Seversky Tube Works produced a pilot batch of galvanized pipes of large diameter

Seversky Tube Works (Sverdlovsk region)., Part of the Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), together with the Ural hot dip galvanizing plant produced a pilot batch of electric galvanized pipes of large diameter (219 mm), popular in the utilities sector.

In the Welding Shop number 2 Seversky Tube Works produced galvanized pipes with diameter up to 159 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm.


In July 2012 the specialists STZ UZGTS and started developing the technology of tube galvanizing larger and with thicker walls — 219×6 mm. Evaluated technical feasibility of large-diameter pipe galvanizing, coating quality and the ability to fix pipes during the galvanizing operation. According to the results of a pilot processing small batch of pipes design department STZ designed special clamps to fix the pipes in their technological immersion in a bath at galvanizing. Five sets of grips manufactured service repair facility "Polevskoi Technical Service" (TCP).

The first pilot batch of the new galvanized pipe size was checking the manufacturer's quality control department and entered the warehouse of finished products. Branch Trade House TMK Polevskoi taking orders for their implementation.

"Galvanized pipe cause interest in public companies because their service life is several times higher than that of uncoated pipes — said the managing director Mikhail Zuev STZ. — To establish mutually beneficial cooperation with the Ural plant of hot-dip galvanizing, we decided after we began to receive applications for the galvanized pipes of large diameter. In the Ural region from other manufacturers such pipes is not, so we expect a good demand for our new products in the coming season. "

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