Severstal launched a second metal coating line

JSC "Severstal" has announced that the Cherepovets Steel Mill, one of the largest integrated steel mill in the world (part of the battalion "Severstal Russian Steel"), has launched the second unit of the polymer coating of metal (AMS-2).
Start of the second unit will "Severstal" double production of products with high added value, which is one of the priorities of the company.
AMS-2 is designed to produce hot-dip coated steel, thickness 0.3 to 2.0 mm, width up to 1650 mm in a volume of 200 thousand tons per year.
The project cost is 2.55 billion rubles.
The project will create 50 jobs in Cherepovets.

Shop polymer coatings on the Cherepovets MK:


"With the launch of the unit annual production of metal-coated polymer double in size — up to 400 thousand tons year. Thus, the share of the Russian market of steel with polymer coating will exceed 20%, "- the general director of" Severstal Russian Steel "Alexander Grubman.

In addition, the project implemented activities that doubling the production of metal-coated not entail increasing the burden on the environment. Thus, in conjunction with an industrial burning installation line mounted air, which at 900 ° C diverting afterburned gases from the furnace (mixture of solvent vapors given off from the resin paint) obtained in this way additional energy is used in the production technology.

For production at AMS-2 with high consumer properties will be used to tackle a new unit of continuous hot-dip galvanizing (launched in December 2010), as well as the industrial production line of hot-rolled steel ("Severgal").

The parameters of metal and features of the equipment, providing the possibility of putting on any metal polymers produced in the world today, will increase the volume of orders metal coated and expand its presence in the markets of products. In particular, the company will be able to meet the needs of manufacturers of corrugated board for the widest range of products and customers in the domestic instrument and white goods.

The main supplier of process equipment for the construction of a second coating line is the company SMS Siemag (Germany). Designer APP-2 — LLC "Severstal Project." Ensure the implementation of the project, including subsidiaries of Severstal — "Metallurgremont", "Specmontazh", "Severstal-Promservice."

AMS-2 is similar — coating line number 1, which was put into operation in December 2005. This fact, as well as experience in data entry and to develop the capacities of the first line can count on an early exit in the design parameters. The first unit has successfully reached its design capacity in 7 months instead of the planned 12.

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