Severodvinsk began to master the funds received one-industry town

To support the activities of the comprehensive investment plan to modernize company towns of Severodvinsk for 2010-2020, the region has received federal funding: a grant of 274 million 756 thousand rubles and budget loan 697 million 944 thousand rubles.
More 40 million rubles received through the Federal Housing Reform Fund.
In 2011, the amount of state aid the city of shipbuilders will be about billion rubles.
The total amount of financing plan for the city is planned in the amount of about 40 billion rubles.
The key investment projects are the projects of modernization of enterprises JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation", business development.

"The investment plan is aimed at overcoming the single-industry structure of the economy through the diversification of military production, job creation, support for small and medium businesses." — Commented on the results of the meeting in the provincial government of Mayor Michael Gmyrin Severodvinsk. Provide them with the necessary reconstruction of the bridge over the estuary of the Northern Dvina Nikolsky, construction and reconstruction of the Archangel highway, construction of the road connecting the streets of District and Jubilee, the reconstruction of physical infrastructure for wastewater and effluents. The most problematic and costly project, designated in the comprehensive plan — the construction of a new railway bridge on about. Yagry and reconstruction of the existing combined bridge to the car. Costs for the project are scheduled to make more than 1.5 billion rubles.

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