Seven new factories — in the SEZ Dubna

2013th — a year of intensive building residents of the Special Economic Zone "Dubna" Research and production of their own. Five companies have completed or are building their NPK on the right bank of the SEZ area (area of nuclear physics and nanotechnology), three of them are scheduled to launch later this year. Two more companies are built on the left bank area of the SEZ, one of them is also launching its first new plant this year. Development of the area is complex: both sites are built utilities and roads are being built on the right bank treatment plant (which is important for the city), the customs infrastructure is created, in the adjoining district of the Volga River on the Great built a new kindergarten, in the left bank of the completed construction of the first house laid the second and another kindergarten. 

SPC "Beta"

Soon will be commissioned Research and production "Beta" for the production of modern medical technology to cascade plasmapheresis. It was built in collaboration with RUSNANO kompanieyrezidentom "NANO CASCADE", established by the Russian holding company "Trackpore Technology" (part of the group of companies "Concor"). Total area is 16,000 square meters. m, the complex features a new industrial cyclotron developed by scientists and engineers at the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and having the world's best options for accelerators in its class, as well as modern technological lines. The annual capacity of the new production will be 1.6 million plasmafilters with a pore diameter of 20 to 100 nanometers, manufactured using a unique technology. (Procedure plasmapheresis cascade, unlike conventional allows not remove all the plasma but only contained therein pathogenic agents, preserving valuable components).


The company "PrepregDubna" was established by famous Russian holding company "Composite" and implemented in the special economic zone project to create a center for the development and implementation of industrial production in tissue-based carbon fibers for reinforcement systems outside buildings, bridge structures, aircraft fabrics, fabrics for producing prepregs. In April 2013 the company started production of the first batch of carbon grids for construction. The plant was built in record time, less than a year, and weaving managed to establish only a couple of weeks. With this new production is fully loaded before the end of the year.

MPOTK "Tekhnokomplekt"

Interregional Industrial Association technical staffing (MPOTK) "Tekhnokomplekt" works in Dubna in 1996, is a specialized company to develop, manufacture, installation and maintenance business acquisition power electrical equipment, which is used in many areas of chemical and mining industry, non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, electric power, transportation, and machine tools. In 2013, the company is launching a site on the right bank of the SEZ "Dubna" first of all scientific and research and opytnoproizvodstvennogo point for the development in the field of power electronics with advanced technologies.

"Communication Engineering KB"

A resident of SEZ "Dubna" "Communication Engineering KB" is a group of companies "Communication Engineering", specializing in the development and manufacture of electronic and electrical equipment for telecommunications and communications, energy, utilities, rail, defense and oil and gas industries. In the SEZ "Dubna" company creates an experimental high-tech production of printed circuit boards for prototyping, development and deployment of advanced technologies with the use of structural materials for the production of printed circuit boards of the new generation, based on its own innovative developments. It will be a full production facility for manufacturing double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards, prototype-oriented, small-scale and diversified production. It is planned that there will be produced printed circuit boards not less than 6 classes of accuracy in Russian or 10 class on the European classification.


At the end of March 2013 for the first time in Russia underwent surgery for treating prostate cancer with the use of domestic micro sources (until recently, these were only Microsources foreign production). The specialists of the Moscow State Hospital number 50 used Russian Microsources production of "NanoBrahiTek" RUSNANO project company and a resident of the Special Economic Zone "Dubna". For the production of domestic micro sources on the right bank area of SEZ "Dubna" the construction of new plants with a total area of not less than 1500 square meters. m, the investment in the project should be 1 billion.


The company "PromtehDubna" (part of the holding "Industrial Technologies") is implementing a SEZ "Dubna" project to develop a highly efficient production technologies onboard cable network of current and future domestic production of aircraft and other aircraft systems. In 2011, the company has already launched on a temporary site plant for mass production of wire harnesses for aviatsionnokosmicheskoy industry while leading the construction of a large complex of its own, and the first phase of which is scheduled to launch later this year. This is the first Research and production, built on private investment in the Left Bank area of SEZ "Dubna".


The construction nauchnotehnologicheskogo and test center on the left bank area of the Special Economic Zone "Dubna" started another resident of JSC "AKVANOVA RUS", the project company RUSNANO. This is one of kompaniyrezidentov SEZs with foreign participation, it is developing the technology and the production of licensed products for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. In the SEZ "Dubna" Company "AKVANOVA RUS" nauchnotehnologichesky plans to create and test center for the development and production of solubilizate — fine chemicals synthesis, consisting of nanoparticles (product micelles), their testing, production of pilot batches, certification and introduction of mass production food, pharmaceutical and perfume industries. As planned, the total area of the new center is 2500 square meters. m, the volume of investments — about 200 million rubles.

Utilities and roads, houses and nurseries

The development of both sites of SEZ "Dubna" is complex. Summed utilities — piping hot and cold water, and sewage networks, and built ulichnodorozhnaya Electrolighting network.

Created and operates customs infrastructure in Инновационнотехнологическом center on the left bank of SEZ site, the construction of the customs building in the area of nuclear physics and nanotechnology.

The project SEZ "Dubna" on the right bank of the Volga built sewage treatment plant — engineering object, important not only for the area of nuclear physics and nanotechnology special economic zone, but for all the right-bank part of the city of Dubna: due to heavy construction, which is conducted in recent years , the capacity of existing sewage treatment plants exhausted.

On the left bank area of SEZ "Dubna" built a new transformer substation 110/10/10 kV (input is planned in 2013),
part of electricity (11.5 MW project) is designed for operation on kompaniyrezidentov right-side section of the SEZ. On the right bank also plans to build a new substation "valley".

An important social object in a shortage of places in kindergartens is the new kindergarten, currently under construction in the neighborhood of the Greater Volga obligations under the Moscow region for the implementation of the project of SEZ "Dubna". A new children's garden is laid on the territory adjacent to the site Levoberezhny SEZ — in the so-called town programmers.

Address issues to ensure professional kompaniyrezidentov housing. In 2013, completed construction of the first cooperative apartment building for professionals in high-tech companies programmers town on the left bank, close laid a second dwelling house.

Before the construction of their own apartments professionals who come to work in kompaniirezidenty SEZ "Dubna", are able to obtain temporary housing in the dorms flat type, built near the University "Dubna". To organize experts seconded to kompaniirezidenty, as well as the other guests in the hotel Dubna converted one of the buildings Инновационнотехнологического center on the left bank area of the SEZ. "Rezidentotel" is a new, cozy multifunctional complex with a developed infrastructure and a wide range of services that meet international standards. It is designed for simultaneous use of up to two hundred people.

Vera Fedorova

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