps, the most important issue today. [B] — Let's talk about training camp. Some test match you can select as a reminder of the game you'd like to see in the performance of "The Knight»? [/ B] — We worked on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey in four different cities — Kundu, Kemer, Lara and Belek. Conditions are good, the weather sometimes prevented to perform all planned. Due to her whim even had to cancel a test match against the Korean team. Were preparing the plan. There was a lot of work tasks. Form is not forced and certainly did not aim to achieve victory. The main thing was — to put the game. A failed us, perhaps, a meeting with the Vladivostok "Ray-Energy". While on the other hand, the opponent for the first time then came on the field in two-thirds of the updated structure. [B] — In the past year, "Knight" in most matches played openly on the result. Can we now expect in his performance more spectacular, beautiful football? [/ B] — Is it possible to call a team that had not played on the line, do not put him at the head of the corner? After all, the main task in football — to score a goal. Agree, because the stupid play "without the gate", pursuing only one goal — to show good football. Although, if the result will be achieved beautiful game, who is from the coaches give up raising this question. This option would be ideal. We will strive to him. [B] — What is the task of the season for the team? [/ B] — Plank should not be underestimated. We will play to win in each match. [B] — Sergei, you might wish to fans of "The Knight" on the eve of the start of the 2009 season? [/ B] — First of all, to support the team in the stands of exciting new sports complex "Trud". Let the fans with his presence on the set up guys meaningful football, charged them with its energy. And we very much try and do everything to please them in every match.

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