Severnaya Verf won the tender for the construction of 3-logistics ships for the Russian Navy

At the end of an open auction in the electronic form on the supply of three units of ships logistics with high ice class ARC4 for the needs of the Defense Ministry appropriate state contract will be awarded to the "Severnaya Verf". .

Auction organized by the Federal Agency for the supply of arms, military and special equipment and materiel to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation ("Rosoboronpostavka"), the results of the auction were announced June 8, 2012. .

The project of the state contract will go to the company June 13, 2012. .

In the case of a state contract "Severnaya Verf" in December this year, will start processing the metal for the first ship logistics. Shipyard will hand over to the customer first ship in November 2014, the second — in November 2015, the third — in November 2016. .

"Severnaya Verf" won in this auction is largely due to the already existing experience in the construction supply vessels offshore drilling platforms for European customers. Vessels that are now ordering our Ministry of Defense, the technical parameters are very similar as with the already built our "supply agents", and with the courts projects 22390/22391, which should be the basis for the development of the fleet to ensure "Gazprom" Arctic offshore hydrocarbon deposits ", — says marketing director Shipyard" Severnaya Verf "Leonid Kuzmin. .

In recent years the "Severnaya Verf" built "turnkey" for export two supply ships offshore drilling platforms. "As a result of the construction of export orders is the only shipyard in Russia has proven technologies, special tooling, as well as extensive business contacts with suppliers of marine equipment and spare parts, which will allow our company to successfully complete the new order the Defense Ministry," sure, Leonid Kuzmin.


UPD Apparently we are talking about the supply of logistic support ship-based project 23120 for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

1.1.1. Purpose of the vessel:
— loading, storage, transportation and distribution of dry cargo ashore, surface ships, submarines, ships;
— Tug assistance, assistance to crews of ships and vessels in distress.

1.1.2. Navigation area:
— independent trip without limitation in the area of non-Arctic seas;
— independent trip in the summer-autumn navigation in the Barents Sea;
— swimming under the ice-breaker for wiring in the winter-spring navigation in the Barents Sea.

Main dimensions:
— Length, m 90;
— width, m about 22;
— sediment, m about 9;
— Full displacement, about 10,000 tons;
— cruising range, about 5,000 miles;
— autonomy (on food reserve), about 60 days;
— Crew 27.

3.5.2. The vessel must be equipped with devices providing loading and unloading of people and cargo to the aircraft without landing on the ship.
3.5.3. In the area of the cargo deck to provide accommodation on each side of electro-hydraulic cranes with a capacity of at least 50 tons, for loading, unloading of general cargo, ancillary works. Cranes shall ensure cargo operations throughout the cargo deck area.
3.5.4. For loading (over) provision of goods electro-folding telescopic crane g / n 5.3 tonnes with 2.12 m boom with a remote control.

3.7.1. To ensure the mapping of the seabed and search for sunken objects on the ship to provide:
— side-scan sonar;
— multi-beam echo sounder;
— towed magnetometer.
3.7.2. To meet the challenges of rescue crews to be installed-saving equipment personnel from the water surface (working rescue boat with inflatable sides, greyhound rescue boat, pneumatic landing gears, complex remotely operated unmanned underwater vehicle class-finding, rescue baskets, lighting the surface of the sea at night time, money, underwater communication) and two-compartment pressure chamber with a system providing information support diving operations and conduct therapeutic recompression.

8.1. The vessel must be installed communication system (with reserved for cryptographic communications equipment site), which provides:
— officers of the vessel with all the services of internal and external communication (incoming and outgoing);
— the provision of communications services (through a network of on-site infocommunication ship) to officials of the vessel, automated systems (complexes), electronic weapons systems and control by means of the vessel (communications, IP telephony, internal ship communications, including general and loudspeaker selector, video telephony, video conferencing, Live video, status monitoring, and moving personnel on the ship) and access officers of the vessel to the information resources information systems of the Navy. 

11.3. To organize the personnel on board to provide: Single or double cabins.
11.4. To accommodate passengers (anti-terror groups) provide a salon or quadruple cabins for 16-20 people, as well as an arsenal for the storage of small arms. 
11.5. Provide for the equipment galley and dining rooms with modern equipment for the preparation and distribution of food, taking into account the internationally accepted practice of innovative technological solutions.

Under the contract, the first vessel of the series is to be delivered until November 2014 to the Northern Fleet, the second — up to November 2015 the Black Sea Fleet and the third — until November 2016 to the Pacific Fleet. The maximum price the entire series can not be more than 11.715 billion rubles.

And this is what the North has built shipyard project supply vessels  VS 485 PSV 

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