Seversky Tube Works implemented a joint project to build a concrete-and-mortar site

Seversky Tube Works, which is part of TMK, launched into commercial operation a new concrete-and-mortar unit (BRU) for the production of building materials. The project was implemented in cooperation with the company "Remstroygrupp."

New concrete and mortar unit — a modern plant for the production of concrete and mortar with high efficiency (up to 60 cubic meters per hour). Unit is equipped with computer numerically controlled and can produce a day to one thousand cubic meters of construction materials.


The presence of three receiving hoppers new BRU allows a ready-mixed concrete and mortar in the sand. It is possible to manufacture cubic meters of concrete per batch. Thanks to the weigher of water and chemical additives on the load cells can be administered simultaneously in the two additives. As a result, concrete is made with high rates for water resistance and hardiness.

As the CTO "Remstroygrupp" Konstantin Konstantinov, the main objective of the project was to build a concrete-and-mortar unit as close to the construction projects STZ: "To carry concrete from a distance is not economically profitable, moreover, it affects the quality indicators of the material. For Seversky Tube Works, which is in line with the Strategic Program TMK is the modernization of production, continues to build housing for their employees, these issues are of fundamental importance. "

STZ from the first days of the new site has become a major customer of its products. Today concrete plant produces for the company and more than 100 cubic meters of necessary construction material per day, than fully meets the needs of the factory builders.

Managing Director of the Seversky Tube Works Michael Zuev praised this modern production: "The new BRU decides on energy savings, optimization of materials, reducing labor costs and production costs, and improve environmental performance."

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