Serial production of supercomputers established in Snezhinsk

Serial production of supercomputers up to 30 teraflops established in Snezhinsk. About this correspondent. ITAR-TASS news agency reported today 1st deputy director located here All-Russian Research Institute of Technical Physics / VNIITF / Rodion Voznyuk. The computer, which is called "Bison" and does not require for its work creating special infrastructure — just connect it to the power supply.

Voznyuk explained that for their own problems, including the development of nuclear weapons, experts VNIITF created a powerful supercomputer, and in 2012 designed a somewhat smaller capacity computers that have already started to supply Russian companies.

"Now we are manufacturing computers on orders up to 30 teraflops — told Voznyuk. — They are fully automated. If conventional supercomputers require very large supporting infrastructure — a system of cooling, ventilation, etc.," Bison "is a" box "in height 1.5 meters and has everything you need inside. remains only one thing — to include the plug and the computer starts to work. " "We started with a 10-teraflopsnyh, made 14 teraflops, and the next car — was that you can do 30 teraflops," — said the scientist.

"We expect that in the year they will be in demand more than a dozen" — said Voznyuk. "This is a tool that is needed medium-sized enterprises. Ekzoflopsy they do not need — they can get by with computers," — he will drown.

"We are in negotiations for the supply of computers in the Tyumen region to search for gas areas in Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Works. There are orders from our Rocket Center in IIMs," — he said, noting that VNIITF also makes the two computers for the Moscow institute of "Rosatom . "

Voznyuk noted that the price of a supercomputer "is formed in each case." According to him, one of 10 teraflopsny computer was sold for 25 million rubles.

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