Sergei Darkin and Igor Shuvalov, first launched in the history of Vladivostok treatment plant

Pollution of the Amur Bay in Vladivostok from sewage will soon begin to decline. Put into operation the central treatment facilities planning area of the city.

By the beginning of the central wastewater treatment were prepared for two months. After having been built all waterworks, they gradually filled the most important component of treatment — bacteria that will purify water from household chemicals. The cost of treatment — 9,000,000,000 rubles, which has provided the government with the support of the party "United Russia", another 2 billion boundary money went into the construction of 90 kilometers of new drainage systems.

The start button pressed sewage First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov and governor of Primorye Territory Sergey Darkin.

Sergei Darkin, governor of Primorye Territory: "We already have environmental effects from the launch of our waters of the Gulf of Peter the Great began to clear. According to expert estimates, 5 years to fully restore the flora and fauna of the Gulf of Peter the Great. Total for this purpose aim at environmental projects 20 billion rubles. "

Apart from the three sewage treatment plants in the south of Primorye come clean drinking water from Pushkin depression. Already rehabilitated an old landfill, a new recycling plant.

Converted to gas boilers and prepared for ash disposal site remediation. Another development that qualitatively changes the life, is the construction of a thermal power Ussuriysk and Nakhodka. They will replace the oil-fired boiler, heat city now.

Of Intent signed construction governor of Primorye Territory, the investment company and the heads of cities.

Sergei Darkin, governor of the Primorsky Territory, "will also be influenced by the environment, which will house more than 200,000 people in each city. There will be modern power plants that will supply heat population, but also to sell this electricity future petrochemical plant. "

The new power plant will be able to provide reliable and continuous energopitanie of southern Primorye, and, if necessary, will be a reserve for Vladivostok. As the governor said, the new wastewater treatment and power plants will be another step in improving the quality of life of Primorye

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