Severstal-hardware made the ropes for the National Stadium in Warsaw

The group of companies "Severstal-hardware" (included in the division "Severstal Russian Steel") developed technical solutions and manufactured steel ropes suspended roof of the large facility, which was built in Poland for Euro 2012 — Warsaw National Stadium *, which will be held tomorrow, the first football match.

  • Warsaw stadium, which will host the first match of Euro 2012
  • Warsaw stadium, which will host the first match of Euro 2012

  • Warsaw stadium, which will host the first match of Euro 2012

The National Stadium has a unique roof, built on the principle of spoke wheels. Its main part is a membrane structure of 72 elements, supported by radial supporting ropes, and completely covers the stands, and the internal retractable roof is located above the center of the field and is capable, if necessary, make the arena covered in a matter of minutes — thanks to a special system, which is based on the production of ropes "Redaelli", the Italian subsidiary of "Severstal-hardware". In addition, the engineering department, "Redaelli" took an active part in the calculation and selection of cable-stayed elements and anchors, as well as in the assembly and installation of structures themselves.

In constructing the stadium roof hanging ropes used different diameters from 14 to 150 mm. Note that for termination of large diameter ropes, as well as the installation of anchor joints (fasteners) in the enterprise, "Redaelli" was manufactured and installed special equipment. Total deliveries for the construction of the stadium in Warsaw amounted to 1,200 tons (40,000 m) ropes and about 380 tons of anchor sleeves.

Due to the unique designs ropes "Redaelli" have high strength and rigidity — these are the main requirements for the production of products for cable-stayed systems. A key feature of the concept of cable system "Redaelli," is that all the elements of the ropes to attachments are selected and developed individually for each project. Rigid system of internal control includes testing for strength at all stages of production, from tests for each individual wire to test the finished structure. This ensures high strength, wear resistance, as well as economic efficiency and attractive appearance.

"Thanks to the cooperation with the" Redaelli, "whose experience in the manufacture of ropes over a hundred years, we now offer innovative products and unique services for major construction projects, such as stadiums for EURO 2012. In addition, the company not only supplies high quality products, but also accompanies her tenzostrukturnymi decisions. ** And now we are ready to spread this experience to Russian facilities — in front of a lot of big sporting events, including the FIFA World Cup — 2018 ", — said the head of the group of companies" Severstal-hardware "Oleg Veter.
Note that in addition to the stadium in Warsaw, among the successful projects "Redaelli": the construction of the cable-stayed roof of the Olympic stadium in Athens Olympic Stadium "BC Place" in Vancouver (Canada), the new stadium, "Juventus" in Turin (Italy) and others.

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